Term of Reference for Supplying Chickens for IPFG’s Beneficiaries Located in 12 Sectors of Nyamagabe District: (Deadline 23 March 2021)

Term of Reference for Supplying Chickens for IPFG’s Beneficiaries Located in 12 Sectors of Nyamagabe District: (Deadline 23 March 2021)

Term of Reference for Supplying Chickens for IPFG’s Beneficiaries Located in 12 Sectors of Nyamagabe District: (Deadline 23 March 2021)

Project number: RWA 006

Implementer: IPFG

Donor: European Union and Trócaire.

Co-funded by the European Union and Trόcaire

 Implemented by IPFG

 March 2021


IPFG is a public-profit making organization created in 2002 and legally registered by the Ministerial Order N0 17/11 of 31 January 2006 which was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Rwanda O.G N0 10 bis of 15 May 2006. It is based (Office) in Nyamagabe district, and operates in Nyamagabe, Nyaruguru, and Nyamasheke Districts. With Vision to have a democratic society where women and men are aware of their problems, complement one another and actively participate in the actions of the entire development, it has a Mission to promote and reinforce complementarity between woman and man as well as their participation in the actions which aim the social and economic development based on fairness.

To achieve these, IPFG intervenes mainly in 3 areas including:

  • Agricultural production chains, climate change adaptation, and mitigations;
  • Youth and Women empowerment (Economic and leadership); and
  • Citizen participation.

With the financial support of European Union and Trócaire, IPFG is implementing the project entitled “Enhancing the capacity and the participation of small-scale farmers and civil society organizations in decision making and governance processes related to sustainable agriculture and food security in Rwanda”.  In this framework and with the objective to support its beneficiaries to improve their food and nutrition security, IPFG is looking for a qualified and experienced company to supply 10,000 chickens to its beneficiaries living in Nyamagabe district, in 12 sectors including Gasaka, Kamegeli, Cyanika, Kitabi, Tare, Kibilizi, Kaduha, Mugano, Musebeya, Uwinkingi, Gatare, and Nkomane.

Chickens to be supplied must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Type: SASSO (Layers);
  • Must have been vaccinated following vaccination calendar in poultry management;
  • Age: 45-60 Days old;
  • With no physical abnormality(ies);
  • With scavenging ability.

Other conditions:

  • Sex ration: 30% of chickens to be distributed should be males
  • Technical coaching: Before distributing chickens to small-scale farmers, the supplier is required to provide technical briefing/coaching to the beneficiaries on chicken management and should provide a simple brochure (at least 24) to guide them even after distribution.
  • Geographical coverage: The supplier must ensure that chickens to be supplied are collected in Nyamagabe district in order to maximize their adaptability.

 Required documentation

Interested, capable and eligible companies or business groups are required to submit the following documents:

  1. A motivation letter addressed to the president of board of directors of IPFG;
  2. Registration number (TIN number);
  3. Experience demonstrated by Certificate of services rendered;
  4. Relevant references (at Least 3 references);
  5. Quotation showing unity costs per chicken (taxes and transport included).
  6. Should be using Electronic billing machine (EBM).

The quotation shall be designed as follow:




Unit price (RWF)

Total price (RWF)

Supply chickens in 12 sectors of Nyamagabe District

SASSO of 45- 60days





Note that bidders must adhere to IPFG’S code of procurement ethics and safeguarding policy, in particular the winner of this bid must ensure that fraudulent or child labor or any kind of abuse or exploitation practices are prohibited and should lead to contract termination and other related sanctions.

The interested applicants fulfilling the requirements are required to submit their application documents not later than 23rd March 2021 by 5h00 p.m.

Mode of submission

 Due to the COVID-19 prevention measures, the completed professional and financial documents will be submitted via the emails: [email protected]

After bid analysis (technical and financial offers), only qualified company will be considered.

Done at Nyamagabe, on 9/03/2021



Chairperson and Legal Representative of IPFG


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