Public Financial Management Specialist Job available at MINECOFIN (Deadline: 09 November 2017)

Public Financial Management Specialist Job available at MINECOFIN (Deadline: 09 November 2017)

Public Financial Management Specialist Job available at MINECOFIN (Deadline: 09 November 2017)

Job Description

To oversee business process reengineering, documentation, designing, solution testing (UAT’s) and deployment activities pertaining to the implementation of a robust IFMIS system within the GoR and identify problems and provide suitable solutions. The task shall also include development of appropriate training for use by IFMIS – Application personnel and end users
?Supervising and coordinating the activities of Help Desk and Support Team, shall include the regular training to the team and reviews of the incidents
?Ensuring that developers obtain required support, input and technical guidance on functionalities being developed.
?Provide technical expertise in the reforms undertaken by the Accountant General’s Office aimed at improving public sector accounting and financial management activities and resolving key accounting and financial management problems existent in Government. This will include temporary coverage of existing skills gaps in financial management and the development of accounting and financial management capacity. This will include (but not limited to) the provision of expertise in classification schemes/chart of accounts and streamlining cash management arrangements.
?Provide technical expertise and assistance in the development and implementation of a change management strategy to create a culture of improved financial management.
?Supervising and coordinating the work of the IFMIS Accountants embedded within the Accountant General’s office. This will also include mentoring the IFMIS Accountants to horn their financial management skills and PFM ethical standards.
?Ensuring that the IFMIS application build complies with all internal and external solution design requirements including statutory requirements and industry best practice.
?Ensure attainment of performance indicators tagged to the IFMIS implementation. This will involve adhering to agreed budgets, work plans and timelines that are approved by the PFM Steering Committee and advised by the IFMIS Financial Management Advisor.
? Assisting with the development, agreement and implementation of a data conversion and consolidation strategy for the IFMIS modules. This will involve ensuring the integrity of data, reports and accounting procedures and treatment pertaining to the IFMIS.
?Assist in the identification of issues and problems in the IFMIS application build and the finding of suitable solutions.
?Under the guidance of the IFMIS Financial Management Advisor, develop and implement strategies to harmonize the legal, regulatory and institutional framework for public sector financial management and any other procedural documentation required in supporting the IFMIS implementation and operation.
?Ensuring that appropriate security and internal controls are implemented including all application and processing controls.

?Throughout the duration of the Project, assisting the IFMIS Project Manager to identify risks to the Project and the formulation of strategies to manage such risks.
?Support the development and implementation of a comprehensive capacity building and training initiative in order to enhance professional competencies of the GoR public sector accounting cadre through the provision of in-house and on the job training to eliminate the capacity/skills gaps.

Job Profile

?Bachelors’ degree in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration from a recognised university with At least 3 years’ experience in the area of public financial management, including experience with PFM reform processes at a senior level either with Government or large international organisations. Possession of Masters Degree in the above field with 2 years experience will be an added advantage.
?Membership to a professional accountancy body which is a full member of the International Federation of Accountants [IFAC]
?A proven track record of successful management of application build, testing, implementation and quality assurance activities of large-scale ERP/IFMIS systems in developing countries is required. Public sector experience in this area will be highly regarded.
?Extensive knowledge of different public financial management systems covering all dimensions of public expenditure management, audit, ICT use in the public sector.
?Dynamic and proactive individual with the ability to produce technical work plans and monitor performance against them
?Strong track record in performance management is vital (setting targets, monitoring delivery, planning)
?Proven capacity to provide technical advice to and able to win confidence/trust of senior government officials, development partners, and stakeholders in PFM.
?Sound knowledge of relevant ICT applications for PFM is required.
?Prior PFM work experience is highly desirable;
?A sound, operating knowledge of computers is essential.
?Excellent fluency in English or French and working knowledge in the other will be an added advantage.




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