7 Job positions at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER: Biomedical Engineers (Contract) ( Deadline:15 November 2018 )

7 Job positions at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER: Biomedical Engineers (Contract) ( Deadline:15 November 2018  )

7 Job positions at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER: Biomedical Engineers (Contract) ( Deadline:15 November 2018 )


Job Description

•Provide technical support to Biomedical technicians /engineers for the hospital and health centers in regard with technical specifications, installation, maintenance, adjustment, repairing, replacement and proper use of medical equipment.
•Work with hospital and health center teams to evaluate safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of existing biomedical equipment.
•Monitor all the expenditures related the maintenance of equipment and work with RBC
– MoH team in recommending how best to control equipment service related costs.
•Ensuring the training of clinicians and other hospital personnel on the proper use of medical equipment.
•Prepare and assist the team in setting proper specification of biomedical equipment to be procured
•Investigate any work incidents on medical equipment in the HF
•Identify required tools and test equipment for biomedical maintenance.
•Participate in accreditation program ( Quality insurance )
•Work with the hospital based biomedical technicians to develop long term maintenance plan that will allow sustainability and continuous use of medical equipment.
•Collect data related to medical equipment including cost that will allow both RBC
– MoH and hospital and health centers for joint planning.
•Guide RBC
– MoH in the types of equipment to buy or receive as donations and assist with annual planning and budgeting for medical equipment
•Work with the team to scope equipment needs for new structures or renovated structures
•Evaluate the quality control activities of HF equipment
•Creates alignment and integration of all MTI units in working towards common goals
•Prepares and provides compelling presentations at the senior management levels that support decisions making
•Engages with staff in Division and beyond in “on the job” capacity building to grow their capacity with respect to Planning and the use of financial information in decision making
•Working under pressure with minimum supervision
•Performing the given tasks to the highest possible standards within the time frame
•Contribute to all other activities of the RBC/ MTI, according to the needs
•Handle any other task given by the supervisor.


Job Profile

Being of Rwandan nationality;
Hold at least a Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering or Clinical engineering

Strong interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to interact with patients and health providers;
Strong organizational skills and excellent attention to details; flexibility, independence and creativity;
Fluency in English and Kinyarwanda, proficiency in French is an added value;
Familiarity with Excel
Knowledge of the health sector in Rwanda and its structures
Having a strong system analysis skills
Excellent strategic and operational planning and monitoring skills to assist in effective and efficient management decision is an advantage
Teamwork and team building towards achieving common goals




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