Job at MIDIMAR : 5 Positions available (Deadline: 17 May 2017)

Job at MIDIMAR :  5 Positions available (Deadline: 17 May 2017)

Job at MIDIMAR :  5 Positions available (Deadline: 17 May 2017)

The Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees (MIDIMAR) intend to recruit qualified and competent on the following positions to fill the following post in the MIDIMAR’ Structure and SPIU’ Structure.

1.Floods Risks Management Engineer
(Under general statutes for public service)

Location: Kigali


Duties and responsibilities

  • Analyze and propose updates of existing policies with the view to mainstream flood prevention, mitigation and preparedness measures
  • Provide advice to protect and restore wetlands and watershed with the aim of minimizing flood risks;
  • Advise and follow up on flood basins gazetting.
  • Analyze available statistical data related to floods and produce data for flood risk management,
  • Follow up and analyze water system engineering studies, design and/or pilot testing with emphasis on minimizing flood risks
  • Conduct regular monitoring of water flow/ water bodies and advise accordingly in order to reduce floods risks
  • Liaise with relevant institutions in the management of water resources with the aim of flood prevention and mitigation
  • Provide advice on floods response and recovery measures
  • Organize research activities in the areas of flood risk management To provide information to the disaster communication systems, to participate in the disaster assessment activities

Job profile

  • AO in Climatology, Meteorology,
    Hydrology, Geography, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, Geology

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:
– Extensive knowledge in Disaster and risks Management
– Knowledge of Floods management
– Interpersonal Skills;
– Effective Communication Skills;
– Time Management Skills;
– Team working Skills;
– Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage

2.Public Relation and Communication Officer(Under general statutes for public service)

Location: Kigali


Duties and responsibilities

  • Develop annual media plan and consider it in the budget;
  • Design target messages for different public users and prepare budget related;
  • Elaborate and negotiate contracts with suitable radio and TV medias for message’s dissemination
  • Maintain relationships with different public institutions;
  • Elaborate and monitor communication plan and submit
    it on concerned supervision’s institutions;
  • Organize all surveys or opinion polls on services offered by the institution at the request of persons in charge:
  • Design methods and tools for operation;
  • Collect, count and analyze survey results and proposals placed in the box for suggestions – Release forces ideas;
  • Collect and process data obtained from users by basing them in line with their expectations, satisfaction level, types of litigations, etc.
  • Make recommendations on institutional image improvement measures;
  • Organize and/or participate in press seminars and conferences involving the institution:
  • Write speeches, messages and press releases for authorities;
  • Organize and Cover audiences and institution press conferences, round tables and sermons
  • Organize radio and TV broadcasts to inform the public on Institution’s activities;
  • Write articles for newspapers on progress of the institution mission achievement.
  • Inform the institution on quality of its image according to public and partners point of view:
  • Make critical analysis of publications in national or international media concerning the institution and produce
  • Synthetic technical notes to authorities
  • Elaborate and insure internal communication for a better implementation of the communication plan
  • Regularly inform institution’s staff on decisions made and meeting’s recommendations;
  • Keep informed staff on different agendas concerning the institution

Job profile

  • AO in Journalism,Communication, International Relations, Marketing, Linguistics and Literature

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required

-Excellent communication skills both oral and in writing;

-Excellent interpersonal skills;

-Report writing & Presentation skills;

– Creativity & Initiative;

- Good Organizational and Time-management Skills;

– Team working Skills;

– Effective Public relations & Public speaking skills;

• Interviewing Skills;
– fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage

3.Administrative assistant to Permanent Secretary (Under general statutes for public service)

Location: Kigali


Duties and responsibilities

  • Responsible for handling visitors of the Permanent Secretary
  • Ensure proper filing of dossiers and documents in the Permanent Secretary’s office ;
  • Handle incoming calls;
  • Record files and documents returned by the Permanent Secretary;
  • Dispatch correspondences ;
  • Organize and update the Permanent Secretary’s diary;
  • Draft letters as per the Permanent Secretary’s request;
  • Ensure the use of document tracking system


  • Al in Secretariat Studies, Office Management or AO in Public Administration, Administrative Sciences, Management, Social work, Sociology, Law

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

-Office Management Skills Excellent Communication, Organizational
– Interpersonal Skills;
– Computer knowledge (Work Processing, Power Point and Internet)
– Analytical and problem solving skills;
– Time management skills;
– fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage

4.Communication Specialist (Under contract for One year renewable based upon positive performance assessment)

Location : Kigali


Duties and responsibilities

  • Developing Communication Strategies, plans, and monitor their implementation
  • Draft project proposals related to communication and awareness
  • Mainstreaming communication component into all ministry’s projects
  • Initiate and design communication pro-grams to keep the national and international audience informed about achievements of the Ministry’s projects
  • Organize and conduct public awareness campaigns on the Ministry’s projects
  • Organize high level Ministry’s events in line with projects
  • Provide technical advice on all media and communication related activities, and re-view contents for publication
  • Direct the production of media contents such as documentary films, radio and TV regular programs, and promotional materials for projects visibility
  • Ensure the visibility of all projects
  • Produce quarterly newsletters, magazines and events reports
  • work with the Public Relations Officer to feed information on the Ministry’s website
  • Identify appropriate channels and ensure the dissemination of the projects achievements


  • Master’s Degree in Communication, Journalism, Public Relations, Or Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Journalism, Public Relations with 3 years working experience in similar positions.

Key Technical skills knowledge required:

• Excellent communication skills both oral and in writing;
• Excellent interpersonal skills;
• Report writing & Presentation skills;
•Creativity & Initiative;
• Good Organizational,and Time-management Skills;
• Team working Skills;
• Effective Public relations & Public speaking skills;
•Interviewing Skills;
•Fluent in Kinyarwanda,English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage

5.Camp Manager (Under contract for One year renewable based upon positive performance assessment)

Location : Camp


Duties and responsibilities

  • Coordinate the community based in camp;
  • Ensure well coordination and well management of the refugees in other to ensure their good protection in camps ;
  • Ensure security in camps by strengthening law enforcement;
  • Ensure that the refugees are protected against gender
    based violence;
  • Collaboration with different partners in camp with the
    aim of providing timely and appropriate assistance to refugees;
  • Working closely with local legal institutions for effective
    management of the camp in line with Refugees protection
  • Enhancing the good relationship between refugees and local citizens surrounding the camp;
  • Actively participate in all activities organized in collaboration with the Government in line with the protection of Refugees in the camp;
  • Monitoring and reporting monthly, quarterly and annually on all activities done in line with Refugees Protection


  • Master’s Degree in Political Science, Public Administration,International Relations, Law, Social Sciences, Humanitarian Sciences with 3 years of working experience or Bachelor’s inPolitical Science, Public Administration, International Relations, Law, Social Sciences, Humanitarian Studies with 5 years working experience

Key Technical skills and Knowledge required:

– High level of analytical capability,
– writing and presentation skills;
– Strong knowledge of the data collection, treatment, and manipulation techniques typically associated with it;
– Fluency in oral and written communication in English and Kinyarwanda and a minimum working knowledge of French.

-Resourcefulness, initiative, maturity of judgment

How to apply

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted. The Application file should include the following:

✓ The Application Form well completed;

✓ Photocopy of the degree;

✓ Photocopy of the Identity Card;

✓ Testimonials (to prove his/her experience)

Hard copies of the Application forms should be delivered not later than 17 May 2017 at 16:00 pm and deposited in the Central Secretariat of MIDIMAR.

NOTE: The application Forms can be obtained from the Public Service Commission website:

➢ This advert will be posted on MIDIMAR website: www and notice board.
➢ The short listing will be also posted on MIDIMAR website: and notice board. Only the shortlisted candidate will be communicated on Phone.




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