job at UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA :Adviser to the Vice Chancellor( 12/March/2018)

job at UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA :Adviser to the Vice Chancellor(		12/March/2018)

job at UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA :Adviser to the Vice Chancellor( 12/March/2018)


Job Description

1.Examine all technical information (documents, files, reports, etc.) in line with core missions/business of the University;
2.Analyze the Memorandum of Understanding and Bilateral Agreement submitted to the University and provide strategic advisory on all matters relating to the policies, projects and publics investments programs;
3.Analyze the annual University performance and provide technical advice for improvement;
4.Set up the tools and mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation the coherence between the University policies and legal framework with the millennium development goals, the Country Vision, the EDPRS and other national policies regarding Institution’s intervention area.
5.Liaise with stakeholders and other institutions regarding their relationships with the University;
6.Propose the capacity building orientations according to the missions of the University.
7.Develop the Institution’s annual media plan and ensure its implementation;
8.Regularly gather information, disseminate and manage the institution communications plan and feed information to the Communications Office in the Office of the Vice Chancellor;
9.Review speeches and messages to be delivered by the Vice Chancellor;
10.Act as the spokesperson of the University and maintain good relations with both public and private media.


Job Profile


Master’s Degree in  Public Administration, Administrative Sciences, Business Administration, Management, Human Resource Management, Education Sciences and Social Sciences





1.Three (3) years of working experience for Master’s Degree holders.,
2.Working independently and without close supervision.
3.Working experience in Rwandan public or private instittutions.
4.Comprehensive knowledge of Rwandan System of Leadership.
5.Comprehensive knowledge of Rwandan Human Resource management policies, Laws, Regulations and procedures.
6.Working knowledge of the activities and functions of all departments of the Institution Departments, Schools …


Specific Competences required for the job of Adviser


1.Demonstrated tracked record of Strategic Planning, Leadership and Management skills
2.Extensive knowledge of UR systems, Procedures and Operational activities
3.Excellent research, analytical planning, organizational and management skills
4.Excellent communication (spoken and written) skills, including the ability to convey concepts and recommendations to staff at various levels in stakeholder organizations, both orally and in writing, in a clear and concise style;
5.Ability to draft/edit a variety of reports, presentations and communications.
6.Demonstrated skills on the application of IT tools to support digitalization and efficient operations of the University
7.Demonstrated Skills in Project Management cycle
8.Fluent in English both written and spoken.
9. Very good interpersonal skills, including ability to operate effectively across organizational boundaries
10.Ability to work under pressure and to effectively handle multiple tasks and under minimum supervision
11.Be a client centered approach







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