Technical Expert for Research and Innovation Fund Mobilization at National Council For Science and Technology (NCST): (Deadline 18 May 2022)

Technical Expert for Research and Innovation Fund Mobilization at National Council For Science and Technology (NCST): (Deadline 18 May 2022)

Technical Expert for Research and Innovation Fund Mobilization at National Council For Science and Technology (NCST): (Deadline 18 May 2022)

Recruitment of Technical Expert for Research and Innovation Fund Mobilization

Pursuant to the law N° Law 40/2017 of 16/08/2017 establishing the National Council of Science and Technology (NCST) and determining its mission, organization and functioning. Under its mandate, NCST is required to manage National Research and Innovation Fund (NRIF), as well as mobilize funds for research and innovation, especially in number 2 namely ‘To advise the Government on setting national priorities in the fields of science, innovation, technology, research and development as well as modalities for financing such activities and number 6 namely To mobilize funds and manage the National Research and Innovation Fund’.

National Council of Science and Technology has made considerable progress to operationalize NRIF through different funding schemes with over 4 billion RWF commitment since 2019 funding research and innovation. However, there is a need to leverage more resources for research and innovation to boost outcome and impact of programs that support Rwanda’s national innovation system (NIS). This is in alignment with approved Science Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy approved in June 2020, under objective 3: Increased research and development (R&D) and Innovation Financing, and the recommendations from different stakeholders to increase R&D and innovation investment. One of the major areas of prioritization identified by many stakeholders is the need for technical expert to support increased R&D investment towards growth of innovations.

The goal is to optimize output in research productivity through increased R&D funding and output, increased international partnerships, increased intellectual property (IPs), increased patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and focusing on high quality Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 4-8 prior commercialization. This will enable innovations to be commercialized, and to support national industrial growth and improved quality of living for Rwandan citizens. It is against this background that NCST is seeking to recruit a technical expert for Research and Innovation Fund Mobilization.

Interested candidates may provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience required for this position. The deadline for application is 30th May 2022, and the applicants will be selected based on the Terms of References (TORs), and the required detailed qualifications and experience may be found on NCST website:

Interested candidates should send their application package via: and seek details of information on +250 781030798.

See Terms of reference on the following link


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