Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER: Medical Equipment Engineers(Deadline 22/Jan/2018)

Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER: Medical Equipment Engineers(Deadline 22/Jan/2018)

Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER: Medical Equipment Engineers(Deadline 22/Jan/2018)


Job Description

• Provide technical support to Biomedical technicians /engineers for the hospital and health centers in regard with technical specifications, installation, maintenance, adjustment, repairing, replacement and proper use of medical equipment.
• Work with hospital and health center teams to evaluate safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of existing biomedical equipment.
• Monitor all the expenditures related the maintenance of equipment and work with RBC
– MoH team in recommending how best to control equipment service related costs.
• Ensuring the training of clinicians and other hospital personnel on the proper use of medical equipment.
• Prepare and assist the team in setting proper specification of biomedical equipment to be procured
• Investigate any work incidents on medical equipment in the HF
• Identify required tools and test equipment for biomedical maintenance.
• Participate in accreditation program ( Quality insurance )
• Work with the hospital based biomedical technicians to develop long term maintenance plan that will allow sustainability and continuous use of medical equipment.
• Collect data related to medical equipment including cost that will allow both RBC
– MoH and hospital and health centers for joint planning.
• Guide RBC
– MoH in the types of equipment to buy or receive as donations and assist with annual planning and budgeting for medical equipment
• Work with the team to scope equipment needs for new structures or renovated structures
• Evaluate the quality control activities of HF equipment
• Creates alignment and integration of all MTI units in working towards common goals
• Prepares and provides compelling presentations at the senior management levels that support decisions making
• Engages with staff in Division and beyond in “on the job” capacity building to grow their capacity with respect to Planning and the use of financial information in decision making
• Working under pressure with minimum supervision
• Performing the given tasks to the highest possible standards within the time frame
• Contribute to all other activities of the RBC/ MTI, according to the needs
• Handle any other task given by the supervisor

Job Profile

• Being of Rwandan nationality;
• Hold at least a Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering or Clinical engineering

• Strong interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to interact with patients and health providers;
• Strong organizational skills and excellent attention to details; flexibility, independence and creativity;
• Fluency in English and Kinyarwanda, proficiency in French is an added value;
• Familiarity with Excel
• Knowledge of the health sector in Rwanda and its structures
• Having a strong system analysis skills
• Excellent strategic and operational planning and monitoring skills to assist in effective and efficient management decision is an advantage
• Teamwork and teambuilding towards achieving common goals






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