Supply of Agricultural lime “Grade 2” in the Districts of Rutsiro (Ruhango Sector) and Kayonza (Murama Sector) at DUHAMIC – ADRI: (Deadline 26 February 2021)

Supply of Agricultural lime “Grade 2” in the Districts of Rutsiro (Ruhango Sector) and Kayonza (Murama Sector) at DUHAMIC – ADRI: (Deadline 26 February 2021)

Tender notice for procurement and supply of lime “Travertine”, organic manure, cuttings of Pennisetum Purpureum (Variety of Napier grasses), agroforestry seedlings, and other shrubs in the District of Kayonza (Murama Sector) and District of Rutsiro (Ruhango Sector)

Tender Reference Number: ADRI/SMART/002/2021

Tender Reference Number: ADRI/SMART/002/2021

Lot number: 1

Tender Title: Supply of agricultural lime “Grade 2” in the districts of Rutsiro (Ruhango Sector) and Kayonza (Murama Sector)

Through the partnership between WFP and DUHAMIC-ADRI to implement “Sustainable Market Alliance and Asset Creation for Resilient Communities and Gender Transformation/SMART Project”, DUHAMIC-ADRI would like to invite all professional and experienced companies specialized in the supply of agricultural lime “Grade 2” to participle in this national opening public tender to supply required agricultural inputs.

All bidders are allowed to bid for more than one lot as defined in the attached term of reference depending on the specific company qualification and competence but each bidding company will win for only one lot.

For more details, the interested bidders may obtain the term of reference for this consultancy as attached to this tender notice.

The submission of both technical and financial proposals is planned for Friday 26th February 2021 no later than 12h00 P.M via the email [email protected] with copies to [email protected] and [email protected]

The documents of technical and financial offers shall be printed, signed, and scanned as appropriate and submitted separately in PDF formats.

In the subject line, please use: Technical proposal and financial proposal for the supply of agricultural inputs and specify the lots the bidder is competing too.


  1. The application for each lot is done separately.
  2. The offers submitted with delay will not be accepted
  3. Inconstant offers will be rejected from bid analysis.

For more details on this tender, you may call on 0788471103 or email [email protected]

Done at Kigali on 19th February 2021

Benineza Innocent

Executive Secretary of DUHAMIC-ADRI



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