118 Job Positions at Rusizi District (Deadline:22 November 2018)

118 Job Positions at Rusizi District (Deadline:22 November 2018)

118 Job Positions at Rusizi District (Deadline:22 November 2018)

Head Teachers of GS Nyakabuye (1 post)

A0 Education with 3Years of working experience sous couvert of owner of school

Deputy head Teacher in charge of studies of G.S GASHONGA CATHOLIQUE (1 Post)

A0 Education with 3 years of working experience

Accountant of MATARE TVET (1Post)

A0 in Accounting, Finance, management with specializaiton in Finance/Accounting or Professional qualification recognised by IFAC (ACCA,CPA, etc)

Secretary Accountant GS Nyaruteja and GS Nyakabuye (2 Posts)

A0 in Accounting, Finance, Management with specialization in finance/Accounting or professional qualification recognised by IFAC (ACCA, CPA,etc)

Deputy Head Teacher in charge of studies of MATARE TVET 

A0 Computer science , tourism with 3 years of working experience

Teacher in secondary schools (A1 Education) (8 Posts)

A1 in Entreprenueurship with Education (3 Posts)

A1 in Mathematics chemistry combination with Education

A1 in English French combination with Education  (2)

A1 in Geography Histrory combination with Educatino  (2)

Teachers in secondary schools  (A0 with Education) (14 Post)

A0 in English  French combinaiton with Education (2 Post)

A0 in Geography History combination with Education (4 Post)

A0 in Mathematics  (All Combination with subject of mathematics ) with Education (3 posts)

A0 in chemistry physics combination with education (3Posts)


Teachers in TVET Shools (11Posts)

A0 Business services, business Administration (1)

A0 Accounting (1Post)

A0 Electroncis and Telecommunication (2)

A0 Computer science(2)

A0 Tourism (2)

A0 ICT Software Engineering

A0 Electricity

A0 Civil Engineering


Teachers in Primary schools 

TML (21 Posts ) A0 in Teaching Modern Languages

TSM (41 Posts) A2 in Teaching science and Mathematics

TSS (17)  A2 in Teaching social studies


All Applicants should submit their application along with the following documents to Rusizi District Central secretariat not later than thursday November 22,2018


  • Complete the form of application of PSC which can be found on website : www.psc.gov.rw
  • Copy of degeree Not Notarized and copy of Equivalence (where it is required)
  • Copy of identification card

NB :  According to the term and regulations of ministry of education (MINEDUC) all shortlisted candidates will pass also English examination and computer literacy examination.




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