30 Positions of Branch Managers in all Districts and City of Kigali at Good Link Solutions Ltd: (Deadline 25 August 2020)

30 Positions of Branch Managers in all Districts and City of Kigali at Good Link Solutions Ltd: (Deadline 25 August 2020)
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Good Link Solutions Ltd

Good Link Solutions Ltd

30 Positions of Branch Managers in all Districts and City of Kigali at Good Link Solutions Ltd: (Deadline 25 August 2020)

Good Link Solutions Ltd is a Rwandan registered company under 110486193 that began in 2019 whose core service is the promotion of the Cheap Labour Employment Sector.

This is done through linking employees to the employers, capacity building, building employees’ saving spirit in financial institutions, EjoHeza fund for long term savings and pensions, and helping them access insurance companies to ensure their health while on work. We also assure that everyone’s rights are observed and enjoy the full potential and benefits in their daily occupation.

Good Link Solutions Ltd acts as a broker between various industries and the buyers, among many others, we also provide consultancy service in accounting, project management, and proposal writing.

Good Link Solutions Ltd aims at the promotion and development of all employees who fall in the very informal employment sectorThose are:

  • Masons/builders
  • Hodmen/masons aides
  • Miners
  • Workers in different factories and industries
  • Workers in restaurants, bars, hotels, supermarkets, groceries…
  • Household workers
  • Workers in cleaning services
  • Drivers in various transport companies
  • Workers in garages and car wash units…


  1. Formalize and ensure the decency of the informal employment sector to motivate people to feel comfortable in their work and make use of it.
  2. Promote the social well-being of providers through the various funds available at their fingertips such as EjoHeza, varied financial institutions, and insurance companies…
  3. Ensuring safety and building trust between providers and employers in the informal employment sector.
  4. To tackle the unemployment crisis through the handling of decent job gaps in the informal employment sector so that everyone can feel privileged in it, even well-learned ones.

To achieve all these and for Good Link Solutions Ltd services outreach, we are recruiting qualified candidates for the following positions:

Branch Managers in all Districts and City Of Kigali

Number: 30 (1 per district) :


  • Facilitate entrepreneurs and employers to get trustworthy employees and help in their management via Good Link Solutions Ltd.’s Management Information System (GLS MIS).
  • Register employees of up-mentioned services in GLS MIS.
  • In consortium with EjoHeza district representatives, mobilize all the employees in the informal employment sector to partake in their long term saving within the very fund.
  • Search on behalf of Good Link Solutions Ltd, for business offers in their respective districts.
  • Work for the development of employees in the informal employment sector.
  • Sensitize community for Good Link Solutions Ltd services.
  • Act as brokers between Good Link Solutions Ltd partners and buyers of their products/services.
  • Mobilize employees in the informal employment sector to have health insurance while on work, and use financial institutions in their daily life.
  • Work for Good Link Solutions Ltd development and keep a good image.
  • Direct supervision of all Good Link’s field commercial agents under their agency in the district.
  • Make weekly reports

 Requirements :

  • Be a Rwandan
  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, construction, or any related field.
  • Good conduct certificate issued by competent security organs.
  • Having experience in working with various entrepreneurs and local administration entities.
  • Willing to get paid as you earn (percentage of one’s income)
  • Having a well-equipped office (with office table, chair, computer, and internet facility) and having cleared at least 3 months of rentals if for rent.
  • The office should be in the district office environs.
  • Be ready to start the job ASAP.

How to apply:

Interested candidates should submit their application in a single file including motivation letter, updated CV, certificates, 3 references, copy of national ID. For Branch managers, please mention your working place preference in the motivation letter via the “Apply for this job” button below. The attachment should be a PDF file. Please quote the job title in the subject. The deadline for the submission is 20th August 2020 at 4:00 PM.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for training not later than 25th August 2020. The training will be conducted at different intervals so as to abide by the measures taken to curb the spread of the COVID-19.

For more information, please e contact us on 0783226991 (Operations Manager) 0788556858 (HR & Admin)

Good Link Solutions Ltd is an equal opportunity employer and does not require any fee during its recruitment process and no intermediates for recruiting its employees.

Bimenyimana Frank Sylvère

Managing Director

Good Link Solutions Ltd



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