Jobs at MINISTRY OF HEALTH ;Medical Supply Chain Coordination Officer ( Deadline:18 May 2018)

Jobs at MINISTRY OF HEALTH ;Medical Supply Chain Coordination Officer ( Deadline:18 May 2018)

Jobs at MINISTRY OF HEALTH ;Medical Supply Chain Coordination Officer ( Deadline:18 May 2018)


Job Description

A0 in Pharmacy

– Lead the implementation of the electronic logistic management information system (e
– LMIS) project in the country.

– Work closely with the central medical store (MPPD), district pharmacies, and the health facilities to support health commodities supply chain functions.

– Serve as the focal point in the Ministry of Health and work closely with the vendor of the e
– LMIS, the supply chain funding and technical partners especially the GHSC
– PSM office, to ensure a smooth running of the e
– LMIS project.

– Coordination of all the stakeholders in the implementation e
– LMIS and establishing priorities for critical e
– LMIS project tasks to ensure successful completion of the project milestones.

– Developing and reviewing the software requirements specification (SRS) for e
– LMIS, and ensure that necessary enhancements are taken care of.

– Identify resources to inform the planning and budgeting for the maintenance cost of the e

– Leading and managing various project teams in evaluating the e
– LMIS, identifying gaps in their functionality, and monitoring and tracking the use.

– Managing and monitoring all the information to the general public, e
– LMIS users, internal and external stakeholders , and the senior managers of the Ministry of Health.

– Supervising, monitoring and providing technical oversight to contractors and service providers commissioned on the project to ensure the delivery of the high quality products in accordance with contractual specifications as well as ensuring, user compliance with contractual specifications and recommendations.

– Supporting key stakeholders decision making through provision of documentation and communication of agreed specifications, goals and objectives, resources required, project structure, roles and responsibilities.

– Analyzing current business processes of the e
– LMIS and other health management information systems to be integrated and performing the user needs assessment.

– Work on the interface of Rwanda HMIS (DHIS2) and the e
– LMIS for improved data collection in the health facilities

– Work in collaboration with the system vendor and other stakeholders in developing appropriate indicators to monitor the performance of the e

– Support the health management information systems data quality and ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the health sector performance through the availability of relevant information.

– Support the use of the system at institutional and individual level and promote a culture where information use is valued organizationally.

– Work with the logistic committees of different public health programs to ensure an uninterrupted supply chain of the health commodities in the country

– Monitor and report on a weekly basis on the availability of the vital and essential health commodities in the district pharmacies, district hospitals and the central medical store(MPPD).

– Contribute to the development and the implementation of the national supply chain strategic plan.

Job Profile

A0 in Pharmacy

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:


– Knowledge and understanding of the Rwandan Health system;

– Organizational Skills;

– Creative, proactive, customer focused, solutions led and outcome driven Skills;

– Interpersonal Skills

– Effective communication skills;

– Time M









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