Job at Rutsiro District : PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATION OFFICER (Deadline: 21 August 2018)

Job at Rutsiro District  :  	PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATION OFFICER (Deadline: 21 August 2018)

Job at Rutsiro District  :  PUBLIC RELATIONS AND COMMUNICATION OFFICER (Deadline: 21 August 2018)

Job Description

1. Cover audiences and press conferences held by senior managers of the institution.
2. Maintain good relationships with various media both public and private for the benefit of the Hospital
3. Supervise translation and interpreting services subcontracted from specialized services
4. Write speeches, messages and press release of the authorities of the Hospital
5. Initiate and design communication programs to keep the public informed of the activities carried out by the institution.
6. Elaborate and monitor communication plan and submit it on concerned supervision’s institutions
7. Make critical analysis of publications in national or international media concerning the institution and produce synthetic technical notes to authorities
8. Organize radio and TV broadcasts to inform the public on Institution’s activities;
9. Write articles for newspapers on progress of the institution mission achievement.
10. Make recommendations on institutional image improvement measures;
11. Design target messages for different public users and prepare budget related;
12. Elaborate and negotiate contracts with suitable radio and TV Medias for message’s dissemination
13. Contribute to the hospital environmental hygiene
14. Participating in quality assurance and quality improvement of the hospital
15. Submit monthly, quarterly and annually report to the supervisor
16. Perform other related duties as required


Job Profile

A0 in Communication, International Relations, Journalism, Marketing, Linguistics and Literature.

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required :

– Excellent communication skills both oral and in writing

– Excellent interpersonnal skills

– Report writting & Presentation skills;

– Creativity & Initiative

– Good Organizational and Time
– management Skills,

– Teamworking Skills;

– Effective Public relations & Public speaking skills;

– Interviewing Skills

– Fluency in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage




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