Job at RWANDA ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY : Green Economy Specialist (Deadline: 29 May 2018)

Job at  RWANDA ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY : 	Green Economy Specialist (Deadline: 29 May 2018)

Job at RWANDA ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY : Green Economy Specialist (Deadline: 29 May 2018)


Job Description

Functions and tasks: 1. Support resource efficiency and cleaner production programs

– Identify national investment opportunities in all sectors that are critical to greening the national economy;

– Design and adopt technologies, product and processes increasing resource efficiency (reduce, recycle and reuse principle);

– Develop a strategic business management plan on efficient use of resources;

– Monitor and evaluate the impact of Green Economy Programs to the national economic development;

– Integrate in both public and private institutions the best practices of Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP) in sustainable planning, urban design, green building and green services 2. Provide advisory services to promote green economy

– Advise on policies driving the development of green economy and consequent implication;

– Provide recommendations on clean development mechanisms;

– Design a green economy strategy and other proactive planning for future demographic changes,

– Ensure the linkage between Socio
– economic and Environmental principles

– Assess and advise on risks affecting the future sustainable use of natural resources;

– Contribute to the valuation of natural ecosystem services;

– Contribute to the development of natural capital accounting and management of natural assets;
3. Contribute to climate resilience framework and low carbon development Initiate and/or propose sound management of programs/projects growth reducing carbon emissions and pollution, enhance energy and resource efficiency, and prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services;

– Assess the demands for green growth and climate resilience strategies;

– Propose technologies, procedures to reduce carbon emissions;

– Adopt appropriate models to interpret long and medium term climate change projections;
4. Promote green economy programs and projects
– Work as generator of decent jobs and a vital strategy to enhance sustainable development and eliminate persistent poverty;

– Assist in providing support to projects, incentives and measures to realize green job creation potential in the green economy sector;

– Liaise with industries, other productive sectors and private sector to scale up in use technologies that lessen CO2 emissions


Job Profile

“AO in Environment, Economics with at 3 years working experience or Masters in Environment, Economics

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

– Negotiation & influencing skills

– Planning and organisation skills

– Communication, reporting and writing skills

– Interpersonal and team working skills

– Spoken and written English and Swahili skills

– Understanding Rwanda’s environment system

– knowldge in international standards of environment.




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