Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Administration & HR Specialist ( Deadline: 15 November 2018 )

Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Administration & HR Specialist ( 	Deadline:	15 November 2018 )

Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Administration & HR Specialist ( Deadline: 15 November 2018 )


Job Description

ToRs for:
Job title: HR & Administration Specialist
Supervisor: SPIU/RBC Coordinator
Main objective of the position:
Under supervision of the SPIU/RBC Coordinator, supervise and ensure the Human Resources management, assets and logistics management of the SPIU/RBC especially related to SPIU’s mandate regarding externally funded health
– sector programs/projects.

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

The management of personnel records
? Publish vacancy announcement.
? Participate in the recruitment panel if necessary.
? Prepare letters of appointment, employment contracts, other correspondence relating to personnel management and secure transmission with working tools they need.
? Establish a record of every employee (tender notice to the signing of the contract) and maintain and complete personnel records.
? Prepare the payroll.
Assets Management
? Develop a plan for distribution of equipment to various components.
? Receive an original copy and a copy of contracts to supply goods and or services (the first to be annexed to the supplier’s invoice for payment and the second for the management of the asset in question after delivery).
? Maintain the register of assets acquired on Project Fund of the SPIU/RBC.
Fleet Management
? Ensure the fleet management in activities of maintenance, repair and fuel supply for the SPIU/RBC vehicles.
? Ensure that all vehicles acquired on Project Fund are covered by omnium. insurance policy
Relationships with third parties
? Manage service contracts (computer maintenance, vehicle maintenance, insurance, shipping mail, rental and maintenance of offices, etc.).
? Carry out formalities of application for registration of vehicles purchased.
? Prepare and ensure the payment of premiums and employee contributions are supported by the SPIU/RBC to the RSSB and others.
? Make reservations of rooms for meetings or conferences organized by the SPIU/RBC.
The stock management:
? Validate the state of need of supplies and other office consumables established by the stock keeper and send it to the Head of Administration and Finance Unit for approval.
? Receive incoming stock with the Procurement Unit.
? Supervise the receptionist in the management of the stock of office supplies.
? Manage the fuel coupons acquired.
? Coordination of social events.
? Coordinate and oversee the archiving of documents to the SPIU/RBC.
? Attend the Senior management meeting of the RBC and other meetings regarding health sector development projects
? Perform any other task related to the SPIU/RBC management as requested by the direct supervisor.

Job Profile

Qualifications, Experience and Competences
1. Education: Bachelor’s degree in Management, Human Resource Management or Public administration;
2. Prior Work Experience: 5 years working experience in administration, HR management, logistics and assets management; Training in HR management IPPIS software, logistics management.
3. Language Proficiency: English proficiency is required. Must be able to communicate effectively in both written and spoken English at a professional level. Proficiency in Kinyarwanda French is an asset.
4. Knowledge: The incumbent must have knowledge and understanding of the organization and roles of the different levels of the GoR health system, GoR legislation, and practice relating to HR, Assets and Fleet management is required. A strong working knowledge of external/ international donor project operations, management procedures, policies and practices, especially in the health sector, is desired.
5. Skills and Abilities: The incumbent must have demonstrated skill and experience in people management and team building and to develop effective working relationships. Ability to work under pressure, to prioritize work, and to meet tight deadlines is required. Must be able to communicate clearly with a wide range of partners.




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