Executive Secretary at Concertation of Collectives of Women’s Associations in the Great Lakes region (COCAFEM / GL): (Deadline 4 September 2020)

Executive Secretary at Concertation of Collectives of Women’s Associations in the Great Lakes region (COCAFEM / GL): (Deadline 4 September 2020)
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Executive Secretary at Concertation of Collectives of Women’s Associations in the Great Lakes region (COCAFEM / GL): (Deadline 4 September 2020)

II. Summary presentation of COCAFEM / GL

The Concertation of Collectives of Women’s Associations of the Great Lakes Region (COCAFEM / GL) created in  2001  by women’s organizations from three countries namely: Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, having become aware of the need to to set up a regional network with a view to better coordination and synergy of their interventions with the aim of improving the socio-economic conditions of women, children and the population in general.

The consultation has made good progress in the defense of women’s rights, promotion of gender, participation of women in governance, political leadership and the fight against sexual and gender-based violence during the last 18 years of its existence. .

COCAFEM / GL is made up of 11 women-led collectives, including 3 in Burundi (CAFOB, RFP and DUSHIREHAMWE), 5 in DR Congo (CAFED, CFPD, CONAFED, COFAS and UFCOD) and 3 in Rwanda (PRO FEMMES TWESE HAMWE, YWCA / Rwanda and RRP +). These 11 collectives bring together 1,861 grassroots associations in the three countries.

The  vision  of COCAFEM / GL is to see a peaceful Great Lakes region where every citizen, man, woman and child fully enjoys all of their rights.

Its  mission  is to contribute to the promotion of the culture of peace, tolerance, non-violence, equality between men, encourage the participation of women in regional and national development programs and contribute to the promotion of their position in governance and leadership, as well as the emergence of their economic power.

III.              Description of tasks

Reference made to the statutory texts of COCAFEM / GL and in view of the vacancy of the post of Executive Secretary of the organization; The Executive Committee is recruiting an Executive Secretary  of Rwandan nationality who will be based at the Headquarters of the Executive Secretariat of COCAFEM / GL located in Bujumbura in Burundi, MUKAZA Commune, ROHERO district 2, Avenue Prince Louis Rwagasore . This recruitment notice is launched for this purpose.

Under the supervision of the President of COCAFEM / GL, the Executive Secretary will perform the following tasks:

3.1. Coordination of activities 

  • Ensure the daily management of the Concertation as a whole and ensure the proper functioning of the Executive Secretariat and its staff;
  • Negotiate, on delegation from the President of the Executive Committee, cooperation and financing agreements with technical and financial partners and donors;
  • Coordinate the preparation of technical files for mobilizing financing and budget execution;
  • Monitor the budget management of various projects as well as COCAFEM / GL activities in general;
  • Contribute to the production of narrative and financial reports to be submitted to technical and financial partners, government bodies, the Executive Committee and the General Assembly of COCAFEM / GL;
  • Prepare and defend the implementation of the strategic plan, the action plan and the annual budget of the various programs and projects of COCAFEM / GL;
  • Coordinate and advise the team of the Executive Secretariat responsible for keeping the accounts, cash management and personnel administration;
  • Set up indicators and management reports that will make it possible to analyze the activity and performance of the organization and to suggest avenues for improvement;
  • Ensure that procedures are updated and applied by all staff;
  • Ensure the coordination between the technical and financial partners of the projects and the liaison with the various departments of the administration.
  • Establish criteria for evaluating the performance of COCAFEM / GL staff and the various projects and ensure their annual evaluation.
  • 3.2. Institutional and organizational strengthening of the Concertation
  • Provide support to the consultation bodies in their respective mandates: General Assembly, Executive Committee, Permanent Technical Commission, Supervisory Committee, Electoral Commission and Committee of Wise Men;
  • Mobilize human, financial and material resources for the smooth running of the Concertation;
  • Ensure the implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly and of the consultation management bodies as a whole;
  • Prepare the meetings of the organs (Executive Committee, Permanent Technical Commission, Supervisory Committee, Electoral Commission, Committee of Wise Persons) and those of the General Assembly;
  • Ensure good collaboration between the consultation officers and the collective members of the Concertation;
  • Ensure cohesion and unity between the collective members of COCAFEM / GL;
  • Maintain collaborative links with the Executive Secretariats of COCAFEM / GL member collectives;
  • Organize capacity building initiatives for employees and members of Concertation bodies.

3.3. Advocacy, lobbying and strategic positioning

  • Ensure the visibility of consultation and advocacy actions and those of technical and financial partners;
  • Participate in the development of products for capitalizing on advocacy and lobbying achievements as well as in a specific project framework;
  • Initiate strategic partnerships / alliances with other actors of civil society;
  • Ensure the establishment of networks / coalitions to strengthen organizational positioning;
  • Promote the sustainability of COCAFEM / GL actions with partners.

3.4. Development of Programs and Projects 

  • Coordinate the development and execution of the organization’s strategic and operational plans;
  • Develop design documents (terms of reference for projects, concept notes, sustainability strategies, etc.);
  • Write project proposals, according to the requirements and opportunities of the context (internal and external);
  • Map out the technical and financial partners of COCAFEM / GL and maintain good relations with them;
  • Oversee the implementation of COCAFEM / GL plans / projects;
  • Facilitate self-assessment sessions on the progress of executed plans / projects;
  • Ensure the regularity of the implementation of the communication plan (regular publication of articles on the COCAFEM website etc.);
  • Write the plans and periodic activity reports of the service (monthly, quarterly, annually), submitted to the Executive Committee and to technical and financial partners;
  • Prepare the overall reports of the organization, in collaboration with the person in charge of Monitoring – Evaluation;
  • Participate in the development and execution of budgets;
  • Participate in negotiations with technical and financial partners;
  • Participate in the development and implementation of the fundraising strategy;
  • Participate in the development and use of monitoring and evaluation tools for COCAFEM / GL plans / projects;
  • Prepare and participate in strategic reflection meetings of the organization.

 IV.              Profile of the Candidate 

  • Be of Rwandan nationality;
  • Have a minimum Masters degree in one of the following fields: International Relations, Law, Management, Development, Social Sciences or other related sciences;
  • Have a minimum of 10 years of experience including 5 in the coordination of regional activities;
  • Have experience in the management of regional organizations;
  • Having experience in human resources management would be an asset;
  • Have proven experience in the management of women’s organizations and in particular those at the regional level;
  • Have assumed management responsibilities for projects or programs at the regional level;
  • Have a good knowledge and mastery of the politics of the Great Lakes Region;
  • Have knowledge of the legislation of Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Society Organizations in the countries of the sub-region;
  • Have proven experience in communication techniques, lobbying and advocacy;
  • Have proven experience in the planning, development, monitoring and evaluation of regional projects;
  • Have experience and sensitivity to the gender approach with a transversal dimension;
  • Demonstrate ability to resolve various problems encountered;
  • Have good interpersonal skills;
  • Mastery of computer software in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, internet and Outlook and social networks etc;
  • Fluency in French, good knowledge of English would be an asset;
  • To be able to prove one’s motivation for the promotion of the status of women;
  • Have a creative spirit and initiative;
  • Be between 35 and 50 years old.

V.                 Contact 

Any candidate interested in this offer is requested to send a cover letter in French, a detailed CV with 3 reference persons and their contacts, copies of diplomas conforming to the original, a / certificate / s of services rendered and a letter of recommendation by  September 4, 2020  at 3:30 p.m. local time in Bujumbura – Burundi, to the email address:  [email protected] , with copies to the following addresses:  margotmutu @ gmail .com  ; [email protected]  and  [email protected]  .

Only candidates selected in the Pre-selection will be contacted for the tests.

For more information contact the numbers below:  +250 788 474 970/257 79372068 / + 243 815042573  or  +257 22 27 96 21 .

Done in Bujumbura, August 21, 2020

                                                          MUTUMWINKA Marguerite

                                                          President of COCAFEM-GL



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