Government of Mauritius Scholarships in Africa: (Deadline 30 March 2021)

Government of Mauritius Scholarships in Africa: (Deadline 30 March 2021)

Government of Mauritius Scholarships in Africa: (Deadline 30 March 2021)

The Government of the Republic of Mauritius offers new funding opportunities to support undergraduate studies in the 2021/22 academic session open to African Students to pursue full-time, on-campus undergraduate studies in public Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs) in Mauritius.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants should be above 18 years of age and should not have reached their 26th birthday at the closing date of application.
  • Also, applicants must have applied for full-time on-campus undergraduate studies at any public Tertiary Education Institution in Mauritius for the academic year starting in 2020.
  • Likewise, the scholarship will be for a maximum of four (4) years or the minimum course duration whichever is lesser.
  • Additionally, applicants of member states of the African Union can apply for these scholarships.

Offered Benefits

  • These scholarships will cover tuition fees and contribute to their living expenses during their studies in Mauritius.

Application Process

  • Application to Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs)
  • Also, all applicants must also have applied for at least one full-time on-campus undergraduate program at a public TEI of their choice. This application must be made as soon as the TEIs have opened their application windows on their respective websites.
  • Applicants need to submit the completed Mauritius-Africa Scholarship Application Form along with documents to their respective Nominating Agencies. This should be done by a deadline to be determined by the Nominating Agency and communicated to prospective applicants.
  • Additionally, an applicant may either: obtain a conditional offer (letter of admission) from their chosen Mauritian public TEI and submit this along with the scholarship application: OR submit an acknowledgement notice from a Mauritian public TEI that the application for a seat has been made.
  • Likewise, birth Certificate;
  • Educational certificates and transcripts at the secondary school level, or above;
  • SECTION SIX of the Application Form;
  • The copy of passport biodata page, if available.
  • Also, all applicants for the scholarship must have already applied for at least one full-time on-campus program at a public higher education institution of their choice in Mauritius.



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