JOB AT Turner & Townsend : Country Representative

JOB AT Turner & Townsend : Country Representative


JOB AT Turner & Townsend : Country Representative


Job Summary


General Overview


Turner & Townsend is a quality driven, international construction and management consultancy recognised for the value and innovation we bring to every commission we undertake. Our ROA division wish to appoint a Country Representative (CR) for Rwanda. Our people are the key to our success and are our most important asset. You will join our ROA team to provide services that help our Clients devise strategies to deliver successful business solutions prior to sanction, achieve confidence around project delivery, ensure projects are effectively managed & controlled and facilitate the capture and transfer of knowledge.

As CM you will have wide-spread exposure to the business environment and our clients. You will have authority to act in the name of Turner & Townsend and your actions will have a considerable impact on future business and direction. Successful candidates will have a proven track record in managing people/teams, business development and client management in the consulting environment, and have an excellent understanding of industry best practice across the life cycle of projects and will be based permanently in Rwanda.

Job Objectives
Duties of a delivery Director

A CR will have responsibility for the service stream in terms of Project Resourcing, Best Practice and Knowledge Management, Tool & Systems, Key Account Management, Service Opportunity identification and Service Development, amongst others. You will continue to promote the interests of Turner & Townsend giving the full benefit of your knowledge, expertise and skills to all your business undertakings.

You will report to the MD ROA and will interface fully with the various Market Sector Leads (MSL).




In undertaking the role CM, Turner & Townsend have specific expectations to be met. The expectations will form part of your continuous development and performance measurement. These are set out as follows:

Service Delivery

Total service delivery to all clients within Rwanda. Your reporting structure with other Directors/MSL will ensure that you are best placed to direct resources to maximise return. Your focus will be continuous improvement at a service level and coordinating with other Directors/MSL to maximise opportunities available with our Key Accounts. You will also be expected to implement and or update requisite tools and systems to ensure staff are able to deliver a professional and efficient service.

People Management

The leadership of people is a key role. You will take high level responsibility for all employees working within your business unit. You will determine the resource planning at the start of the financial year and revise accordingly any increased headcount requirements in line with new clients. In particular you will:

Have the ability to differentiate Turner & Townsend from our competitors in the market place and explain our key differences in a positive and non-disparaging way during interview
Represent the Turner & Townsend culture
Attract and interview candidates to join Turner & Townsend through your demeanour, your positive attitude and your ability to promote Turner & Townsend
Conduct effective quarterly development reviews with employees reporting to you
Conduct annual staff appraisals and work with the Regional Director to produce the Performance Agreements for all other staff reporting to you
Determine salary changes and application of discretionary bonuses for those reporting to you
Be involved with disciplinary, misconduct and dispute cases of your employees within your industry business unit

As a CR you should encourage opportunities for the professional development and advancement of all your colleagues under your supervision.

Business Representation

As a delivery CR you are fully conversant on the history of the business, the core service offerings and the Company’s global presence. You are able to speak eloquently and confidently on all Turner & Townsend global capabilities and the areas where Turner & Townsend are aiming for excellence. You will be attuned to identify opportunities that you can exploit to assist the business in achieving those objectives, through Turner & Townsend cross trading and cross selling, introducing our global capabilities to clients and encouraging and supporting staff to undertake international secondments. You will also be expected to initiate corporate hospitality events and invite clients and potential clients to Turner & Townsend sponsored entertainment.

Personal Development

As a CR you should also focus on your own professional development throughout your career at Turner & Townsend. You must keep current in your speciality fields by engaging in professional practice, participating in continuing education courses, reading technical literature, and attending professional meetings and seminars.

You will start to develop your knowledge of other industries that are complementary and interactive with your industry sector. These maybe other service offering suppliers to major clients of Turner & Townsend who could benefit from a core service offering of Turner & Townsend.

Additionally you will have built strong relationships with key representatives of the business support services. Your interaction on a regular basis will be valuable information exchange for the key representatives of the business support services to attune their strategies and initiatives to the needs of the business.

Business Development

You will continue to build relationships with your network of clients. You will share industry best practice and assist other Turner & Townsend offices to develop opportunities with your clients who have presence in their regions.

You will be attuned to potential client needs within your industry sector or business unit and will work collaboratively with other Directors to optimise service offerings of total program management to one another’s clients.

You will take a proactive approach to conceiving initiatives to sell Turner & Townsend service offerings to existing and new clients. You will make decisions on new initiatives and conduct cost benefit analysis on diverting resources to new fee intensive initiatives that can be rolled out to clients in the future.

You are expected to form alliances with consultants, contractors and service providers whose service offering is complimentary to Turner & Townsend.


You are expected to maintain at all times a professional and focused conduct when engaging with clients, competitors and colleagues. At all times during your employment with Turner & Townsend, you should act as an ambassador of the global organisation.

As a CR you are responsible for supporting a positive and confident atmosphere within the Turner & Townsend offices. Your business approach will influence your colleagues and team members and it is therefore important that you reflect the Turner & Townsend standards in your leadership, verbal and non-verbal communication, in your general conduct, your attire and your attitude.


You shall not (except so far as is necessary and proper in the ordinary course of your employment) make public or disclose to any person any information on Turner & Townsend business dealings or affairs.

As CR you will treat all client information that is not public knowledge as confidential. You will not give any unauthorized people access to this information. When working with particular clients you may be required to sign their specific Confidentiality Agreements.

Client Relations

When interacting with Clients you will always display integrity, competence, and objectivity, using a professional approach at all times, and placing the best interests of the client above all others. It is important that you understand your relationship with clients and act in a manner that represents Turner & Townsend positively.

When occasion arises for you to serve as an expert advisor, you shall only express an opinion when it is founded upon adequate knowledge of the facts, upon a background of technical competence, and upon honest conviction. It is important that you recognise your boundaries and upwardly delegate when appropriate. Cross-checking with colleagues is an important skill in terms of risk management in Turner & Townsend and is not an indication of poor judgement or ineffective leadership.

You have ultimate responsibility for the client care charters and delivering quality management.

Risk Management

You shall be fully conversant with the Turner & Townsend risk management procedures and implement them appropriately in your day to day duties.




Your salary will be reviewed each year in May. The determination for salary review is based upon your overall annual performance of your duties as CM. The growth and scope of your role will be considered in the remuneration review process and additional responsibilities, such as managing larger teams of employees will be considered.

You will be eligible to participate in a discretionary bonus scheme



Skills Required

Key Requirements:


BSc Construction Management (or similar)
Post-Graduate qualification advantageous
Professional Registration preferable
Minimum 10 years’ experience in a senior role in the built environment
Experienced in Business Development and delivering successful projects in East Africa.
Preferably experienced in multiple sectors (real-estate, infrastructure, mining & metals)
Working knowledge of FIDIC, NEC and JBCC suites of contracts
Proven ability to analyse complex problems, interpret operational needs and develop integrated, creative solutions
Strong interpersonal skills and ability to manage and lead effectively in a team environment
Excellent Knowledge and understanding of value engineering
Must be willing to travel for business purposes






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