Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Internal Auditor WB-SPRP ( Deadline :10 September 2018 )

Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Internal Auditor WB-SPRP (  Deadline	:10 September 2018 )

Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Internal Auditor WB-SPRP ( Deadline :10 September 2018 )


Job Description

III. Roles, Responsibilities and Reporting lines of the Project Internal Auditor

The Internal Auditor for the Stunting Prevention and Reduction Project will report directly to the Corporate Services Program Manager within SPIU under the daily coordination of the SPIU Coordinator. He/She will lead on planning and implementation of the internal audit functions of the project. The Internal Auditor will work closely with the main internal audit unit in the RBC and other relevant institutions responsible for audit work in government as required.

The main roles and responsibilities of the Internal Auditor will include the following:

• Evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of controls of governance, operations and information systems.

• Provide assurance to RBC management and the Audit Committee on the adequacy and effectiveness of the risk management process.

• Provide appropriate recommendations for improving the governance process in accomplishment of its objectives.

• Make recommendations to avoid waste and fraud and investigate the suspected fraud or irregularity.

• Provide consulting services through training, support implementation of accounting systems, internal control documentation, risk management facilitation and other similar services on the request of management, Audit Committee or other high
– level authorities.

• Communicate opportunities for improving management control, viability and sustainability of services or profitability identified during the audit to appropriate level of management.

In addition to the main roles and responsibilities, the Internal Auditor will also perform the following specific tasks and/or with an aim to achieve the deliverables outlined below.
• Develop a comprehensive audit plan of providing support and oversee implementation of financing agreements provisions (financial precedent conditions), preparation of internal and external audit and support for implementation of audits recommendations of different sub recipients of Multilateral and bilateral projects.
• Work with beneficiary’s internal audit unit to identify internal control risks that feed the internal audit plan.
• Prepare the annual internal audit plan and the implementation plan of internal and external audit recommendations and support districts for implementation of audit recommendations.
• Prepare financial audit, performance audit and compliance audit reports.
• Contribute to capacity building of project accountants in collaboration with the Corporate Services Program Manager within SPIU.
• Review and discuss the appropriateness of the management comments provided by different beneficiaries in the internal and external audit reports before these audit reports are signed.
• Facilitate the internal and external auditors as necessary.

Job Profile

IV. Qualifications, Experiences and Competences

• Hold a Bachelor’s Degree (A0) or its equivalent in Accounting, Management, or related fields with specialization in Finance / Accounting or a professional qualification such as ACCA, CPA or CIA.
• Detailed knowledge of financial and Audit Standards, HR & Financial regulations, Procedures and Financial software.
• Possess relevant professional experience of 3 years in audit within either a public organization, a project or a reputable private organization.
• Working experience with development projects and programs, in particular which are funded by the World Bank or other donors is an advantage.
• Be familiar with the budgetary control software; the knowledge of IFMIS shall constitute an advantage.
• Relevant knowledge in computer software (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.).
• Knowledge of accounting, auditing and financial reporting systems and software packages.
• Excellent spoken and written English is required. Knowledge of Kinyarwanda and French would be an asset.





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