Job at SPENN : Financial Manager (Deadline: 24 March 2018 )

Job at SPENN :  Financial Manager (Deadline: 24 March 2018 )

Job at SPENN : Financial Manager (Deadline: 24 March 2018 )

Position: Full-time

Company Overview:

SPENN is a global Mobile Banking App developed by Blockbonds AS, a Norwegian Fintech company. Through the SPENN app, everyone can access services such as; payments to anyone, anywhere, shop in local stores, e-commerce, saving money and investment capabilities secure, instantly and free. The SPENN app is completely free to download and use. We believe that everyone should have equal access to banking services. If you share our values, we would love to have you on board our team, and commonly work towards success for our brand!

SPENN is a global mobile Banking App with a vision to give banking access to everyone, regardless of demographical, sociocultural and geographical factors.

SPENN currently has a presence in 4 markets in Asia and Africa. We use our own payment solution to pay for all costs within the company.

Job Summary:

We at SPENN are looking for a Financial Manager with a great motivation! As a Financial Manager of the company you will be responsible for the financial planning and forecasting of the SPENN entity in Rwanda.

You are a person with attention to detail as well as great presentational skills. You enjoy structure and finding efficient modern solutions to old problems. You have a strong integrity and are not afraid to speak up or make well-calibrated decisions in the company’s favour. You are a team player who will work close with the global CFO, Country Manager and other department heads to help make SPENN a success in your market.

As a Financial Manager for SPENN Rwanda, you will be an important part of the team located in Central Kigali. You will be assisting the Country Manager in running the business, analyzing the market and customer behaviour and making sure the accounting is efficient and in accordance with local and international law.

You will be the direct link to the CFO and the financial team on a global basis. This means that the work you do could have a global effect and the insights you bring will affect many people.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and present general market analysis (SWOT, PESTEL)
  • Continuously analyse customer behaviour
  • Automating and keeping the company’s accounts
  • Create a yearly and running budget and plan capital need
  • Ensure proper accounting and establish procedures for financial flows
  • Assist the CFO and global financial team on larger questions

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Minimum a bachelor’s degree in finance/accounting
  • Perfect English skills
  • 4+ years of experience within accounting and data/market analysis
  • Strong analytical skills and an ability to handle and dissect large amounts of data and present it clearly
  • Great presentational skills in PowerPoint and Excel
  • Proficiency in Excel, advantageous if you master other analysis tools
  • Strong accounting knowledge
  • Knowledge of IFRS standards with emphasis on transfer pricing and external owners
  • Ability to create clear budgets and automate the budgeting process with the accounting software’s we use
  • Experience with online accounting systems such as Xero and QuickBooks

Company Perks & Benefits:

  • Great work environment
  • Working for a socially good cause
  • Global tasks and responsibilities
  • Sufficient equipment
  • Paid leaves

More information can be found:

How to Apply?

Send your CVs or Resume + Portfolio to  [email protected]


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