Call for application for Youth Investigators (Rwanda) at Dot Rwanda: (Deadline 4 September 2020)

Call for application for Youth Investigators (Rwanda) at Dot Rwanda: (Deadline 4 September 2020)

Call for application for Youth Investigators (Rwanda)at DOT Rwanda: (Deadline 4 September 2020)

I. Background

DOT is a youth-led movement of daring social innovators who have the tools, knowledge, and
networks to create opportunities and transform their own communities.
We support youth to become innovators and leaders, and to create and apply digital solutions that
have positive impact in their communities.
In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Digital Opportunity Trust is partnering with
MASTERCARD FOUNDATION to implement “Africa Youth and the Pandemic Speak Out,
Reaching Out” Project in five African countries: Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Ghana.
The Project will meaningfully engage the voices and actions of young African women and men
in response to the current crisis and the subsequent efforts that will drive recovery. Through
Speaking Out, Reaching Out, DOT will mobilize young women and men to lead investigation on
the challenges and local response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project will also support
youth innovators to scale their initiatives through peer and partner networks, critical health and
safety resources, learning opportunities, and limited seed grants.
It is in that regard that DOT is hiring a team of youth investigators who will conduct a “Youth
Led Investigation” under the “Africa Youth and the Pandemic Speak Out, Reaching Out” Project in Rwanda.

II. Objectives

The Youth Investigator position will primarily involve work on three areas; i) Conduct Digital
Survey for stakeholders in your country, ii) Engage in in-depth qualitative interviews with a
selected number of stakeholders and iii) Participate in reflection sessions facilitated for
participant analysis of surveys, interviews for both interim and final reporting.

III. Scope of Work

The successful Youth Investigators will be required to carry out the following activities/tasks:
A. Conduct “Youth Led Investigation”: Digital Survey & Interviews
● Contribute in the Design and organization of the training of the youth on the investigation
framework (investigation questions, methodology, technology, questionnaires, etc.)
● Conduct digital surveys for 30 stakeholders, including community leaders, youth,
community-based organizations and national/district health and economic communityserving public and civil society organizations.
● Participate in the reflection sessions to review analyzed data and inform interim
investigation reports.
● Conduct in-depth qualitative interviews with 20 stakeholders; contribute in data analysis
and interpretation to inform the final investigation report.
B. Data Entry, Analysis and Reporting
● Collect accurate survey data from stakeholders after obtaining proper verbal consent.
● Ensure that all the data from each survey and interview are complete, checked and
approved by the Team Leader before you enter them into the survey Platform.
● Maintain regular communication and provide regular updates on plans and progress to the
Team Leader as required.
C. Partnerships development
● Ensure professional engagement with the stakeholders that will host the investigation
youth team where need be;
● Manage all the necessary professional relationships with the stakeholders involved in the
youth led investigation, get their consent for the interviews and any pictures that may be
taken during the investigation.

IV. Deliverables

The final deliverable of this assignment shall be the interim and final reports of the investigation,
to arrive to these reports, the Youth-Led Investigation on COVID-19 Response and Recovery
will be implemented in two stages:
In Stage 1, conduct a digital survey with 30 stakeholders by each team member, for a total of 300
stakeholders surveyed per country. Conduct light-touch follow-up with selected respondents as
required, and participate in reflection sessions facilitated by DOT for participant interpretation of
survey results, interviews and interim reporting.
In Stage 2, engage in in-depth qualitative interviews with 20 stakeholders, conducted by each
team member, for a total of 200 stakeholders interviewed per country. Lead follow-up focus
group sessions and interviews, and participate in detailed sessions facilitated for participant
interpretation of survey results, interviews and final reporting.
V. Duration of the Consultancy Service
The Youth Investigator’s service is required for a period of four (4) months from September to
December 2020.
VI. Remuneration
Digital Opportunity Trust shall pay the Youth Investigator a monthly fixed stipend as
professional fees only.
VII. Assignment Management and Administration
The Youth Investigator will work closely with and report to the Youth Investigator Team Leader
– or designated point of contact – in your country.
VII. Location of the position: Rwanda
IX. Qualifications and Required Skills

The Youth Investigator to undertake the assignment is expected to have the following
● Be a youth {25-30 Years Old}, citizen of the Country where the investigation will take
● Hold of a University degree;
● Have track record as a youth leader in youth networks or be an alumnus/a of DOT

● Have prior community research and/or investigation experience (including surveys, focus
group discussions, etc), as well as strong editing and analytical skills;
● Be self-motivated,
● Team-oriented, possess a positive attitude and works well with others;
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, speak local language
proficiently or with full fluency;
● Ability to work efficiently and promptly with team members and stakeholders spread
throughout the DOT Network in different time zones (project are based in African
Countries & Canada) ;
● Comfort with using email/Google Hangout/Skype/SMS/Whatsapp/instant messaging as a
primary means of communication is a must – Good computer skills, including knowledge
of Word and Excel.
Interested candidates can apply by sending their motivational letters and CVs to the following
addresses [email protected] The deadline for sending applications is 4th September 2020 at5pm




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