2 Positions of Security Operations Centre (SOC) Assistant at United Nations Development Programme: (Deadline 30 October 2020)

2 Positions of Security Operations Centre (SOC) Assistant at United Nations Development Programme: (Deadline 30 October 2020)
  • Full Time
  • Rwanda

United Nations Development

United Nations Development

2 Positions of Security Operations Centre (SOC) Assistant at United Nations Development Programme: (Deadline 30 October 2020)


I. Job Purpose and Organizational Context

UN in Rwanda employs approximately 800 personnel countrywide in 7 Duty Stations. As a mandatory Security Risk Management (SRM) measure in Rwanda the United Nations operate a UN Security Communications System for voice and data communications, consisting of wireless (4G, VHF, HF, Satellite), the land line telecommunication (telephone, IP) the electronic Travel Advisory Application (eTA-App) with its international messaging function and agency Rwanda specific messaging systems. The SMT has agreed that the SOC will function as the communication mechanism for all UN Agencies in Rwanda.

The accountability for operation and maintenance of the common Security Communications System (SCS) lies with the UNDSS Security Advisor (Security Policy Manual). The infrastructure is funded by the Locally Cost Shared Security Budget (LCSSB). It consists of

  • A 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) (5 Assistants) in Kigali,
  • VHF repeaters outside the capital city, covering the entire country linked to the SOC
  • Tracking and messaging services/applications

Radio Rooms and/or VHF repeaters, operated by personnel of Agencies, Funds and Programmes for their individual operational purposes will be linked to the common SCS and follow the same Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Duties and Responsibilities

II. Duties and Responsibilities

In this section list the primary responsibilities of the position (Typically five).  As needed add additional context below the responsibilities.  Tip: Focus on what the job entails not how to do the job.

Summary of key functions: One SOC Assistant is to be on duty and present in the SOC always. Any short absence during the day may be covered by the SOC Technician. The SOC Assistant responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Maintaining contact with all stations regarding missions;
  2. Monitoring all communications systems/networks and responding when required. Check the SOC email continuously;
  3. Ensuring that all missions to/from the field are logged and are in the mission tracking sheet. All ‘closed’ mission tracking records are saved.
  4. Ensuring all messages received/sent either by phone (landline/sat phone/cellphone) or radio are logged before being dispatched and after receipt;
  5. Ensuring that Security Adviser is informed of any loss of contact with a mission or any other communication failure;
  6. Notifying the Security Adviser of any incident/accident reported via any means;
  7. Advising SOC Technician   immediately on faults in the telecommunication networks and undertake all necessary action to provide a prompt reestablishment of service;
  8. Providing necessary assistance to all UN personnel as requested;
  9. Maintaining strict confidentiality of all information sent and received through all communications means.
  10. Maintaining the radio log archive;
  11. Ensuring that a complete handover/takeover is carried out and remaining on duty until properly relieved. (The outgoing SOC Assistant must brief the incoming SOC Assistant of all events, especially the status of missions in progress, pending cases and actions to be taken. Note any deficiencies or unserviceable equipment in the occurrence and handover notes);
  12. Ensuring all radio communications users comply with standard radio procedures, call signs, and that radio discipline is strictly maintained;
  13. Receiving, processing, recording and passing all security related information to the appropriate locations/authorities;
  14. Maintaining email communications.
  15. Communicating with all other applicable UN networks, ensuring radio communications for operational and security purposes are in place;
  16. Conducting radio checks as required and reporting to the Security Adviser / Local Security Assistant;
  17. Establishing and maintaining contact with wardens once warden system is activated and supporting staff accounting;
  18. Monitoring major international and local news, TV channels and sharing news summaries with the management team.
  19. Provide communications support during emergencies/security incidents such as MEDEVAC and MCI
  20. Provide security alerts through the SMS and eTA systems
  21. Assist in the Management of UN ground passes (“UN-ID”), staff counts and lists of personnel;
  22. Other tasks related to Security Communications as instructed by the UNDSS Security Advisor;



Accountability: Takes ownership of all responsibilities and honor commitments.

Technological Awareness:Keep abreast of available technology and shows willingness to learn new technology.





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