Job at RWANDA SOCIAL SECURITY BOARD : Fixed Income Investment Officer ( Deadline : 11 Jun 2018 )

Job at RWANDA SOCIAL SECURITY BOARD : Fixed Income Investment Officer ( Deadline : 11 Jun 2018 )

Job at RWANDA SOCIAL SECURITY BOARD : Fixed Income Investment Officer ( Deadline : 11 Jun 2018 )


Job Description

1. Conduct researches and fundamental and technical analyses of the Fixed Income Investments ?
– Continuously Perform researches to identify prudent investment reallocation opportunities to generate additional yield or minimize investment risk.

– Conduct fundamental analysis of the identified opportunities

– Conduct technical analysis on potential investments identified by applying but not limited to ratio analysis, trend analysis, forecasting, cash flow analysis and industry analysis.

– Write a report with recommendations to the Management
2. Ensure that all alternative investments are safe through proper analysis
– Follow up on day to day Fixed Income investments performance (FTD, treasury bills and bonds, corporate bonds…) and other securities.

– Compile and prepare spread sheets, reports and analyses on Fixed Income investments

– Provide support in the preparation of investment recommendations to investment committee
3. Analyze performance of companies or banks where RSSB has fixed income investments
– Perform the financial and due diligence analysis of local and foreign banks, or other financial institutions, where RSSB has interest.

– Perform periodical bank ranking based on performance to determine their financial health.
4. Keeping up to date with market development and all that can affect the investment portfolio.
– Collect possible information and the information data base kept on:

– Macro economy situation

– Financial sector and

– Global economy situation
5. Ensure that every Fixed Income investment transaction is recorded in the system
– Collect all certificates and agreements of each new investment

– Record every new investment in the system on time

– File all Fixed Income investment documents

– Follow up the payment of all expected revenues at the planned dates.

– Record every received revenue and investment maturities in the system.
6. Prepare budget of the unit;
– Prepare the Budget on time
7. Prepare regular reports
– Assist the Director of Fixed Income Investment Unit in preparing and submitting weekly, monthly, quarterly, semester and annual reports to be submitted to the Head of the Department

Job Profile

A0 in Accounting, Finance, Management specializing in Finance/Accounting or Accounting Professional Qualification recognized by IFAC ( ACCA , CPA etc )


Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

– Knowledge of accounting principles and practices;
– Knowledge of finance principles;
– Knowledge of financial reporting;
– Proficiency in relevant accounting software;
– Analytical Skills;
– Technical accounting skills;
– Planning & Monitoring Skills;
– Organizational Skills;
– Communication skills
– Problem analysis and problem
– solving skills
– Initiative Skills





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