Term of Reference Consultancy to Develop Communication Materials that Support Country Office Resource Mobilization: (Deadline 17 March 2021)

Term of Reference Consultancy to Develop Communication Materials that Support Country Office Resource Mobilization: (Deadline 17 March 2021)

Term of Reference Consultancy to Develop Communication Materials that Support Country Office Resource Mobilization: (Deadline 17 March 2021)

CARE International in Rwanda

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1.    Background 

CARE International is a global humanitarian organization with physical presence in 104 countries worldwide in 2020. CARE’s vision is to seek a world of hope, inclusion, and social justice where poverty have been overcome and all people live in dignity and security. With the same vision, CARE International was established in Rwanda on September 4th 1984. Ever since then, CARE played various roles in supporting and advancing development and humanitarian work in Rwanda. In June 2017, CARE Rwanda developed a business plan and a country program strategy in November 2017 to align its work to the global CARE 2020 Program Strategy while keeping and reaffirming its relevance in Rwandan context by aligning with the National Strategy for Transformation (NST1). The two documents take into account the rapid socio-economic development of Rwanda and CARE’s experience for more than 35 years in Rwanda. In the current program strategy, CARE focuses on achieving gender justice for vulnerable women and girls (aged 10–59 years) with a particular focus on three program domains. These are: “women and girls’ economic empowerment”; a “life free from violence/gender-based violence-LFV”, and “adolescent sexual reproductive health rights-ASRHR.

Drawing on a donor mapping exercise and a review of past performance in resource mobilization (RM), the CO RM strategy has identified three external objectives to support implementation of the CO programme: increase funding and resource diversification both for CARE Rwanda and strategic partners; work with partners to strengthen processes, systems and programming, external partnerships, and communications for enhanced resource growth. Two enabling (internal) objectives are to manage CARE’s growth based on making the most strategic decisions about new or adapted programs/approaches, new targets, and new donors; and to invest time and resources in CARE and local partner staff in order to continually improve the quality of CARE’s proposals, programs, and donor relations.

While the CO RM target seemed realistic i.e securing annual funding of $5M to $8M, the consequences of COVID-19 have constrained the achievement of this objective whereby some donors redirected and others cut their funding resources. Coupled with the fact the CO does not have a staff fully dedicated to communication, the purpose of this consultancy is to recruit a consultant to support the CO developing communication materials that support resource mobilization by intensify donor engagement/cultivation to raise funding for the CO program.

Overall, the communication materials will be focusing on the following areas:

  • Women and girls’ economic empowerment: VSLA, financial inclusion (financial literacy and linkage to formal financial services), entreprise development, advanced business training, business mentorship and coaching, digital entrepreneurship/financial literacy trainings, market linkage, and agriculture value chain;
  • Live Free from Violence/GBV prevention: Addressing intimate partner violence (IPV) through couple curriculum (Journeys of Transformation), training opinion leaders, safe spaces for women, community activism using SASA!, inclusive governance using community score card (CSC) to promote an enabling environment to fight GBV, promote social accountability and stimulate advocacy from the grassroots level to the national level.
  • Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health: Girls’ empowerment programming, including life skills, SRH, VSLA, youth entrepreneurship, inclusive governance focusing on school scorecard, empowerment through non-traditional sports (Soccer, Karate, cricket); girls leadership, etc.

2.    Objectives of the consultancy and expected deliverables                                                                                            

CARE International in Rwanda is seeking services of a consultant experienced in developing communication materials that support Resource Mobilization activities. This will be documenting lessons, achievements, successes, and impact from the current projects. A ten days contract will be signed with specific deliverables, including mainly those captured in the table below.

Communication Materials to be developed


Number of workdays


22nd April

5 days

Projects learning briefs/stories of change (4 main projects)

13th April

1 day

Projects fact sheets and infographics

13th April

1 day

Provide guidance on how to develop projects documentary videos

Week of April 12th

1 day

Produce one article to be published in one scientific journal

20th – 22nd April

2 days


30th April

8 days

Support updating the CO website

23rd April

1 day

Using existing knowledge products, develop content to update social media pages and post projects successes/impact including link to donor social media pages (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

Week of April 26th

1.5 days

Produce a photo exhibition and post it on various online platforms

27th April

1.5 days

Develop the digital communication strategy

29th April

2 days

Build capacity of staff to sustain digital communication and CO newsletter

30th April

1 day

Design a quarterly CO newsletter that CO staff will keep updating on quarterly basis

4th May

1 day


7th May

4 days

Updating CO capacity statement

15th March

1 day

Preparing capacity statements per pillars

20th March

1 day

Prepare 2 presentations to pitch to 2 prioritized donors (AFR, USAID)

5th April

1 day

Informed by outcomes from point 1 and 2 above; propose talking points to prioritized donors

7th April

1 day


19th March

4 days

Produce capacity statements for the 3 program pillars

19th March

4 days

Total number of days

20 days

3.    Role of CARE 

  • Ensure that all the necessary documents and information are timely available to the consultant
  • Delegate key contact technical staff to work with the consultant on the different tasks
  • Timely review drafts from the consultant and provide timely feedback for finalization
  • Provide any other technical or operational support to the consultant(s) as needed

4.    Assignment Duration

The total number of days will not exceed the above workday details, and the assignment shall commence no later than 12th March 2021. The absolute deadline for different deliverables must be observed but reasonable flexibility might be requested by the consultant.

5.    Supervision and working conditions

The consultant will be reporting to the Head of Strategy, BD, KMI, and Learning and will work remotely.

6.    Required Skills and Competencies for the Consultant(s)

  • Proven experience in producing influential communication materials for resource mobilization with a traceable strong record in writing advocacy and communication materials
  • Proven experience in using digital communication, including websites and social media communication
  • Strong understanding of gender power dynamics, women and girls’ economic empowerment and adolescent and youth programming in both development and humanitarian settings,
  • Experience of using statistical packages as well as qualitative research methods to inform design of project learning briefs, infographics, and fact sheets
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal relations
  • Ability to facilitate and lead a team with or without physical presence (remote management of a team)

7.    Application Process 

The proposals should indicate the following:

  • CVs and relevant experience
  • Evidence of the consultant’s experience in developing communication materials for resource mobilization (proven track record/examples of similar work (at least 3 references) with contact address of referees)
  • Financial proposal (daily rate)
  • A technical proposal, including a description of the proposed methodology detailing how deliverables will be achieved with a clear time frame
  • Financial offer detailing the various costs associated with the delivery of the above services, in PDF format and must be separate document from the technical.
  • Copies of similar assignments (with related evidence for good completion of the previous assignments)
  • Company profile
  • VAT registration certificate
  • RRA tax clearance certificate
  • RSSB tax clearance certificate
  • Minimum 3 certificates of the similar work done in past.

Interested candidates or consultancy firms are requested to submit their offer not later than March 17th,2021 at 5:00 pm local time to the following e-mail address: [email protected] to the attention of: CARE International in Rwanda, with mention “Consultancy to develop communication materials that support Country Office Resource Mobilization”.

Done at Kigali on March 10th,2021.

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