Job at RUSIZI DISTRICT : Nyarushishi Genocide Memorial Manager Contractual( Deadline : 25 October 2018 )

Job at RUSIZI DISTRICT : Nyarushishi Genocide Memorial Manager Contractual( Deadline	: 25 October 2018 )

Job at RUSIZI DISTRICT : Nyarushishi Genocide Memorial Manager Contractual( Deadline : 25 October 2018 ) 


Job Description

1.To Receive visitors come to genocide memorial site, and give them direction and give explanations on the genocide against the Tutsi history for that region where the memorial site is located and the history of the bodies buried there and help the visitors to complete the book of guests.
2.To assist anyone/ a visitor who should have a problem of trauma while he/she is on the memorial site or anyone else has a trauma while being on genocide memorial site.
3. To provide a detailed report that shows the clarification how aid was provided on time and to maintain the memorial site.
4. To maintain well all the documents contain all the money managed from the memorial site and to show in the visitors’ book the personal details of all visitors and all the files of the work done.
5. To coordinate all information related on the nature of memorial sites and to preserve in the special way the graveyard that carry the bodies, and to safeguard the proofs of Genocide that are there and to clean the memorial site and its equipment’s.
6. To set up the strategies and the techniques of safeguarding the records of genocide that are on that memorial site and to encourage people and different level of people to visit the memorial site you are managing.
7. To write the history of Genocide for the memorial site you are managing by concerting the families of survivors of genocide that have the bodies buried there, the citizens close to the memorial site and the books wrote on that memorial site and to coordinate the testimonies of people survived on that area.
8. To know the exact number of bodies buried on that memorial site and to know how bodies increase as they bury them and other new bodies found. 9. To bring all problems needed to be advocated to Rusizi District after explaining the nature of them and to search all the needed information.
10. To be the eye of Rusizi District to the primary level and the security that is operating near by the memorial site, to work together with them and the partners of Rusizi District.
11. To provide the weekly report, monthly report, quarterly report and Annual report and present them in the unit of Good Governance, and all activities should be put in the general report of Rusizi District.
12. To perform any other duties given by the authorities of Rusizi District.
13. Any other task requested by the authority of Rusizi District in order to help achieve its objectives
14. Provide good reception and tour guide for visitor
15. Offer the service if necessary counseling to report on each need for site maintenance
16. Make a detailed report on donations collected at the memorial site
17. Ensure that a memorial site environment is always clean.
18. To develop Nyarushishi Genocide Memorial site and upgrade it from the District Level to the National Level

Job Profile

A0 in Genocide Studies, History, Sociology, Rural Development Studies, Political Sciences, Education Science, Clinical Psychology and Arts

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:


– Knowledge of Rwanda Society culture and history;

– Leadership skills;

– High analytical skills;

– Report writing and presentation skills;

– Computer Literate;

– Coordination, planning and organizational skills;

– Interpersonal skills;
– Collaboration and team working skills;

– Effective communication skills;

– Administrative skills;

– Time management skills;

– Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage.



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