Job at MINECOFIN : Economist in charge of Economic Surveillance (Deadline: 18 December 2017)

Job at MINECOFIN :  	Economist in charge of Economic Surveillance (Deadline: 18 December 2017)

Job at MINECOFIN :  Economist in charge of Economic Surveillance (Deadline: 18 December 2017)

Job Description

Work on regional economic integration activities;
Prepare briefs on issues related to regional economic integration;
Conduct balance of payment projections and analysis;
Write trade balance briefs on monthly and quarterly basis;
Analyze and document BOP assumptions and propose improvement;
Participate in EAC negotiations and prepare reports accordingly;
Maintain and update key regional economic indicators;
Prepare annual, medium and long term forecasts of relevant macroeconomic variables (GDP, inflation, fiscal, external sector;
Participate in the preparation of the Economic reports (quarterly report and annual) together with other economic briefs;
Participate to IMF mission negotiations and provide inputs on different aspects;
Monitor the economic Programme with the IMF
Maintain an up
– to
– date macroeconomic model;
Compile all macroeconomic variables relevant to run the model;
Check consistency of sectors forecasts within the model;
Establish and maintain a single repository of all macroeconomic data;
Prepare quarterly analytical reports on growth developments with focus on key growth determinants;
track economic progress;
Surveying the economic situation and its prospects;
Develop models to analyze, explain and forecast economic behavior and patterns;
Design policies or make recommendations for solving economic problems;
Prepare and participate to regional fiscal related initiatives, meetings, events etc;
Represent MINECOFIN and fulfill request for economic advice on cross government and private sector initiatives, meetings, events etc.
Make quarterly growth estimates and forecasts to

Job Profile

A0 in Economics, Development Economics, Fiscal Policy, Economics, Economic Policy, Development Economics, Macro Economics, International Trade, International Economics, International Finance, Monitary Economics, Growth Economics

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

– Knowledge in public finance, monetary economics, international economics, poverty issues, political economy;

– Knowledge on Research and data analysis, reporting, budgeting;

– Knowledge in econometrics;

– Knowledge of financial programming and policies;

– High analytical , quantitative, and computer skills.

– leadership skills;

– Organizational Skills;

– Creative, proactive, customer focussed, solutions led and outcome driven Skills;

– Interpersonal Skills

– Effective communication skills;

– Time Management Skills;

– Computer Skills;

– Complex Problem solving Skills;

– Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage






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