Fully Funded Scholarships in Belgium: (Deadline 15 February 2021)

Fully Funded Scholarships in Belgium: (Deadline 15 February 2021)

Fully Funded Scholarships in Belgium: (Deadline 15 February 2021)

Degree Level:

ARES Scholarships – Funded by Government of Belgium is available to undertake Short Training, Masters level programs at Belgium Universities.

Available Subjects:

  • Master of specialization in development, environment, and societies
  • Also, Master of specialization in human rights
  • Likewise, specialization in aquatic resources management and aquaculture
  • Moreover, specialization in risk and disaster management
  • Also, Master of specialization in integrated management of health risks in developing countries (GIRISS)
  • Similarly, specialized Master in International and Development Economics
  • Moreover, master of Specialization in Transfusion Medicine
  • Additionally, specialized Master in Microfinance
  • However, master of specialization in integrated production and preservation of natural resources in urban and peri-urban areas
  • Additionally, specialized Master in Public Health Methodology
  • Master of Specialization in Public Health Sciences – Research Methods Applied to Global Health
  • Master’s degree in Science and Environmental Management in Developing Countries
  • Also, master of specialization in transport and logistics.

Eligible Nationalities:

Students from developing countries are eligible.

Scholarship Benefits:

  • International travel costs Receipts must be provided Economy-class travel on an IATA-approved airline, with a maximum of one round-trip ticket per academic year.
  • Likewise, living allowance Flat rate1150 €/month for a duration of 12 months.
  • Indirect mission fees Flat rate150 €. This amount is given once per stay, upon arrival of the grantee.
  • Also, arrival allowance, tuition, and return fees Flat rate700 €. This amount is given once per stay, upon arrival of the grantee.
  • Registration fees At the current rate for DGD grantees. Insurance fees Directly paid by ARES.
  • Moreover, travel costs that are part of inter-university training Receipts must be provided Reimbursed based on real costs incurred, with receipts provided.

Eligibility Criteria:

Applying for an ARES grant is totally free. ARES does not charge fees at any stage of the application nor selection process. You may inform us via e-mail of any problems with individuals or companies who claim to represent ARES and request any payment.

For a request to be valid, the applicant must:

  • Be a citizen of a developing country. To be eligible, applicants must be residing and working in their country of origin when they apply;
  • Only nationals of the following countries may apply for grants from ARES: Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba, Ecuador, Ethiopia (only for training courses in English), Haiti, Madagascar, Morocco, Niger, Peru, the Philippines, the DR Congo, Rwanda, Senegal, and Vietnam;
  • Also, be under the age of 40 for degree programs, and under 45 for training courses, at the time the training is scheduled to begin;
  • Have earned a diploma comparable to a graduate-level diploma from Belgian university studies. Nevertheless, for certain training courses, different requirements may be requested, which will be specified below;
  • Likewise, possess relevant professional experience in a developing country of at least two years after graduate studies, or of three years after their studies if the applicant has earned a post-grad degree from a university in an industrialized country;
  • Have good mastery of written and spoken French. For training courses held in another language, it is essential to have a proper level in the course’s language, both written and spoken. We shall insist that the applicant commit to learning French in order to take part in daily life in Belgium;
  • Also, apply for only one training course.

Applicants should not obtain prior admission to one of the Francophone universities in Belgium in order to be considered for ARES grants.

Application Procedure:

The procedure to apply for an ARES grant is now online via the GIRAF platform by 5 February 2021 at the latest. Please note that applications for the following internships must be submitted via GIRAF by 15 January 2021 at the latest.


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