Job at Rwanda Cooperation Initiative : Research and Advisory Services (Project Manager) (Deadline: 08 February 2019)

Job at Rwanda Cooperation Initiative : Research and Advisory Services (Project Manager)  (Deadline:  08 February 2019)

Job at Rwanda Cooperation Initiative : Research and Advisory Services (Project Manager) (Deadline: 08 February 2019)

Over the past 24years, the Government of Rwanda (GoR) has developed and implemented several initiatives commonly known as Home Grown Solutions (HGS), which have been key in addressing some of Rwanda’s major post genocide challenges. These initiatives are informed by Rwanda’s local, historical and cultural values and have been central in addressing social, political and economic challenges.

In that regard, Rwanda built and acquired knowledge, expertise and good practices in these areas. As a result, for the past several years, there is an increasing interest and demand from different countries & international organizations to learn from Rwanda’s experience and many African countries are also keen to share their own experience with Rwanda, in return learn from her social-economic development model.

Rwanda Cooperation Initiative was created as a “Single Window Access” for HGS services to insure effective management, prompt response of foreign requests, and institute a cost recovery mechanism.

RCI will provide the following service categories:

– Training & Study Visits

– Advisory services

– Special project implementation.

In order to deliver on its program strategy and accountabilities, RCI is looking for skilled and competent candidates to fill the positions stated in the table below.


Job Title Profile Job Job Description Proposed Jobs
Research and Advisory Services (Project Manager) Relevant Qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in Business Development, Development Studies, Organizational Management, Project Management, Economics, Social Sciences, International Relations, Public Administration and Business Administration or any other relevant qualifications & experience ü Experience and Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required
  • Computational Skills,
  • Interpersonal Skills,
  • Legal Compliance,
  • Customer Service,
  • Financial Analysis,
  • Public Speaking,
  • Problem Solving,
  • Plan Implementation,
  • Critical Thinking,
  • Presentation Skills,
  • Motivational Knowledge,
  • Leadership,
  • Time Management,
  • Crisis Management,
  • Risk Management,
  • Exceptional Oral and Written Communication Skills,
  • Proven ability to effectively manage relationships with private sector, corporate institutions and partners.
  • Proven experience in managing consultants § Proven experience in HLI
  • § Fluent in English and French
  • Mapping exercise of all the Rwanda HGS and all the expertise on offer;
  • Create a Forum of the scrutinized experts;
  • Keep a constant link with all the experts by organizing regular brain storming sessions;
  • Strengthen capacities of local experts where necessary;
  • Explore possibilities of associating experts from Rwandan Community Abroad; § Create links with reputable research institutes to examine the quality of the experts and their products;
  • Create constant link between RCI and GoR institutions as well as PSF, … § Create permanent forum for exchange between RCI and all the Focal Points;
  • Conduct research on all Home Grown Solutions and ensure the products is up to date and of high quality on technical and scientific level; § Ensure the HGS and Rwanda area of expertise are packaged with high international standards
  • Hire relevant consultants to update on the status of all the packages / products and recommend strategies to fill identified gaps
  • Prepare consultant ToR and monitor contract implementation
  • Liaise with concerned local institution to facilitate ownership and the consultants work;
  • Ensure identified gaps are addressed
  • Ensure final deliverables are validated by all the stake holders
  • Avail all the updated packages
  • Provide advisory services to COO and CEO on matters related to services provide by RCI
  • § Any other duties as may be requested by the supervisor
1 position

Application guidelines:

Interested candidates should send a CV, a cover letter, a copy of degree(s) and certificate(s) and a copy of ID card or a copy of a valid Rwandan Passport. Application letter for any of these positions should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Cooperation Initiative. The file is to be submitted at RCI Head office (MINAFFET Building, 5th floor) or by email at [email protected]


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