Examination Officer at Rwanda Allied Health Professions Council (RAHPC): (Deadline 17 May 2022)

Examination Officer at Rwanda Allied Health Professions Council (RAHPC): (Deadline 17 May 2022)

Examination Officer at Rwanda Allied Health Professions Council (RAHPC): (Deadline 17 May 2022)


Job title:

Examination Officer

Reporting to:

Deputy Registrar

Office location

KG 632 No.4 Kigali, Rugando

Overview of the Position

The purpose and the role of this position is to assist the Examination committee in management of examination procedures at the RAHPC.

The role and responsibilities will be includedin the Terms of Reference below:

I. Qualification

  • Having a Master degree in health related programs with a background in any Allied Health Profession
  • Having a Bachelor degree in any Allied Health profession with at least 3-years’ experience in the areas stated in point V.

II. Qualities

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Calmness under pressure

III. Role and Responsibilities

The Examination officer will Report to the Deputy Registrar and shall be responsible to:

  • Liaise with the Deputy Registrar to ensure appropriate timetabling and invigilation arrangements are in place.
  • Ensure that candidates are given all the necessary relevant information about examination requirements (Eg: the dates and times of the examinations, conduct during examinations and the publication of results), Registration processes and make sure that this information is given in timely.
  • Make appropriate timetabling and room arrangements for the above and ensuring proper examination invigilation of the examinations is put in place.
  • Oversee all arrangements for all requirements related to Registry exams registration process
  • Co-ordinate the Registration process for Registry exams including reception, verification and compiling candidates’ lists
  • Ensure timely arrangement of all necessary materials and requirements for printing are in place.
  • Ensure all materials, stationaries and other requirements related to exams process are delivered timely and safely to the exams site and assist the Centre coordinator to ensure that papers are dispatched promptly and appropriately.
  • Be responsible for arrangements of the exam site(Hall)
  • Deal with all enquiries related to candidates’ registration during the examination process in collaboration with the Registration Office.
  • Collaborate with the examination committee to ensure that all examinations start and finish appropriately in line with Council regulations.
  • Deal with issues relating to exams appeals, remarking and other administrative issues such as candidates who missed examinations through illness or who required special consideration during marking process.
  • Oversee the appropriate publication of the examination results to candidates and public in general
  • Organise appropriate arrangements for the support of candidates with special considerations’ requirements in conjunction with the Examination committee (eg PWDs).
  • Analyse data from results and report the findings of this analysis to the Council Leadership and stake holders for timely reaction and responding appropriately.
  • Undertake any other reasonable related duties and responsibilities of an equivalent nature, as may be determined by the Registrar and CEO

IV. Knowledge, skills and abilities

  • Manage and maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the exams
  • Communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing (High standard of verbal and written communication skills)
  • Interact with others in a positive way (Effective interpersonal skills working with a range of internal and external stakeholders)
  • Proficient in the use of a range of IT software packages
  • Analyse data
  • Time management and planning skills to prioritise workload and balance conflicting demands to meet strict deadlines
  • Work with a high degree of accuracy
  • Work well under pressureand flexibly
  • Work well both as part of a team and independently, demonstrating initiative (Regularly review own (and team’s) work and take the initiative to suggest ideas to make improvements)
  • Follow relevant policies, procedures and regulation to complete works related to exams
  • Deal with enquiries in a professional and sensitive manner
  • Work in a confidential manner and observe and adhere to data protection regulations
  • Commit to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the Council
  • Undertake relevant training and development opportunities

V. Experience

  • Working in an administration environment
  • Working in a school/college environment
  • Managing the examination process within an educational setting
  • Advising senior leadership teams
  • Working on several different projects/areas at the same time
  • Dealing with confidential matters
  • Using a management information system (MIS) within an educational setting or Health system
  • Working with databases and managing data input
  • Complying with the requirements of RAHPC as a health regulatory body

VI. Application process:

  • Requirements for application include: a dully motivated CV, a copy of the ID, an application letter addressed to the Registrar and CEO of the Council, copy of notarized degrees and license, proof of related experience.
  • All applications are sent via rahpcrectruitment@gmail.com
  • The deadline of application in the 17th May, 2022 at 16.00 pm


GASHEREBUKA Jean Damascene


Rwanda Allied Health Professions Council (RAHPC)

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