Global Recruitment of Games Volunteers for Beijing 2022 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games: ( Deadline: 30 June 2021 Beijing Time.)

Global Recruitment of Games Volunteers for Beijing 2022 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games: ( Deadline: 30 June 2021 Beijing Time.)

Global Recruitment of Games Volunteers for Beijing 2022 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games: ( Deadline: 30 June 2021 Beijing Time.)



Q1: What are the dates and times of the volunteer service?

A: The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games will be hosted from 4 to 20 February 2022 and the Paralympic Winter Games 4 to 13 March 2022. Games volunteers are expected to provide services before, during and after the Games. The specific service dates and times will be based on the positions.

Q2: Who are eligible to make the application?

A: Individuals who meet all of the following criteria are welcome to apply:
·Abide by Chinese laws and regulations, be willing to serve the Games on a voluntary basis, and accept guidance and supervision of Beijing 2022;
·Be minimum 18 years old on 1 January 2022 (born on or before 1 January 2004), and be in good health;
·Have the basic knowledge and skills required for their positions;
·Be able to effectively communicate in Chinese and/or English; and
·Be able to participate in all required training and provide volunteering services for the Games.

Q3: Where will the Games volunteers work?

A: They will provide services at competition venues, training venues and non-competition venues as well as official Games facilities and venues in the Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou competition zones.

Q4: Who will the Games volunteers serve?

A: They will serve the athletes and team officials of National Olympic Committee delegations, the Olympic/Paralympic Officials and dignitaries, International Winter Sports Federations and technical officials, media from China and abroad, broadcasters, workforce, other volunteers, marketing partners of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and spectators, etc.

Q5: What areas are open for volunteering at the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games?

A: The work areas open for volunteering include international relations, competition operations, press operations and broadcasting, venue operations, marketing, human resources, technology, cultural programmes, logistics, security, and transport, etc.

Q6: What are the rights of the Games volunteers?

A: They are entitled to:
·Have access to the policies and information about Games volunteers and their positions;
·Express their preferences for the service period, location and position;
·Receive training and relevant learning materials;
·Receive necessary support for their service;
·Safeguard their own legitimate rights and interests according to the law;
·Receive appropriate recognition for their excellent service;
·Make personal requests or put forward suggestions to Beijing 2022;
·Apply to resign working as the volunteer.

Q7: What are the obligations of the Games volunteers?

A: They shall:
·Help carry forward the Olympic values and the volunteering spirit;
·Adhere to the relevant policies and regulations of Beijing 2022;
·Sign the Letter of Commitment of Volunteering for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and the Confidentiality Agreement, and act accordingly;
·Take part in all required pre-Games training;
·Report daily assignments on time and fulfil the corresponding service duties;
·Follow the position adjustments and shift arrangements made by Beijing 2022.

Q8: What is the application period?

A: The application period starts from 5 December 2019 and concludes at 24:00, 30 June 2021, Beijing Time.

Q9: How to apply?

A: ·Individual applicants are requested to register in their real name as it appears on a valid identity document, which may be, but not limited to, the Resident Identity Card of the People’s Republic of China, Passport, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents, and Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents. They are also requested to fill in true and accurate personal information and submit applications online according to the instructions on the portal.
Individual applicants who are not able to access the portal may apply through correspondence with Beijing 2022 or at the public engagement and communications outlets established by relevant organisations authorised/designated by Beijing 2022.
·Group applicants will apply through the organisations authorised /designated by Beijing 2022. These organisations will help such applicants to register and apply for volunteering on the portal.

Q10: What is the clearance and selection process?

A: ·Preliminary clearance. The eligibility of the applicants will be assessed.
·Test-based selection. Applicants shall be selected through on-site or remote tests/interviews.
·Position assignment. The positions allocation and working hours will be determined based on work requirements and the applicants’ preferences indicated on the application form. Notifications of relevant arrangements will be confirmed through related organisations and/or in online notices.
·Letter of Offer. A Letter of Offer will be sent to those who are selected as volunteers and notices to those applicants who are not offered a volunteer position.
·Start of Service. With the Letter of Offer and a valid ID, Games volunteers will be required to go to the designated venue at a designated time for training. They will be requested to sign the Letter of Commitment and then receive their accreditation, uniform and other supplies, and commence their volunteer service.

Q11:  What is the closing date for recruitment?

A: The recruitment will be closed on 30 September, 2021.

Q12: Am I eligible to apply as a cadet or military serviceman/servicewoman?

A: Cadets or military servicemen/servicewomen are eligible to apply to become a Games volunteer.

Q13: Are overseas Chinese eligible to become a Games volunteer?

A: Overseas Chinese can directly register on the online portal. In addition, Beijing 2022 will designate relevant overseas Chinese organisations to promote the Games volunteer programme abroad and set up offline application channels as well.

Q14: Is it possible to apply to become a volunteer for both the Olympic and the Paralympic Winter Games?

A: Beijing 2022 welcomes applicants to apply as a volunteer for both the Olympic and the Paralympic Winter Games.

Q15: What are the language proficiency requirements for applicants?

A: As a minimum requirement, applicants must be able to communicate in Chinese and/or English.

Q16: Will there be any background check for applicants?

A: Beijing 2022 will designate relevant departments to conduct appropriate background checks of all applicants.

Q17: Will application at a later date affect acceptance and assignment?

A: As long as applicants register on the Portal no later than 30 June 2021 and submit their application before the deadline of 30 September 2021, they will have equal opportunities for recruitment.

Q18: Is there any registration fee for applicants?

A: There is no registration fee for Beijing 2022 volunteer applications.

Q19: When will Games volunteer applicants take the recruitment test?

A: From June 2020 to September 2021, Beijing 2022 and its authorised/designated organisations will test and select the applicants through on-site or remote tests/interviews.

Q20: Can applicants for the Games also become volunteers for the test events?

A: Applicants are welcome to volunteer for the test events: Experience Beijing – A Series of Winter Sporting Events.

Q21: How will the offer be sent to applicants?

A: Beijing 2022 will send the Letter of Offer via email or other communication channels.

Q22: What are the requirements on the working days and hours of the Games volunteers?

A: Games volunteers at competition venues are to start service seven days before the Games till three days after the Games (one day after the Games in the case of the Paralympic Winter Games).
Games volunteers at non-competition venues, training venues, other sites and facilities usually start work seven days before the opening of these venues and facilities till three days after their closing (one day after their closing in the case of the Paralympic Winter Games).
The dates for Games volunteers of special positions are flexible.
During the Games, the daily shifts of Games volunteers will not exceed 8 hours. In cases of several consecutive working days, days-off will be arranged.
Games volunteers who have worked outdoors for an extended period of time will be reassigned to other positions if necessary.

Q23: Are volunteer applicants required to sign any legal documents?

A: They will be required to sign the Letter of Commitment on Volunteering for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, if they are selected as Game volunteers.

Q24: Can I resign after being selected as a Games volunteer?

A: The Games volunteers are entitled to resign following the relevant procedures of Beijing 2022.

Q25: Is there a logo for the Beijing 2022 Games volunteers?

A: The Beijing 2022 Games Volunteers Logo was unveiled on 5 December 2019.

Q26: Will there be any subsidy for the Games volunteers?

A: According to general volunteering practice and philosophy, no subsidy will be offered to them.

Q27: What are the benefits for the Games volunteers?

A: Beijing 2022 will provide them with accreditation, uniform, food & beverages, appropriate insurance and relevant medical services.

Q28: Who shall cover the Games-related transport costs incurring for the Games volunteers? 

A: The Games volunteers will be requested to cover their own cost for travelling from the place of their residence to the competition zones of Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou.
Upon arriving in the relevant competition zone, with their accreditation card, they can take the public bus, urban rail (excluding the airport line), and Games shuttle buses in and between competition zones for free.

Q29: Are there any incentives for the Games volunteers?

A: Beijing 2022 will mainly provide appropriate incentives to the Games volunteers including service certificates and relevant souvenirs.

Q30: Will there be an orientation and training for the Games volunteers?

A:The Games volunteers are required to attend general training, specialised training, venue and job specific training organised by Beijing 2022. Venue and job specific training sessions will be conducted by venue teams.

Q31: Will Games volunteers be charged for the training sessions? 

A: They will not be charged for the training sessions.

Q32: How will the training for the Games volunteers be organised?

A: Online and off-line sessions as well as simulation exercises and job specific practical training sessions will be organised.

Q33: Can the applicants revise and alter their application information? 

A: Prior to submitting the application, applicants can modify the information they have provided. However, after the submission, no modifications can be made.

Q34: Can the Games volunteers request to serve the Olympic delegation of a specific country and region?

A: Beijing 2022 will assign the positions based on the overall workload and working plans, yet Beijing 2022 welcomes all preferences that the applicants can indicate in their application materials/answers.

Q35: What should a Games volunteer do if they do not receive the verification code either after the registration or after their password has been re-set?

A: It is possible that the applicant’s mailbox has by default blocked and treated the message with the password sent from our system as spam. Applicants are advised to add the following email addresses as their contacts or into their white list:

click here to apply



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