JOB AT MINISTRY OF EDUCATION : Strategic Advisor : ( Deadline : 01 Mars 2019 )

JOB AT MINISTRY OF EDUCATION : Strategic Advisor : ( Deadline : 01 Mars 2019  )


JOB AT MINISTRY OF EDUCATION : Strategic Advisor : ( Deadline : 01 Mars 2019 )


Job Description


1.Support the Ministry to ensure effective and timely implementation of various programs and project that have contracts under the Ministry, and its affiliated institutions of REB, RP, WDA, UR and HEC, and to ensure there is continuous expected impact to meeting the ESSP targets. Examples of these projects include: African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), Carnegie Mellon University Africa (CMUA), Climate Observatory Secretariat, World Bank Centers of Excellence, KfW, Roll
– out Digital Content in schools, etc
2.Support, analyses and optimizes school inspection, and how implementation of the “Quality Education Enhancement Awareness Campaign” from the grassroots at all levels of Education can have a sustainable impact.
3.Specifically ensure that ICT is fully integrated in basic education, TVET and HLIs to enhance ICT as a basis for teaching, learning and assessment.
4.Support the Ministry efforts to ensure that teaching in English as a medium of instructions is prioritized to enhance proficiency of English, as well as Kinyarwanda and French languages in school.
5.Ensure that Competence
– Based Curriculum implementation is fully integrated in teaching and learning in all schools.
6.Work with Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs) to ensure implementation of HLIs/University
– Private Sector Partnerships that will enhance placement of students in private sector for skills acquisition and learning during training.
7.Support the Ministry to stimulate Academia
– Industry linkages to ensure that innovations are generated from findings of research etc.
8.Work with various institutions to expedite the projects on ICT, professional training in general education and TVET School and quality of Higher education delivery, while working with many partners.
9.Support the development of data base for student and graduate in HLIs (both local and abroad) so that graduates are linked to labour market.
10.Analyze various reports such as the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD), World Bank, African Development Bank (AfDB), UN Agencies, etc and advise the Ministry accordingly.
11.Support in the follow
– up of activities and implementation of resolutions of boards of directors for HEC, REB, WDA, CNRU, UR and RP.
12.Perform any other activities that may be assigned to him by the Minister of Education and report directly to the Minister.




Job Profile

•A PhD degree with at least 2 years’ experience in Education Planning and Leadership, Education Economics, Project Management, Public Policy, Science Technology and Engineering;
•Proven experience in project design and management with multiple stakeholders across various sectors and have skills to handle partnerships and ensure good donor/partner relationships,
•Strong organizational and communication skills;
•Fluency in English, knowledge of French highly desirable
•Work experience in Rwanda or from the African region, preferably in education sector






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