Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER: Director of External Quality Assurance and Control Unit (Deadline: 26 February 2018)

Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER: Director of External Quality Assurance and Control Unit (Deadline: 26 February 2018)

Job Description

• Develop and review laboratory quality management system documents
o Plan for document development & revision when applicable;
o Coordinate the ddevelopment of manuals, policies, SOPs, forms and guidelines;
o Coordinate the revision and maintenance of manuals, policies, SOPs, forms and guidelines;
o Ensure the current versions of documents are distributed and accessible to lab staff for their use.
o Review/ develop laboratory quality and technical documents.
o Transfer to staff the skills related to quality documents development/ revision and its implementation
• Implement the Quality management system to Improve the lab quality management system towards accreditation
o Assist NRL to strengthen/implement international and national External Quality Control (EQA);
o Oversee the implementation of quality management system documents;
o Oversee the implementation of EQA by units and sections;
o Strengthen the Stepwise Laboratory Quality Improvement Process Towards Accreditation (SLIPTA) including the Quality Management System (QMS), safety and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) in Rwanda laboratory network;
o Ensure internal and external audits for the laboratory quality are implemented to monitor the laboratory quality management system;
o Ensure lab quality improvement projects such as trainings, mentorships and assessments towards quality improvement and accreditation in the lab network including safety trainings, GLP trainings and SLMTA (strengthening laboratory management towards Accreditation) trainings.
• Assure the quality of pre analytical, analytical and post analytical phases of the lab process
o Support NRL to establish a sustainable transportation system of biological specimens within Rwanda laboratory network;
o Oversee the sample reception, checking, logging and dispatching to testing sections;
o In collaboration with other Directors of units, oversee the implementation of results validation before they are released to ensure quality results.
• Ensure good relations and render full cooperation with other laboratory sections and units relevant to NRL Division’s operations
o Work closely with NRL main partners, senior staff and the direction
o Participate in planned general meetings, activity progress reporting, self
– assessment and evaluation based on the approved action plan.
o Periodically report to the NRL Division Manager as applicable.
• Participate in Operational/collaborative research and innovations for specific intervention of identified problems
o Actively getting involved in scientific writing/ publications, research seminars/ workshop, scientific presentations at conference as applicable;
• Any other function or activities provided by immediate supervisor related to job competencies


Job Profile

Medical Doctor with a Master’s Degree in Public Health
Working experience of 3 years as medical practitioner especially as quality assurance officer
Knowledge in developing lab quality management system documents.




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