3 JOB POSITIONS at Partners in Health (PIH)/Inshuti Mu Buzima (IMB). Deadline : March 11, 2020

3 JOB POSITIONS at Partners in Health (PIH)/Inshuti Mu Buzima (IMB). Deadline : March 11, 2020

2 positions of Psychotherapy Intervention Supervisor at Partners in Health (PIH)/Inshuti Mu Buzima (IMB)

Organizational Profile:

Partners in Health (PIH), registered as Inshuti Mu Buzima (IMB) in Rwanda, is an international non-profit organization working in collaboration with the Rwandan Biomedical Council (RBC) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Kayonza, Kirehe, and Burera districts.  IMB works to support the public health infrastructure and to provide high quality, comprehensive care at the level of the district hospitals, health centers, and the community.   The mission of PIH is to provide a preferential option for the poor in health care through service delivery, training, advocacy and research.

Position Overview: A full-time Rwandan Psychotherapist to join the IMB Mental Health team in designing, integrating, and supervising delivery of a psychotherapy intervention at the health center level within the existing mental health program in Kirehe and Kayonza District.

Scope of Work:

The IMB Psychotherapist will be responsible for helping to lead the delivery of a new psychotherapy intervention being integrated with the existing Mental Health program at IMB. He or she will be responsible not only for supporting and supervising health center staffs in delivering the intervention to patients at the health center level but also for coordinating with generalist health center nurses providing biomedical mental health treatment and with Kirehe or Kayonza District data clerks and MEQ staff to facilitate monitoring and evaluation of this intervention. This position will report to the IMB Cross-Site associate Director for mental health program. The position will be based in Kirehe or Kayonza district at Rwinkwavu or Kirehe hospital, with travel to health centers required to oversee delivery of the intervention and work with health center staff. The position will be based in the field approximately 80% of the time.

Task and responsibilities

  • Work as part of multidisciplinary team planning and implementing an evidence-based psychotherapy intervention for the Rwandan context to be integrated into the IMB system of care as a demonstration case (20 %) in Kirehe or Kayonza district.
  • Facilitate integration of new psychotherapy/psychosocial rehabilitation interventions with ongoing pharmacological care at health centers in coordination with all IMB/MOH team members, including referral pathways
  • Provide supervision of psychotherapy intervention within IMB system of care by traveling throughout Kirehe or Kayonza District to specified health centers (80%)
  • Coordinate with IMB team in monitoring and evaluating psychotherapy intervention in line with evaluation plan (20%)
  • Facilitate training, quality improvement activities related to psychotherapy intervention at the hospital and health center levels, including the monitoring and evaluation of interventions, in collaboration with district hospital and health center staff based.
  • Communicate regularly with mentors/supervisors, psychologists and psychiatric nurses working at district hospital, health center to provide support for mental health related activities and PM+ interventions in Kirehe or Kayonza district.
  • Assist with planning and coordination of other mental health related  activities including genocide commemoration activities
  • Coordinate and participate in regular mental health team meetings, as well as other relevant meetings, including MESH  and PM+ supervisory meetings,
  • Coordinate with IMB MH Community Coordinator as appropriate for community outreach
  • Be available by phone for clinical supervision as needs arise
  • Complete appropriate documentation of activities
  • Complete monthly psychotherapy mentoring and supervision reports as summaries of activities for evaluation
  • Other activities as they arise

Required Qualifications:

  • A0 Psychologist or A1 mental health nurse with at least 2 years’ experience in delivery of Problem Management Plus intervention.
  • At least 5 years’ experience delivering, and supervising evidence-based and/or culturally adapted community based mental health services or psychotherapy interventions
  • Experience in mentorship and supervision for primary care nurses, facilitate on-site teaching and coaching sessions on relevant clinical topics, including standardized mental health case scenarios
  • Some experience in collaborative learning and interdisciplinary care teams, hospital and community-based mental health, and integration of mental health care services into primary care
  • Experience in public sector mental health care systems, health psychology (particularly in relation to infectious disease, HIV, surgery, general medicine), community psychology, health systems strengthening, and quality improvement seen as an asset
  • Superb writing skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively in diverse settings
  • Willingness to travel for work and to be available by phone as need arises
  • Ability to work independently, think ahead, and prioritize among competing demands
  • English, Kinyarwanda fluency required, French highly preferred
  • Interest in social justice and health care issues.




Livelihood Coordinator  at Partners In Health (PIH) / Inshuti Mu Buzima (IMB). Deadline : March 11, 2020

Job Description

Job Title:      Livelihood Coordinator

Reports to: Livelihood Manager

Location:  Burera District

Purpose of the position:

The Livelihood Coordinator will be responsible to ensure smooth implementation of agriculture, access to finance, shelter, and support children from vulnerable houses get medical insurance and school fees trough of POSER and other grants implemented in the Districts.

He/she will be responsible for implementing and coordinating Livelihood interventions while providing advice and support in planning, training /guiding, monitoring and evaluation of Livelihood interventions. He/she will play an active role in coordination, technical assistance and advocacy with the local government, local communities, partners and other stakeholders in the implementation of livelihood interventions.

The major responsibilities include:

  1. Facilitate participatory selection process of program beneficiaries and collect information on the livelihood status of program beneficiaries,
  2. Participate in program baselines and evaluations and agricultural seasonal planning,
  3. Promote District projects integrations with grant and support cross-site staff to conduct assessment and monitoring of projects/grants,
  4. Assist smallholder farmers to develop Crop Plans for Core Value Chains and Provide timely and accurate guidance on farming as a business including cost-benefit analysis to project beneficiaries,
  5. Identify smallholder farmers training needs and facilitate farmer’s training on appropriate agricultural practices (GAP) and facilitate study tours,
  6. In collaboration with POSER manager, support in identification of children from Ubudehe 1&2 families who need education support and off-farm training for self-reliance
  7. Support in screening families in Ubudehe 1&2 who need social support (food package, medical insurance, and shelter),
  8. Facilitate selection of Model Farmers, installation of demo farms for Core Value Chain plants and Develop and use innovative approaches in promoting rural rooted agricultural technologies and produce case studies of market-based approaches and agricultural interventions that clearly demonstrate the social transformation and sustainable development,
  9. Supervise and monitor the distribution of inputs provided to program beneficiaries,
  10. Collect/gather information on inputs provided and elaborate reports on productivity and record impact,
  11. Effectively document all information related to project successes and best practices thus sharing it in sites, brochures, and IMB websites and create a bank of pictures, videos and most significant change stories on the project in the site.
  12. Work closely with the Livelihood manager to promote off-farm income-generating activities among beneficiaries’ households in Ubudehe category 1&2 and support their graduation by providing training that builds their resilience and self-sustenance,
  13. Support formation of cooperatives and their registration in the District and coach them for loan application and recovery,
  14. Facilitate the establishment of commercial producer groups, a precursor to cooperatives, and initiate market linkages with buyers,
  15. Facilitate capacity building of cooperative members with specific focus to the organizational and leadership of cooperatives,
  16. Mentor and coach farmers and producer groups to build local capacity for understanding and connecting agriculture with market and food security at household level,
  17. Mobilize community in District on the importance of savings and financial services and lead in the formation of VSLAs (Self-help groups),
  18. Promote savings models within the district and develop savings and credit culture and participate in development of training modules and methodology for community savings,
  19. Ensure quality in the roll-out of the Savings group (Village Savings and Loan Association) model and oversee, guide and provide technical support to VSLA agents,
  20. Train vulnerable household members on VSLA methodology, and inspire members to invest in a potential business in their communities,
  21. Conduct regular project monitoring and provide monthly, quarterly, and annual reports for accountability, decision making, and impact sharing with donors,
  22. Perform any other duty as may be delegated by the supervisor.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture, agri-business and another related field;
  • 3 years of related work experience as a technical lead or coordinating development program in government or nonprofit organizations;
  • Proven experience in working with youth in rural with communities in Rwanda,
  • Good understanding of rural development, health needs, and experience in providing creative solutions to related challenges;
  • Flexibility to work in a rapidly changing ambiguous environment;
  • Strong interpersonal skills including the ability to communicate effectively with people individually and in groups, the ability to communicate with technical and non-technical colleagues;
  • Proven ability to mentor, advise and coach community initiatives, associations, and cooperatives;
  • Advanced professional English skills are written and oral, Native Kinyarwanda   speaker and professional fluency in French is an added advantage,
  • Demonstrated knowledge and dedication to the mission and values of Partners In Health/Inshuti Mu Buzima(PIH/IMB);
  • Appreciation and understanding of socio-cultural, health and development issues, trends and challenges in Rwanda.

How to apply:
If you believe that you are the right candidate for the above position, please submit your applications: CV and application letter (in M.s Word or PDF format) to https://www.pih.org/pages/employment?p=job%2FoGgmcfwe

  • Applications should be submitted not later than 11 March 2020


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