Program director at One acre fund (Deadline: Not specified)

Program director at One acre fund (Deadline: Not specified)

Program director at One acre fund (Deadline: Not specified)

Job Location

Kakamega, Kenya; Rubengera, Rwanda; Muramvya, Burundi; Iringa, Tanzania


Minimum 3-year commitment, full-time job

Job Description

As we grow, One Acre Fund is seeking to add one new country per year to our operations. We are seeking the kind of person that can be dropped into a country with significant support financially and logistically and can create from scratch a high-quality company in a very short time.

We are seeking someone who can do the following things:

  • Create a strategic vision: This position does not involve managing an existing operation – we are seeking an entrepreneur who can create an operation, growing it from roughly 5 existing staff to hundreds. This involves a lot of strategic flexibility and independence. We are also seeking someone who is based in the field (in rural areas) at first, in order to craft a vision that results in the best possible customer service to farmers.
  • Hire and develop staff: Our program directors will have to hire a lot of people, and more importantly, invest the majority of their energy in developing managers and leaders underneath them.
  • Engage staff and lead: Our program model requires high tailoring to specific contexts. The program director will have to make decisions together with their leadership team by engaging them and then lead them to execute a common vision.
  • External and internal relations: We are seeking someone who will be a strong communicator both externally and also internally, together with fellow leaders in the organization.

Career Growth and Development

One Acre Fund invests in building management and leadership skills. Your manager and a global support team will commit significant time in your career development. We provide constant, actionable feedback delivered through mentorship and through regular management consulting-style career reviews. We also have regular one-on-one meetings, where we listen to and discuss career goals, and work collaboratively to craft roles that each person can be passionate about. Because of our rapid growth, we constantly have new high-level roles opening up and opportunities in many functions.


We are seeking exceptional professionals with 4 to 8+ years of work experience, and a demonstrated long-term passion for international development. They will serve in a career-track position that combines both field and management experience.

We are looking for truly extraordinary candidates that will help take our organization to the next levels of impact and scale. This is a competitive posting for a career-track role with minimum initial commitment of three years. Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Strong work experiences. We are seeking an entrepreneur who has previously grown an operation from scratch to hundreds of staff, or tens of thousands of customers, etc, in a developing nation. And we want someone who wants to go back to scratch and do it again, instead of managing a large existing operation.
  • Likeability and humility. All of our country directors to date have grown up within our operation, learning directly from farmers in a start-up environment. We value humility and likeability and wish to be joined by leaders that value the same.
  • Top-performing undergraduate background (please include GPA and test scores on your resume).
  • A willingness to live outside of a capital city, close to our customers in East Africa for at least three years – this is a long-term, career-track role. The candidate should have at least one year demonstrated experience working in the developing world.
  • Language: English required in Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda. French required in Burundi.

Preferred Start Date



We offer a modest starting salary that affords a high quality of life in our areas of operation. This is a career-track role with performance-based raises and the ability to expand responsibilities over time.


Health insurance, immunizations, flights, housing

Sponsor International Candidates


East Africans are strongly encouraged to apply.


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