Call for applications for a Professional Training on “Employability Skills”

Call for applications for a Professional Training on “Employability Skills”

Call for applications for a Professional Training on “Employability Skills”


Background information

EXCEL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Ltd (EBS) is a legally registered Rwandan company that provides general consultancy and Business Development Services (BDS) for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).We are specialists in trainings: We train and certify corporates, Trainers, Master Trainers, Lead Trainers and Beneficiaries. We provide innovative solutions that limit young entrepreneurs from maximizing their potentials. We are a leading employability soft skills training firm, our trainings are purely Competence-Based where we build on participants’ past experiences. We employ purely learner centered approaches and methodologies. To learn more about our company and thematic areas, please visit or email us at [email protected] or [email protected]


This 3 days course on Employability Skills provides participants with the necessary Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes needed to either acquire paid or self-employment using the available few resources around. The training seeks to enable young men and women identify the available opportunities around them which can be turned into opportunities for either self-employment or paid employment.  The Employability Skills Course is designed to provide young men and women with the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to reach their personal and professional goals, gain work exposure and experience, find work or start their own business, and develop healthy work habits and behaviors that will help one be successful. It is evident that, Universities, Colleges and other academic institutions neither teach us how to create our own jobs nor find and keep work. This course will be a practical solution to this problem. The course will address a crosscutting problem affecting job seekers “Why do University, Colleges and Secondary school Graduates fail to get employed?” What can you do to get employed immediately after graduation? What can you do to gain employment while still at school?”

  1. Training Content
  • Topics to be covered
  • Introduction to employability skills
  • Setting my professional and career development goals
  • Making Plans to achieve my professional and career goals
  • Introduction to Work Based Learning
  • Finding and keeping work
  • Discovering Entrepreneurship for self-employment

(b). After completing this course, you will:

Determine why people fail to get employment? What do employers need from an employee? Why do graduates at all levels fail to get employed? What can you do to get employed in the next 1 to 3 months?

  1. Target group (Who should attend?)
  • University Graduates
  • University Students
  • Secondary School Graduates
  • Youth who either need to get paid-employment

III. Methodology of instruction

We are experts in facilitating trainings. We have over 10 years’ experience in Training Master Trainers, Lead Trainers, Corporates and trainees. We are the leading soft skills training firm in Rwanda and the great lakes region. We employ purely learner centered approaches of small and large group discussions, experience sharing, role plays, case studies, scenarios, panel discussions and other adult learning methodologies.

  1. Certificates

EBS will issue a professional certificate “ certificate of Competence”   to participants who will successfully attend and complete the course and pass the course test with at least 50%, Others will be advised to wait until another training opportunity for the same course and EBS will not charge them.

  1. Other benefits

Most successful participants will get a chance to join our diverse team in trainings and other projects which EBS implements.

  1. Training Fees
  • Members and students: 15,000Rwf
  • Non-members: 30,000Rwf (Discount: 25,000Rwf) for individual early payment; for 2 participants from one institution: each will pay 23,000Rwf; from 3 participants coming from one institution, each pays 20,000 Rwf).

VII How to apply

Interested applicants are encouraged to pay the registration fees through the following bank details:

  • Bank Account: 05001050009Rwf (Bank of Africa)

Send email to  [email protected]  and copy to [email protected] OR Contact us at 0782184340 KWIZERA Hassan Dodos. OR ONLINE APPLICATION:, Click APPLY, and follow Instructions. ONLY upload a scanned Deposit Slip NOT CV. Applicants are encouraged to keep applications short.


For more clarifications, please call/message/whatsApp us at 0782184340/0788346897 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected]


Done at Kigali, 10th /11/2019

Dr. MUDAKANGWA Stephano Ildephose






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