2 Job positions at RWANDA TRANSPORT DEVELOPMENT AGENCY : Environmental Safeguards Specialist ( Under Contract ( Deadline : 04 September 2018 )

2 Job positions  at RWANDA TRANSPORT DEVELOPMENT AGENCY : Environmental Safeguards Specialist ( Under Contract ( Deadline : 04 September 2018  )

2 Job positions at RWANDA TRANSPORT DEVELOPMENT AGENCY : Environmental Safeguards Specialist ( Under Contract ( Deadline : 04 September 2018 )


Job Description

2. Overall Function of the Position
Environmental Safeguard Specialist will be part of the Feeder Road Program, under the supervision of the Feeder Road Program Manager. The Environmental Safeguards Specialist will ensure that environmental safeguards requirements are implemented and that the capacity of district, contractors and supervising consultants’ staff are enhanced. She/he will be responsible for Identifying and Overseeing Environmental Safeguard issues and implementing appropriate rehabilitation and mitigation activities during project implementation. She/he will work closely with District staff and the Programme Manager at the District level.
3. The expert responsibilities include but are not limited to:
i. Review environmental documents such as initial studies, negative declarations, environmental impact reports, notices and water rights applications;
ii. Recommend design and operational approaches and modifications to mitigate negative environmental impacts; assigns staff to conduct studies and other special assignments such as feasibility studies, master plans, construction cost updates, capital improvement reports, grant reports and agency response to interrogatories;
iii. negotiate the acquisition of complicated and/or sensitive permits and clearances from regulatory agencies;
iv. conduct and/or attend public meetings on environmental issues as required for projects;
v. provide guidance, technical direction to staff on land/environmental issues;
vi. monitor the work of construction crews to ensure protection of environmental resources and the health and safety of workers and local communities;
vii. conduct environmental impact assessments on feeder roads and associated facilities such as stone quarries and borrow pits, taking into consideration assessments of project alternatives;
viii. Plan and coordinate all processes for the execution of the tasks related to environmental safeguards, including the preparation of safeguards documents (ESMF, ESIA/ESMP, etc), organizing public consultation meetings, training, etc.;
ix. Ensure the compliance with environmental safeguards in all FRDP sites;
x. Prepare a comprehensive Environmental and Social Management Checklists required in the management plans for the Project;
xi. Oversee the implementation of the various ESMPs prepared by the consultant and contractors and provide technical guidance on environmental and social development issues;
xii. To ensure that the Contractors comply with their Code of Conduct;
xiii. Oversee the capacity building of Contractors and supervising firms’ staff as well as relevant committees (such us Grievance Redress Committees, District staff, local communities, etc ) on Environmental safeguards and compliance;
xiv. propose road network environmental protection against landslides and roadside activities,
xv. Initiate the procurement of all consultancy services required for environmental impact assessment feasibility studies and technical design of feeder roads;
xvi. organize collection of data on environmental impact assessment of different transport development projects;
xvii. assess the institutional capacity for mitigating anticipated environmental impacts, for example management of wastes and other critical environmental issues identified;
xviii. conduct Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) for any feeder roads to be implemented under the project;
xix. involve the local community to provide input in preparing an Environmental Management Plan consistent with the REMA guidance, which generally includes a screening process for identifying potential environmental impacts from project activities, and develop relevant mitigation measures; and
xx. Organize and provide leadership on environmental auditing;
xxi. To enforce the compliance with the Environmental, Social, Health and Safety WB policies;
xxii. Participate in the preparation and/or supervision of the implementation of environmental safeguards policy requirements of the Feeder Roads Development Project (FRDP).
xxiii. Perform any other tasks as required or directed by RTDA management

Job Profile

4. Qualifications and Experience Requirement
• Education: Bachelor’s (A0) or Master’s degree in Environmental or natural resources management, biological or physical sciences or related field.
• Experience: Minimum of One (1) year for Master’s degree and five (5) years for A0 of full
– time relevant professional experience in the environment sector. Have relevant environmental safeguards implementation experience, preferably in road development projects; including the development and implementation of environmental safeguards instruments (EIAs, ESIAs, ESMPs, etc);
• Experience with World Bank safeguards policies and instruments; or with similar standards and policies of other multilateral development institutions such as AfDB, EU etc will be an important added value.
• Communication skills: Have very good communication skills (written and oral) in English. Good knowledge of French will be an advantage;
• Management skills: have well developed planning and organization skills and good ability in working productively in a team environment of diverse backgrounds;
• Other skills: (i) Quantitative and analytic skills, (ii) Working knowledge of Microsoft programs (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), (ii) Ability to manage priorities and be detail
– orientated within a dynamic, fast
– paced environment, (iv) Work in a team environment to determine and or review ideas to find solutions to problems, (v) Ability to work independently with little or no supervision,(vi) level of efficiency and still upholding a team mentality.
• Professional affiliation: Membership of environmental practitioners association is as advantage.





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