Request for Quotation for the Supply of Fuel at SOSOMA Industries Ltd: (Deadline 10 March 2021)

Request for Quotation for the Supply of Fuel at SOSOMA Industries Ltd: (Deadline 10 March 2021)

Request for Quotation for the Supply of Fuel at SOSOMA Industries Ltd: (Deadline 10 March 2021) 

Request for quotation for the supply of fuel


SOSOMA Industries Ltd is a limited company located in Kicukiro District, Kigali City, established on November 1st, 2008 with a capital of “Two hundred twenty-six million nine hundred thousand Rwandan Francs (FRW 226 900 000) divided into 2 269 shares of FRW 100 000 each owned by 40 shareholders. Its structure includes the General Assembly of Shareholders, the Board of Directors, and the Management.

SOSOMA Industries Ltd is equipped with the Certificate of Domestic Company Registration n° 101767471 and Investor Certificate N°C/658/2009.  The company has successfully shifted from the staring phase and now it is aiming at strengthening its impact in order to achieve a strong, long lasting, and sustainable development.

SOSOMA Industries Ltd sells nutritious high-quality products especially for infants, young and elders people and the ones for vulnerable people including people affected by chronic diseases, pregnant women….

The vision of SOSOMA Industries Ltd is to be a leader in provision of safe, quality nutritious foods towards elimination of malnutrition in the region. This will be achieved through its mission of producing and supplying safe, high quality, and value-added nutritious foods that focus on customer needs.


SOSOMA Industries Ltd intends to select the Supplier for Gasoil and Diesel products for a period of one year renewable from   March 2021 to March 2022.

I.    The objective of the assignment.

To provide Gasoil for SOSOMA Industries Ltd vehicles and Diesel for its motorbikes with a clear charging mechanism that uses a smart card with a tag code that would enable SOSOMA Industries Ltd to track every single fuel consumption by any vehicle or motorbikes. This will ease the management of fuel consumption and allow proper control.

Therefore, SOSOMA Industries Ltd invites by present invitation to tender from eligible, qualified, and authorized companies to submit their bids to the tender below.


Tender reference number

Description of needs

Execution period


Supply of non-exempted product (Gasoil & \diesel) with Electronic Smart Card to 5 vehicles and 1 motorbikes of  SOSOMA Industries Ltd

 One year renewable from   March 2021

II.    Eligible suppliers should have the followings:

The Service providers are required to indicate the company’s profile that will provide the service and follow up on its maintenance and management. Hence the Service Provider will have the following key competencies and requirements:

  • Experience in provision of related services to reputable institutions,
  • Well established fueling stations across the country especially in Kigali City
  • Ability to provide a smart card with related tag code to ensure the proper management of fuel,
  • Proven experience in maintenance of the software (smart cards) and its management,
  • Must provide a one-year guarantee/warrant of the service provided.
  • Make any system improvement as may be required and active & functioning refueling system ( extracting vehicle refueling statement report )
  • Provide a consumption report through the smart card database whenever required
  • Administrative document required :

 Bidders must provide the following documents:

  1. Letter for expression of interest
  2. Financial proposal
  3. Company registration certificate
  4. RRA valid Tax clearance
  5. Proof of using EBM
  6. Having the proven experience of the supply of fuel with a recognized institution
  7. Three certificates of good completion
  8. Financial Proposal
  • Itemized service provision fees and related itemized administration expenses,
  • Expected payment method,
  • The validity of the offer.

Interested Suppliers should submit their offer in sealed and separate Technical and Financial Proposals, clearly marked ‘’SUPPLY OF FUEL” by hand to its central secretariat located in Kicukiro -Niboyi , P.0 Box 6772 Kigali during working hours or by e-mail to [email protected], Mob:0788384189 not later than   Wednesday 10th March 2021 at 10.00 a.m. The public opening session is planned the same day at 10H30 at SOSOMA Industries Ltd Head offices.

Done on 02 March 2021




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