Jobs at RULINDO DISTRICT : Human Resource Officer at Kinihira Provincial Hospital (Deadline: 22 May 2018)

Jobs at  RULINDO DISTRICT : 	Human Resource Officer at Kinihira Provincial Hospital (Deadline: 22 May 2018)

Jobs at RULINDO DISTRICT : Human Resource Officer at Kinihira Provincial Hospital (Deadline: 22 May 2018)


Job Description

1.Identify and regularly update the list of hospital staff.
2.Organize the scheduling and night duties follow
– up for all non
– medical staff
3.Prepare, participate and report individual staff appraisal
4.To monitor punctuality and attendance at work
5.Establish and maintain personnel records.
6.Prepare the necessary documents and calculate wages and individual top up according to the principles of individual performance (PBF) .
7.Check timeliness, work consistency and regularity of the hospital staff and analyze attendance records of staff by comparing the information in the records extras and those in individual file.
8.Prepare the necessary documents for the annual staff performance appraisal
9.Prepare mission orders and make signs.
10.Prepare and follow all the declaration and payment related to TPR and contributions.
11.Observe and respect the values & taboos as developed in the internal regulation rules.
12.Prepare the party, sport and leisure.
13.Prepare the quarterly provisional plan for human resources development.
14.Prepare documents relating to recruitment.
15.Deal of staff movements (internship, layoff, and retirement, rotation in services, transfer and dismissal).
16.Develop plan of annual leave for staff in collaboration with head of department.
17.Consider disciplinary cases and propose sanctions.
18.To monitor the execution of tasks as defined for all staff.
19.Perform any duty assigned by supervisor according to the hospital hierarchy.
20.Develop training plan and identify funding resources.
21.Ensures the ministerial orders and instructions are followed and implement as ordered.

Job Profile

A0 in Human Resource Management,
Management, Public Administration,
Administrative Sciences with 3 years of working
experience or Master’s Degree in Human Resource
Management, Management, Public Administration
or Administrative Sciences,with 1 year of working

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

– Knowledge of human resources concepts,
practices, policies, and procedures;

– Knowledge of organizational structure,
workflow, and operating procedures;

– Knowledge in Monitoring & System Evaluation;

– Leadership and management skills;

– Planning and organisational skills;

– High Analytical Skills;

– Communication skills;

– Time management Skills

– Interviewing Skills;

– Judgment & Decision making skills;

– Complex Problem Solving Skills;

– Fluency in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French;
knowledge of all is an advantage









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