Jobs at RWANDA FORENSIC LABORATORY :Internal auditor ( Deadline: 01 Jun 2018 )

Jobs at RWANDA FORENSIC LABORATORY :Internal auditor ( Deadline: 01 Jun 2018 )

Jobs at RWANDA FORENSIC LABORATORY :Internal auditor ( Deadline: 01 Jun 2018 )

Job Description

To verify the exactness and conformity of expenditures to be committed by RFL before the approval of the Director General;
• Approve the conformity of payments;
• To ensure the conformity of expenditures to the law and implementation procedures governing the management of public expenditures;
• To ensure that accounting books are regularly kept and that operations are quickly entered into relevant accounts, during the right accounting exercise in which they are carried out in such a way as to enable on one hand, the preparation of financial information in the framework of approved accounting methods and on the other hand, the justification of efficient and rational management of public assets;
• To carry out the control current or à Posteriori, the execution of the budget execution of RFL;
• To organize the auditing plan of RFL and ensure its monitoring;
• To verify the conformity and the legality and exactness of all debt documents;
• To ensure that operations are executed in conformity with the regulations in force;
• To ensure that access to assets is only possible with authorization of the Service in charge of financial management;
• To ensure that accounting entries showing movements of assets are reconciled at reasonable intervals, that assets exist and that measures are taken in case of observed shortage;
• To forward a monthly report and an annual summary report as needed;
• To audit the services of RFL ensuring efficiency and effectiveness of its operations;
• To verify that funds have been used in accordance to priority programmes of RFL;
• Undertaking other duties as assigned by his/her superior.

Job Profile

A0 in Finance, Accounting or Management with Professional qualification recognized by IFAC ,ACCA,CPA at least at intermediate level. with 3 years of experience in auditing.

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required;

– Detailed knowledge of financial and Audit Standards, HR & Financial regulations,Procedures and Financial software;

– Planning Skill;

– High Analytical skills;

– Report writing and presentation skills.

– Time management skills;

– Excellent problem
– solving skills and clear logical thinking;

– Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all
is an advantage









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