Job at partner in health: Rwanda Psychologist Seconded to RBC (Deadline: 18 April 2017)

Job at partner in health: Rwanda Psychologist Seconded to RBC (Deadline: 18 April  2017)

Job at partner in health: Rwanda Psychologist Seconded to RBC (Deadline: 18 April  2017)

Rwanda Psychologist Seconded to RBC

Reports to: Director of Psychiatric Care Unit of RBC Primary

Location: Kigali

Overall Responsibilities:

The position will be primarily responsible for the translation of lessons learned from Burera District to Musanze District surrounding the implementation and management of the mental Health MESH program. In addition to clinical mentorship, training, and capacity building of clinical staff and community health workers in mental health services, this position will serve to lead general implementation and administrative, reporting and budget management duties. The position will require upfront time in Butaro to become oriented with the Burera model and team. Ultimately, the work location will transition to be based primarily in Musanze district, in addition to partial time in Kigali and Burera.

Specific Responsibilities


  • Learn specifics of Burera based MESH model through direct interaction with Burera MH team and field-based exposure and experience.
  • Assist RBC MH division team , Musanze referral hospital and health center staff to implement evidence based mental health services at the hospital and health center levels
  • Apply Burera-based care delivery model to hospital and health center based mental health services in Rwanda, linking district hospital levels activities with community and health center activities to facilitate treating patients in the least restrictive way possible coordinate with the district hospital staff and RBC MH division team to implement training of hospital staff on evidence-based mental health treatments. , including teaching sessions on relevant clinical topics and mental health case scenarios


  • Coordinate and collaborate on integrating health center based mental health service activities with other services and departments to reduce barriers to care, including MESH, Community Health, social work, and other programs at the District Hospital and Health Center levels.
  • Facilitate quality improvement activities at the hospital and health center levels, including the monitoring and evaluation of interventions, in collaboration with district hospital staff based M & E teams and MH division
  • Communicate regularly with mentors/supervisors, psychologists and psychiatric nurses working in Musanze districts and provide support for mental health related activities and initiatives in district.
  • Collaborate with central RBC MH division to ensure that mental health initiatives are well aligned with Rwanda’s national strategy for mental health
  • Communicate with Burera based team for regular check-in to discuss any challenges that may be similar to Burera’s prior experience
  • Assist with planning and coordination of other mental health related activities including genocide commemoration activities
  • Coordinate and participate in regular mental health team meetings, as well as other relevant meetings, including MESH supervisory meetings
  • Complete monthly mentoring reports as summaries of activities for evaluation
  • Other activities as they arise

Required Qualifications

  • A0 in clinical psychology AND/OR A1 in mental health nursing
  • Demonstrated interest in public health
  • Experience providing training and/or supervision in mental health.
  • Computer skills in word processing and spreadsheet programs (Microsoft Office applications)
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative. Must be a quick learner, able to multi-task and reprioritize easily.
  • Demonstrated ability to work as an effective team member in a complex environment.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills required. Ability to interact professionally with culturally diverse staff, clients, and partners.
  • Willingness to work outside of regular office hours, if needed
  • Proficient in English or French and Kinyarwanda
  • Interest in social justice and health care issues

How to apply:

If you believe that you are the right candidate for the above position, please submit your application: CV and application letter to [email protected]   

Applications should be submitted not later than 18 April 2017.


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