JOB AT Partners in Health– Kigali : Program Manager – Monitoring & Evaluation

JOB AT Partners in Health– Kigali : Program Manager – Monitoring & Evaluation


JOB AT Partners in Health– Kigali : Program Manager – Monitoring & Evaluation



This role will work across the organization to track major strategic initiative progress and provide necessary support to project leads while engaging the senior leadership regularly on appropriate progress updates and challenges. The role will also be responsible for measuring outcomes and success, building out monitoring, evaluation, and business analytic systems in a newly formed organization.





Project Management and Analytics


Act as or support executive sponsor(s) in multi-phase planning of identified programs/initiatives that support the high level strategy. Integrate organizational focus through measurement and consistent program reviews
Centrally monitor timelines, performance, and track major milestones against targets, validate working group proposals, and provide updates and escalate issues to Senior Leadership, as needed
Track progress of transformation and individual initiatives against milestones and targets using suitable metrics to identify areas of concern and ensure value capture is achieved at appropriate time and sustained into steady-state
Support transformation effort through prioritizing and coordinating areas for appropriate functional support (finance, HR, IT, communications) and ensuring on-time execution against agreed upon tasks
Coordinate the efforts of several cross-cutting working groups that might be formed to draft specific components of the plan
Coordinate the monitoring of the impact of UGHE in the Butaro Community and in Rwanda
Coordinator regular data collection with regards to UGHE impact in the Burera District and beyond.




Communication and Relationship Building


Get significant program work done through cooperation with other groups across UGHE who have, in many cases, no direct reporting relationship to the position
Meet regularly with initiative project leads and department heads to understand initiative progress, anticipate potential roadblocks to value capture, and actively resolve challenges by serving as a thought partner to make decisions on day-to-day execution and raising relevant issues to the Senior Leadership Team for further action
Keep leadership apprised of all program elements including operations, deadlines, revisions, and financial status (as needed).
Communicate and cascade information to employees in a timely manner and actively participate in the success of cross-organizational programs and initiatives.



Manage Staff


Oversee day to day responsibilities of Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator. Set clear goals and objectives for the team and use metrics to measure performance and hold team accountable
Motivate and encourage team; lead through change and adversity. Make decisions as needed and build consensus as appropriate
Monitor the welfare, morale and professional/career trajectory of the project team in order to ensure a healthy and supportive work environment
Provide coaching to improve performance and hold regular development discussions with direct reports. Recognize staff for their contributions



Issue Identification


Engage in root cause analysis, often without prompting from the Senior Leadership Team or others, on issues and opportunities that could impact UGHE’s executive agenda
Confirm hypotheses through tactful and discrete engagement with the relevant parties
Develop alternative approaches to addressing the problem or opportunity
Succinctly update the Vice Chancellor on the issues, supported with facts and recommendations





4+ years of managerial experience required, preferably in a health care, medical education, or international setting
Formal project management training or certification, such as Project Management Professional certification, highly desired
A passion for excellence, and a unique ability to build strong relationships
Strong analytical, quantitative, problem-solving, good judgement and project management skills
First class time management and organizational skills, with a strong ability to prioritize
Master’s degree in either public or global health and/or master’s degree in Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Business Administration, or any other related field.
Able to successfully navigate within varying degrees of ambiguity in a fast-paced environment
Exemplary interpersonal skills and ability to effectively colla borate with culturally diverse staff across departments and countries
Commitment to social justice and health care equity





AGILITY: Flexible, results-oriented, and able to work in a project-driven environment with demonstrated ability to monitor and evaluate specific programs and projects.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Multi-tasking, project management and decision-making skills

INFLUENCE: Strong leadership and influencing skills, with the ability to engage key stakeholders

LEADERSHIP: Demonstrated ability to lead and provide direction to all the project staff

COMMUNICATION: Demonstrated ability to communicate to all stakeholders within and outside the outside the organization putting into consideration the cultural dimensions of all the stakeholders.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Demonstrates a commitment to personal responsibility and value for equity and social justice.








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