17 Positions at Development Bank of Rwanda: (Deadline 7 July 2020)

17 Positions at Development Bank of Rwanda: (Deadline 7 July 2020)
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Development Bank of Rwanda

Development Bank of Rwanda

17 Positions at Development Bank of Rwanda: (Deadline 7 July 2020)

The Development Bank of Rwanda is Rwanda’s only National Development Bank mandated to support Rwanda’s development goals. Over the last years, the bank has undergone substantial re-organization aimed at positioning it as an “innovative and sustainable provider of development finance for socio-economic impact”.

In order to achieve this vision, the bank’s new strategic plan (2018-2024) has outlined 3 key strategic themes;

  • Operational Excellence: Continuous improvement of our credit and risk management system, financial performance and customer services.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Forming strategic partnerships to deliver our mandate is a key component of our core activities.
  • Dynamic Culture: Continuously improving our pool of knowledge to have the most competent and skilled employees.

To help accomplish this ambitious and exciting vision, the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) would like to recruit suitable qualified staff to fill the following vacant positions:

Positions Job Grade Duties and Responsibilities Profile
Manager, Collateral Management (1)Apply now JG 5 • Assist Investment team during the whole process of project appraisal from end to end;• Assist in the preparation and review of legal documentation to ensure compliance with the set regulations.

• Research and prepare statistical data on legal matters to advice the Manager, Legal Services on changes or updates of any legal policies or procedures.

• Draft all kinds of BRD projects loan, security contracts and other transactional agreements and submit them to the Manager for review before submission to the CS&GC.

• Draft/Review all legal documents including MOUs, transactional agreements, NDAs, and provide appropriate feedback to the Manager, legal Services for review.

• Negotiate all financing and security agreements with clients and other stakeholders to ensure clarity of the contractual terms and conditions of each party as well as timely implementation of conditions precedent to contract drafting, signing and disbursement.

• Carry out projects site visit and conduct proper and timely legal due diligence on all projects to be financed by BRD and submit the Legal Due Diligence report to Manager for review and approval before submission to the CS&GC.

• Prepare periodical (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual) and adhoc report related to legal services unit and submit them to the Manager for review and approval before submission to the CS&GC.

• A minimum of 5 years of working experience.• Ability to work independently.

• Excellent writing and speaking skills.

• Demonstrated experience in matters collateral perfection and management.

• Demonstrated experience in matters insurance.

• Demonstrated experience in overseeing legal recoveries with regard to collateral and securities.

• Demonstrated working experience of the Rwandan judicial process and dispute settlement mechanisms.

• A good working knowledge of transactional law

• Have any of the following academic qualifications LLB, LLM, ILDP Certificate

Manager, Legal Services (1)Apply Now JG 5 • Represent the bank on litigation cases that may arise to ensure that the bank interests are protected.• Provide legal advice in connection with fundraising transactions to relevant departments to mitigate legal risks and ensure conformity with the Bank’s charter and internal approvals.

• Advise on matters pertaining to the Bank’s membership through assessment of eligibility of prospective investors and drafting of requisite legal documentation.

• Coordinate and follow-up with internal and external customers, and external legal counsel of the Bank on the execution of legal documentation and the satisfaction of legal conditions precedent relating to fundraising transactions.

• Provide advisory legal services to the Bank’s internal and external customers ranging from interpretation of the Bank’s constitutional, administrative and service documents, partnerships with other financial institutions and consultants, as well as lending and borrowing operations.

• Manage the relationships of the Bank with its external counsels and ensure the Bank is updated by its external counsels on the latest developments and practices in the loan market.

• Work closely with and support Management committees and task forces as assigned and attend to committee and task force meetings as a member or invitee to provide legal advice.

• Draft or review various transactional legal instruments to support resource mobilization efforts and other transactions between the bank and other local and foreign partners.

• Advice on the interpretation and required amendments to the Bank’s Charter/governance policies and drafting such opinions and certificates as may be necessary concerning the Bank’s corporate status, including its privileges and immunities in its Member States.

• Develop effective working relationship with key Business Departments/Divisions of the Bank to ensure their needs are understood & appropriate solutions developed that support business needs.

• Monitor changes in relevant legislation and the regulatory environment which may have an impact on the Bank’s status as a Development Financial Institution.

• A minimum of 5 years of working experience.• Ability to lead and develop a team.

• Excellent writing and speaking skills.

• Demonstrated working experience in transactional law.

• A good understanding of the Rwandan judicial process.

• Have any of the following academic qualifications LLB, LLM, ILDP Certificate

Manager, IT Operations (1)Apply Now JG 5 • Provide input into the development of the BRD IT strategy, ensuring the user requirements are fully captured• Provide input into the development of the department budget to ensure the approved IT budget is comprehensive

• Provide input into the development of policies, procedures and processes, ensuring the availability of guidelines required for successful delivery of service

• Develop and implement IT disaster recovery plans to ascertain timely and continuous system availability for BRD

• Coordinate installation of in-house hardware and software and remote virtual private networks hardware and software across the organization BRD’s network and approve all upgrades

• Conduct research and make recommendations on network products, services, protocols, and standards in support of infrastructure procurement and implementation in a cost-effective manner

• Manage and ensure effectiveness of security solutions, including firewalls, anti-virus solutions, and intrusion detection and prevention systems.

• Liaise with the Compliance and Risk Department to conduct IT risk assessments and compliance audits to identify gaps to be addressed and enhance the protection of the bank against unseen risks

• Analyse the operational procedures on all IT platforms in the Bank to advice the business on areas of potential risk

• Serves as a liaison person between the Authority, regulatory authorities/agencies and service providers on IT infrastructure and data networks aspects

• Manage day-to-day operations of the department to ensure effective technical support, target setting and performance management

• Overseeing, determining and communicating timeframes for major IT projects including system updates, upgrades, migrations and outages.

• Responsible for planning, coordinating and directing activities that have to do with the computer and information systems of The Bank

• Consult with users, management, vendors, and technicians to assess computing needs and system requirements of the Bank

• Manage backup, security and user help systems

• Manage the network and software stability of the Banks infrastructure

• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology/ or related field• Professional certification in IT

• A minimum of five (5) years’ experience in IT, two (2) of which must be in a senior management level in a similar institution

• Experience of Business process Improvement aligned to support IT implementations

• Project management process and systems,

• Strong IT Information Security knowledge

• Understanding of enterprise resource planning

• ITIL Governance standards

• Understanding of core banking systems

• Business Acumen

Legal Counsel, Litigation (2)Apply Now JG 6 • To carry out all legal recoveries.• Prepare and review drafts of pleadings and comprehensive instructions/briefs in connection with litigations involving the bank.

• Act as a legal representative of the bank in litigation cases that may arise to ensure that the bank interests are protected.

• Prepare periodical (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual) and ad.hoc report related to litigations and matters before court and submit them to the Manager for review and approval before submission to the CS&GC.

• Liaise with Recovery and Workout Unit in all activities related to legal recovery and foreclosure.

• Liaise with Recovery and Workout Unit to ensure close follow up on payments from cases under litigation.

• Advise and guide clients on the agreed recommendations to Management to recover their loans;

• Provide all the necessary preparations and support to ensure related processes to receivership and compensation from the guarantee funds are effective;

• Provide support (legal or technical advice) to Recovery and Workout Unit in the process of appointing legal administers and receivership managers;

• To manage and work closely with external lawyers & bailiffs who have contracts with the Bank.

• Have any of the following academic qualifications LLB, LLM, ILDP Certificate• A minimum of 4 years of working experience. Having worked with a bank may be an added advantage.

• Ability to work independently.

• Excellent writing and speaking skills.

• Demonstrated working experience of the Rwandan judicial process and dispute settlement mechanisms.

• A good working knowledge of transactional law.

Officer, Corporate Services (1)Apply Now JG 6 • Disseminate procurement policies and procedures to avoid non-compliance to regulations in place;• Conduct procurement needs assessment to establish the Bank’s procurement needs and inform the procurement plan;

• Provide technical support to different user departments on preparation of technical specifications and terms of reference to ensure that the Bank gets the right products/services;

• Process the procurement transactions of the Bank in liaison with the Lead, Human Capital & Corporate Services and the Tender committee which by verifying approved requisitions from cost centers, prequalifying suppliers, preparing and publishing tender documents, conducting site visits and issuing certificates, conducting pre-bidding meetings and issuing tender documents to interested bidders in order to attract more competition;

• Receive bid documents, coordinate the bid opening proceedings and closing sessions and prepare bid opening reports for use in preliminary evaluation;

• Provide the required procurement reports on monthly, quarterly and annually basis;

• Organise tender committee meetings to evaluate bids and proposals involving summarising the bid documents, inviting and sharing bid documents to all tender committee members, taking minutes of the meetings, preparing the evaluation reports to submitting the report to management for approval to get the successful bidder on board for negotiation

• Notify the successful and unsuccessful bidders once the management has approved bid evaluations and invite the successful ones for contract negotiation;

• Receive and inspect goods and services to ensure adherence to technical specifications and terms of reference;

• File all procurement documents to ensure accountability and ease of retrieval as and when required;

• Avail procurement documents for use during the internal and external audits and prepare implementation matrix for audit findings to ensure compliance to audit recommendations;

• Conduct supplier appraisals and develop a report on a quarterly basis to avoid poorly rated suppliers from future bids; and

• Review and update the supplier database on a regular basis to minimise the cost of advertisement.

• Keep good record of all contracts of the Bank

• Identify worn unused asset and prepare them for auctioning in line with the Bank’s asset disposal policies

• Coordinate general maintenance of the office premises, vehicles, lifts, generators, electrical systems, to ensure a healthy and safe working environment

• Monitor operating expenditure to ensure it is in line with approved budget and for planning purposes;

• Oversee stock-taking regularly and record all assets owned by the Bank to inform stock replenishments and as an audit requirement;

• Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement, Management, Economics or related field• Certified Institute of Procurement Specialist (CIPS) is an added advantage

• Relevant progressive experience of three (3) years in procurement; preferably in the financial services industry

• Understanding of Procurement policies and procedures

• Contract Management knowledge

• Administrative Support Management knowledge

• Fleet Management knowledge

• Asset Management knowledge

• Documenting and Archiving knowledge

Officers, Workout and Recovery (2)Apply Now JG 6 • Take over assets deemed nonperforming or impaired or in risk of becoming nonperforming or impaired, from Portfolio Management Officers in a structured and documented fashion;• Carry out regular project visits for loans newly classified as Non-Performing Loan and ensure robust repayments are hard-pressed;

• Monitor repayment of loans in distress and report on progress and recovery actions;

• Analyze the debt workout requested by the client based on the willingness of the client, performance of the project and financial capability of the client to ensure a proposal is submitted for approval depending on the approval levels set in the credit policy;

• Prepare periodic and adhoc recovery reports for assigned clients for review by the Recovery and Workout Manager and the recovery committee;

• Provide all the necessary preparations and support to ensure related processes to receivership and compensation from the guarantee funds are effective;

• Determine, document and present the best course of action in terms of exit strategy;

• Monitor business and financial performance of the debtors Structuring, negotiating and executing Debtor in Possession facilities for impaired counterparties;

• Execute amendments, waivers, consents and any other legal documents pertaining to the asset under management;

• Identifying accounts for filing of suits;

• Initiate litigation filings against debtors/guarantors in order to achieve maximum recovery;

• Documenting lessons learnt from the management and recovery of problem loans with a view to strengthening future related appraisal processes;

• Carry on any other assignment delegated by the line managers.

• Bachelor’s Degree in commerce/Business, Law & Administration/ or related field from a recognized institution• Relevant professional qualification

• A minimum of three (3) years in similar position

• High level of financial literacy

• Conversant with forced recovery processes (receivership & litigations)

• Computer literacy

• Speed, accuracy and efficiency of transactional processes and reporting.

• Strict adherence to agreed credit turnaround time and Service Level Agreement (SLA).

• credit risk analysis in terms of risk identification, assessment, measurement and mitigation

• Management, especially the different asset classes institutional investors are exposed to in Africa

• Working knowledge of customer service software, databases and tools

• Awareness of industry’s latest technology trends and applications

• Customers care skills

• Communication skills

Officers, Reconciliation & Tax (1)Apply Now JG 6 • Recommend tax strategies that align with business goals and ensure achievement of departmental objectives• Prepare monthly, quarterly tax payments for the Bank to ensure timely submission to avoid penalties

• Prepare annual taxes through preparation of trading license, fixed asset tax and declaration of annual corporation tax for BRD to facilitate timely submission

• Identify tax savings and suggest ways to increase profits

• Review daily tax related transactions through daily checking of VAT and withholding Tax transaction both income and expense

• Prepare and issue withheld tax certificate as per the relevant regulations

• Match bank statement data to entries within the Banks’s accounting system on a daily basis, ensuring any discrepancies are identified, followed up and resolved promptly

• Complete the bank reconciliation on daily/monthly basis in accordance with the established timetable and ensure full documentation of reconciling item

• Follow industry trends and track changes related to taxes to inform decision making by management

• Bachelor’s Degree in accounting, Finance, Commerce, Business Administration/ or related field• Association of Charted Certified Accountant (ACCA)/Certified Public Accountant (CPA) would be an added advantage

• Thorough knowledge of tax laws and regulations

• Experience reconciliation of finance records

• Thorough knowledge of accounting policies and procedures

• Knowledge of financial accounting standards

• Financial Analysis and Reporting

• Cashflow management

• Financial Risk Management

• Use of Accounting systems

• Knowledge of International Financial Reporting standards

• Basic understanding of financial statements

Officer, Credit Risk (1)Apply Now JG 6 ·   To advise the Management on the decision of financing and risk-adjusted pricing, based on the risks identified and rating of projects.·   Perform qualitative and quantitative credit and portfolio data analysis using analytical techniques, tools, models, simulation, etc and interpret results of the analysis; present recommendations, alternatives and implications.

·   Prepare/collaborate on presentations, reports and capture key credit risk elements for trend analysis as a loss control measure.

·   Gather, analyses and synthesize quantitative and qualitative data of business processes to determine and promote data driven business decisions.

·   Provide ad-hoc reporting and analysis of data with the ability to demonstrate significant changes.

·   Evaluate loan performance data for loan underwriting recommendations purposes.

·   Assist in the identification, development and evolution of Bank KPIs and factors driving the performance of the industry.

·   Review reports and performance trends on a monthly basis with the loan recovery team.

·   Utilize performance measurement and indicators to identify areas for improvement; develop process improvement plans for each performance indicator or area identified.

·   Follow up the implementation of Credit Committee recommendations before the final approval of the projects examined.

·   Utilize mathematical and statistical knowledge to assist with the building of credit risk rating models.

Assist in the development of documents related to risk management such as policies, procedures.

·   Bachelor’s degree in finance, Economics, Banking, statistics, Mathematics. Actuarial Science or related discipline.

·   A professional qualification in risk management is a competitive advantage.

·   Given the analytical nature of the role, the successful candidate will be highly numerate with the following experience and skills:

·   At least 3 years’ experience in banking or financial services organization in a similar role

·   Working knowledge and experience in

·   risk management

·   Working knowledge of banking laws and regulation in Rwanda

·   High level of accuracy in the

·   evaluating financial records and documents.

·   Strong understanding of Credit risk analysis and policies

·   Knowledge of credit risk management and measurement practices

·   Solid understanding of the credit appraisal process and project finance

·   Must possess effective research, analytical and problem-solving skills.

·   Proficiency with a variety of computer software applications, including MS Word, Excel, Power Point and analytical tools such as SAS, R. SYSTAT, SPSS or similar.

·   Extensive analytical skills as well as problem identification and solving skills

·   High level of integrity and Excellent oral and written communication skills

Network Administrator (1)Apply Now JG 6 ·   Conduct IT infrastructure capacity planning, hardware and data centre equipment replacement strategy, service availability and monitoring and IT infrastructure inventory·   Provide support, configure, maintain and upgrade Bank’s networks and in house servers to ensure the network is fully operational

·   Perform basic system security functions including securing and monitoring access to the server, to ensure users are properly identified, authenticated and authorized

·   Administer user accounts to ensure the accounts are created, maintained in a timely manner, and that continuous monitoring is undertaken

·   Monitor network performance availability, utilization, throughput, good put, and latency and test for weaknesses

·   Perform backups for the database and application on a daily basis to ensure data is available and safe.

·   Carry out network administration and troubleshooting to ensure WAN and LAN are operating efficiently at all times

·   Escalate unresolved system technical issues to vendors for their action

·   Monitor user compliance with the policies and procedures on networks to ensure exposure to the business is curbed in a timely manner

·   Troubleshoot any reported and unanswered technical queries to ensure timely solutions are identified

·   Assess a Bank’s network and computer system needs and design viable solution

·   Carry out vulnerability assessment and prepare comprehensive reports including assessment-based findings, outcomes and propositions for further system security enhancement.

·   Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, Information Technology/ or related field·   Professional certification in IT

·   A minimum of three (3) years’ experience in IT in a similar institution

·   Understanding of ICT Policies and Procedures

·   Knowledge of core banking systems

·   Network Administration

·   Router Configuration

·   Business Acumen

·   Understanding of core banking systems

Project Staff: the Employment is aligned to the Project Life Span
Investment Officers (5)Apply Now JG 6 ·   Identify and initiate proposals for new facilities or facility modifications in line with the assigned sector(s) of the banks’ portfolio in order to grow a healthy portfolio. The investment officer is responsible for the quality of recommended credit applications and is the first line in managing his/her credit portfolio risk.·   Undertake the pre-appraisal analysis for credit proposals and carry out onsite visits of projects at pre-appraisal stage to assess the project viability.

·   Organize deal forum meetings with credit risk and legal departments to discuss credit proposals and seek their technical inputs;

·   Collect the required project data and information to enable the detailed appraisal. The investment officer will provide advice and guidance to potential clients on their business proposals to mitigate risks;

·   Proactively identify and analyses and submit to the sector manager the loans restructuring proposals to be presented to the banks approvals authorities, with the support of portfolio monitoring and Credit documentation officers;

·   Undertake detailed appraisal for approved proposals and facility restructuring proposals and present them to the banks’ approval authority;

·   Collect M&E data while assessing projects that will facilitate the social economic impact assessment to be reported to stakeholders (during appraisal);

·   Liaise with credit documentation and legal department for loan documentation (term sheet, notification, facility agreement, etc.) drafting and distribute it to the promoters for their signature;

·   The investment officer will fast track the first and subsequent disbursements;

·   Follow up the loan collections and ensure timely loans servicing to avoid loan book deterioration;

·   Issue loans repayment reminder and notice letters to clients as per the credit policies and procedures;

·   Visit each customer/project in his portfolio with a monitoring officer at least once a year;

·   Pro-actively and timeously identify potential problems on credit files and formulate appropriate risk mitigating strategies.

·   With the support of monitoring and credit documentation officers, the investment officer shall prepare and present the restructuring proposal to the approving authority.

·   Ensure at all time adherence to the Bank’s turnaround time standards for processing credit applications, to all the Bank Policies and Procedures the Credit Policy, the internal code of conducts, the latest market best practices and all banking laws and regulations applicable.

·   The investment officer will handle his/her client inquiries throughout the loans’ lifespan (from initiation to the settlement of the loan account);

·   Resolve client queries and complaints in order to maintain quality service delivery standards;

·   Carry on any other assignment delegated by the line managers.

·   Bachelor’s Degree in finance, Business Administration or related field·   A minimum of 3 (three) years in similar position

·   Experience with due diligence and analysis of investment opportunities

·   Experience building and/or managing investment portfolio monitoring systems.

·   Familiarity with legal documentation common to debt and equity transactions. •

·   Demonstrated flexibility and success in rapidly changing environments.

·   Demonstrated ability to design, launch and scale new projects and initiatives Financial and management reporting skills.

·   Interpersonal skills.

·   Analytical skills, attention to detail, ability to work with deadlines and schedules and strong follow through capacity.

·   Negotiation skills.

REF -Legal Counsel (1)Apply Now JG 6 ·   Supporting the coordination of the Bank’s legal function and working with internal legal staff and external parties for implementation of projects under SPIU·   Preparation of a variety of legal documentation including transaction documentation designed to protect the interests of the Bank as lender, borrower, co-lender, service user or various suppliers;

·   Negotiation of legal documents with the Bank’s legal counter-parties and under the guidance of Management and in line with guiding documents and principles of the project and BRD Policies;

·   Providing legal advice to Management and Staff in all areas relating to the Project activities and advising on solutions to legal problems, constraints, risks, options, consequences and approaches;

·   Reviewing legal documentation prepared for the Bank or arising from the work of the Bank on the Project ;

·   Providing advisory opinion on the project implementation

·   Representing the Bank internally and externally in negotiation, disputes, consultations and other proceedings that require legal representation

·   Participation in legal aspects of the Project and its lending operations including loan administration.

·   Professional, academic qualifications & experience·   Bachelor’s Degree in Law

·   Post graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

·   A minimum of three (3) years’ experience in the legal field’

·   Core competencies

·   Vast knowledge of relevant laws and Regulations and a good understanding of the Rwandan Court system.

·   Understanding of Legal Policies and Procedures

·   Contract Drafting

·   Understanding of Statutory Requirements

·   Court Practices and Procedures

·   Advocacy

·   Experience in the coordination of External Legal Advisors

·   Project Management

·   Experience in contract management.

Application Guidelines:

Interested candidate should apply online (https://www.brd.rw/careers/) and upload application documents including Curriculum Vitae, copies of degree certificates and professional certificates, motivation letter, names of three previous supervisors (As One Document) as well as their emails and telephoneOnly online applications shall be considered.

Email: [email protected] (for only inquiries)

Address all applications to the Head, Human Capital and Corporate Services of the Development Bank of Rwanda.

Deadline for application: Tuesday, July 07, 2020, 03:00 pm.

Details of the job descriptions are posted on BRD website: www.brd.rw

The employment package is highly competitive/attractive.

Candidates with the right qualifications and relevant experience shall be shortlisted and contacted for interviews.

Done in Kigali, the June 24, 2020




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