Call for Applications for Teach First Denmark: (Deadline 1 February 2021)

Call for Applications for Teach First Denmark: (Deadline 1 February 2021)

Call for Applications for Teach First Denmark: (Deadline 1 February 2021)

Teach First Denmark is seeking applications from graduate to to create equal opportunities for children and young people in Denmark.

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As a graduate, you will be part of a team of 40-50 graduates. You will find that you come from different backgrounds and fields of study, but that you also have a lot in common. You will inspire and support each other and learn from each other’s experiences, ideas and ambitions.

Teach First Denmark collaborates with primary and lower secondary schools, where you can make the biggest difference. These are schools in socio-economically disadvantaged residential areas. It is therefore of great value that you are flexible in relation to where you want to teach.

  • Admission tests – why For the entrance exams they have i.a. focus on your relationship skills, motivation and professionalism. It should ensure that you can help strengthen students’ learning and well-being.
  • You are motivated to teach: You teach at a primary school in an exposed residential area. Full time and with full pay. At the same time, you study to become a teacher and spar with a teacher mentor and other graduates.
  • To create equal opportunities: You gain a deep insight into children’s different conditions – and a strong starting point for creating equal opportunities for children in Denmark through your continued career in and outside primary school.

Theory – practice – feedback

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  • The two-year program is an intense course. It interacts with theory and practice and systematic feedback from a mentor.
    • Your mentor supports you
      • You need courage for challenges. You need to be able to organize your time efficiently and you need to thrive on being busy.
      • Your mentor will support you and observe you in your teaching – depending on your needs. In addition, you will continuously spar with other graduates at Teach First Denmark
    • Program Track (new)
      • In addition to your mentor sparring, you will also have the opportunity to spar with other graduates via program tracks. Here you can develop ideas that can benefit students in primary school. You can also work on them after the program through the alumni network.
      • Previously, a graduate has e.g. together with the City of Copenhagen, started a project that secures more internships for resource-poor students in primary and lower secondary school. Others have started NGOs, developed teaching materials and developed an app that supports students and strengthens their self-esteem.

Funding Information

As a graduate, you are permanently employed at a school and are paid monthly according to the current agreement for teachers in the primary school. The average salary is approx. 28,500 plus 17 pct. in pension plus local allowance depending on the municipality.


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Here are some of the professional and personal competencies they emphasize:

  • Drive and perseverance: You are motivated by challenges – and are good at dealing with resistance and busyness.
  • Strong in relationships: You are good at creating positive relationships, collaborating, acknowledging and motivating others.
  • Good at seeing solutions: You are professionally skilled and good at seeing solutions and putting action behind them.
  • Want to develop you: You are aware of what you are good at – and want to get better through feedback.

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