JOB AT Shelter Them – Rwanda : Early Childhood Education Centre Teacher : ( Deadline : 20 March 2019 )

JOB AT Shelter Them – Rwanda : Early Childhood Education Centre Teacher : ( Deadline : 20 March 2019 )


JOB AT Shelter Them – Rwanda : Early Childhood Education Centre Teacher : ( Deadline : 20 March 2019 )


About Shelter Them – Rwanda


Shelter Them – Rwanda is a small Non-Governmental Organization registered with the Rwanda Governance Board since May 2013.

From being a weekly feeding program hosted by a church in Kigali, Shelter Them – Rwanda is now a fully independent, duly organized and well-structured grassroots NGO, currently supporting a total of 96 children living in 25 homes, spread between Kigali, the capital, and the village of Gateko in the Bugesera District. We employ 5 full time staff members at our offices in Kigali.

Shelter Them is NOT about aid. In essence, Shelter Them – Rwanda exists and operates with the single goal of allowing all the children and caregivers it serves to have a choice in the way their lives evolve, rather than having an inevitable future linked to poverty imposed on them. That is mostly achieved through education and capacity building.

To further our educational agenda, Shelter Them – Rwanda decided to explore ways in which it could extend early years education to all of its children. Given the size of our office in Kigali, and the potential for its expansion through mobile structures, it was decided that we would create a pilot Early Childhood Development Centre at our headquarters. This would provide education to all the children between zero and six years old under our care in Kigali. The plan is to incorporate a total of 15 children in the setting.

We are now looking to hire an additional full time member of staff, as a Early Childhood Education Centre Teacher to spearhead this initiative.



Early Childhood Development Centre Teacher



Kimironko, Gasabo, Kigali


Contract Type and Remuneration

1 year rolling contract with competitive benefits package depending on experience and qualifications.


General Duties


The employee agrees to devote his/her entire productive time, ability, and attention during working hours to the expected duties of a Teacher at the Shelter Them Early Childhood Development Centre and shall perform these duties in an ethical, professional, and respectful manner. The employee shall accept responsibility for the following:

Create the set curriculum, preparing in advance all materials and lessons necessary to do so in accordance with our educational directives and the requirements of the Ministry of Education
Create all relevant Early Childhood Development Centre policies and procedures, chiefly those concerned with safeguarding children
Train and lead a group of four teaching assistants / caregivers who will be assisting the teacher in delivering the Early Years Education Programme
Instruct the set curriculum in conjunction with the teaching assistants / caregivers
Create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning by utilizing a variety of appropriate teaching strategies
Manage the work of teaching assistants / caregivers and other additional adults or students who are allocated to work with you by providing support, guidance and challenge as appropriate to help them carry out their role
Respect the confidentiality of student records and information
Manage and keep up-to-date records on prescribed format
Create a parent newsletter/email parents when requested
Complete report cards each term for each student
Provide care and ensure the safety and well-being of every student in the Early Childhood Development Centre
Abide by Early Childhood Development Centre policies, including but not limited to the child protection policy
Be responsible for ensuring adequate supervision of a safe recreation and play period for the students during class recess or break times




Attend all Early Childhood Development Centre sponsored functions
Serve on committees when requested by management
Attend public workshops and events such as graduation, sports days, etc. outside of regular Early Childhood Development Centre hours
Make themselves available to speak with parents and caregivers before or after classes, or when called upon by the Early Childhood Development Centre management to do so
Maintain facilities, resources, and materials in his/her classroom and the Early Childhood Development Centre
Establish and maintain cooperative relationship with other teachers and staff
Perform administrative tasks as required by the Early Childhood Development Centre
Check and respond email daily during the working week
Undertake reasonable tasks requested by the Early Childhood Development Centre management



Should you be interested to apply, please send an email to Mr. Duarte Pedreira on [email protected] not later than the 20th /03/2019 at 5: 00 Pm

We will aim to undertake interviews during the period between 22 March and 27 March (subject to change). Due to the high volumes of applications, we will only be able to contact candidates who have been selected to attend an interview.




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