Internal Audit Specialist at MINEDUC SPIU: (Deadline 30 November 2021)

Internal Audit Specialist at MINEDUC SPIU: (Deadline 30 November 2021)

Internal Audit Specialist at MINEDUC SPIU: (Deadline 30 November 2021)

Job description

The project internal auditor Specialist shall deliver on the following duties and responsibilities:
a. Ensuring that Corporate Governance principles are observed
b. Identify and evaluating SPIU’s projects risks in all auditable areas and prepare a risk-based annual audit plan
c. Examines adherence to any policy, contractual, regulatory and legislative requirements both for the government of Rwanda and World Bank during the project implementations;
d. Conduct tax health check on quarterly basis for all more than 9 portfolio companies
e. Develop risk assessment strategies and advise management on the measures to be taken to mitigate various risks that the MINEDUC-SPIU and its projects might face
f. Ensure that environmental and social safeguards mechanisms are continually monitored with minimal risk.
g. Examine financial records, information storage system and internal controls to ensure that there is no indication of mismanagement, unnecessary waste of resources or fraud
h. Review all records and information related to expenditures, taxes and internal controls to determine if the SPIU is secure and has a strong financial foundation
i. Summarize Internal Audit activities in a consolidated report to be submitted to the Audit Committee with copies to SPIU Coordinator, MINEDUC Permanent Secretary and the Office of the Government Chief Internal Auditor and represent internal audit in committee meetings;
j. Participates in significant initiatives and priorities and providing solutions to financial management and internal controls
k. Review efficiency and effectiveness of operations including non-financial controls
l. Identify and discuss organizational risk issues
m. Develop an action plan to respond to identified risk issues
n. Obtain resources to assist with identifying and responding to risk issues
o. Educate all levels of the Institutions on risk management plans.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

    Experience: 5

  • Master’s Degree in Accounting

    Experience: 3

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

    Experience: 5

  • Master’s Degree in Finance

    Experience: 3

Competency and Key Technical Skills

  • Integrity

  • Strong critical thinking skills and excellent problem solving skills.

  • Inclusiveness

  • Accountability

  • Communication

  • Teamwork

  • Client/citizen focus

  • Professionalism

  • Commitment to continuous learning

  • Decision making skills

  • Demonstrated ability to build collaborative working relationships with government counterparts, private sector and civil society organizations

  • Demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and integrity

  • Effective communication skills;


Terms and Conditions

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