Job at RWANDA ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY : Internal Auditor (Deadline:29 May 2018)

Job at RWANDA ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY : Internal Auditor (Deadline:29 May 2018)

Job at RWANDA ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY : Internal Auditor (Deadline:29 May 2018)

Job Description

Functions and tasks: 1. Prepare annual audit plan
– Consults different units for collecting information regarding their annual activities;

– Prepares a risk based audit plan;

– Designs the audit plan with clear timing;

– Ensures that the annual audit plan is approved by management of the institution and submitted to MINECOFIN.
2. Carrying out financial review (Monthly and annually)
– Conducts the review of financial statement;

– Reviews all payment done during the period under review for eg: Monthly, Quarterly;

– Provides Findings to the units under audit;

– Provides final reports to the Director General;

– Gives advice on the appropriateness of accounting records and financial reporting
3. Carrying out annual systems audits
– Assesses whether current controls are adequate to identify risk and provide assurance on adequacy and effectiveness of risk management practices;

– Helps management to improve efficiency and to ensure that governance, risk management and internal control systems are operating efficiently and effectively.
4. Carrying out compliance audits
– Examines adherence to any policy, contractual, regulatory and legislative requirements 5. Providing advisory services
– Participates in significant initiatives and priorities and providing solutions to financial and internal controls;

– Safeguards objectivity and ensure he/she is not play management role
6. Following up audit recommendations
– Reviews management responses to internal audit reports;

– Prepare reports on the implementation of recommendations.
7. Preparing the consolidated Quarterly Internal Audit Report (QIAR) ? Summarizes Internal Audit activities in a consolidated report to be submitted to the audit committee;
? Copies to the concerned chief Budget manager and to the office of Government Chief Internal Auditor (GCIA);
? Represents internal audit in committee meeting

Job Profile

“A0 in Accounting, Public Finance or Management with specialization in Finance/Accounting.

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

– Detailed knowledge of financial
and Audit Standards, HR & Financial
Regulations, Procedures ;

– Financial software;

– Planning Skill;

– High Analytical skills;

– Report writing and presentation

– Time management skills;

– Excellent problem
– solving skills and
clear logical thinking;

– fluent in Kinyarwanda, English
and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage



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