Job at Partners In Health (PIH) : Campus Operations Manager

Job at Partners In Health (PIH) :  Campus Operations Manager

Job at Partners In Health (PIH) : Campus Operations Manager



Job Title: Campus Operations Manager

Reports to: Director of Campus Operations

Location: Butaro, Rwanda

Position Overview:

Reporting to the Director of Campus Operations (DCO), the Campus Operations Manager (COM) is responsible for a range of activities in preparation for the January campus opening, as well as overseeing the subsequent day-to-day campus operations of the campus.

Leading up to the January campus opening, the Campus Operations Manager will be responsible for the following:

Create a technical Campus Operations Manual and accompanying Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) using the user-friendly Campus Resident Operations Manual as being created by the DCO. Some topics to be included are:
Warehouse operations (in conjunction with Procurement and Logistics)
Transportation (in conjunction with the Procurement and Logistics Team)
Waste management
Safety & security
Dining service
Cleaning and laundry
Repair and maintenance
Housing (short-term and long-term assignments)
Communications and I/T
Write job descriptions and lead the hiring for the following employees:
Warehouse Coordinator
Warehouse Assistant/Fuel Manager
Head of Campus Transport
Develop the appropriate systems and train the above employees ensuring that they are prepared to perform all duties prior to the January campus opening
In cases where 3rd party contractors are considered to provide a specialized campus service (e.g., cleaning), assist DCO and UGHE’s Procurement and Logistics Team to craft specifications for that service, help evaluate qualified providers, and even assist in the final negotiations with those providers
Oversee testing of all of the major operations systems to ensure they are in good working order after handover from the construction firm but before campus occupancy.
Work with the Procurement and Logistics Team to ensure that the campus has the full supply of goods and services needed to commence operations before occupancy; assist their team in the receipt of all goods.
Acting as the main point person to outside installation and labor firms, oversee the installations for all furniture, fixtures and equipment.
Mindful of UGHE’s commitment to the Butaro community, develop initiatives to hire as many local employees as possible
Similarly, work with Procurement and Logistics to maximize the local sourcing of goods and services required for campus operations, while being sensitive to the potential that UGHE’s purchasing volumes could drive up pricing for our neighbors, too
Managing Campus Operations:
Once the campus is open, the Campus Operations Manager will have the following ongoing responsibilities to fulfill:

Operations Management

Assist the DCO in operating the Butaro campus each day in an efficient, safe, and cost-effective manner.
Coordinate with other campus operations team managers to ensure the operations department is supporting each team to meet their required functions.
Work with campus leaders to set monthly priorities and determine key tasks.
Manage staff and create feasible work plans that harmonize with one another.
Coordinate with other UGHE departments to support the academic, research, and other programmatic activities hosted on the Butaro campus.
Collaborate with the DCO and Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to continually develop and improve campus operational systems to better meet the needs of the residents.
Participate in annual and strategic planning for UGHE’s operations.
Support fundraising and other guest visits to the Butaro campus.
Provide support as needed to all other managers on the operations team.
Hire, train, and supervise all employees and other direct reports necessary to meet the campus operations requirements.
Act as a back up or supporting safety and security responder to the Safety & Security Manager should extra support ever be needed.
Communicate regularly with operations managers and officers of other universities to cross-share information and troubleshoot.
Report to the Director of Campus Operations with timely updates on current operations
Supply Chain & Logistics

Create and manage systems to ensure an efficient supply chain system that minimizes stock outs and waste.
Oversee selection as well as local and international procurement of consumables, equipment, and imported goods in relation to this program.
Ensure that UGHE’s procurement is sourced from the Butaro District as much as possible.
Supervise the Procurement Officer and Warehouse Team’s work to place orders and manage stocks once received.
Serve as the primary point person for organization logistics, working across the team to optimize use of vehicles and staff.
Community Relations
Meet with the Community Advisory Council in Burera District to build and maintain excellent relationships with our neighbors in the cell, sector, and district
Coordinate with local and national authorities to ensure that the Butaro campus is in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements

Financial Management

Monitor and review monthly spending against budget.
Supervise implementation of budget lines in accordance with rules and regulations, and in coordination with DCO.
Develop fluent understanding of operations components of budget and make day-to-day spending decisions within decided upon guidelines.
Minimum five years work experience in operations, supply chain, logistics, engineering, or other related field.
Experience managing complex operations in a resource-limited setting.
Knowledge and experience in higher education or global health is mandatory; knowledge and experience in both is desired.
Excellent communication and writing skills; ability to articulate UGHE’s and PIH’s mission and program objectives persuasively.
Ability to serve as an external representative to government officials, UGHE partners, and donors.
Ability to live in Butaro full time (including most weekends) required.
English and Kinyarwanda proficiency required; French knowledge preferred.
Excellent organizational skills; ability to manage complex projects from creation to completion, plan and prioritize multiple projects, and coordinate teams to meet deadlines.
Exemplary interpersonal skills; ability to collaborate effectively with culturally diverse staff across departments and organizations.
Demonstrated poise, tact, integrity, and professionalism.
Interest in social justice strongly desirable.
Bachelor’s degree required.

Organizational Profile

The University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) is a new kind of university focused on training the next generation of global leaders in health care delivery. The university launched in Rwanda in September 2015 with its flagship degree program: the Master of Science in Global Health Delivery. Through an academic experience uniquely rooted in the values of equity, students are empowered to both ease suffering at the bedside and drive transformational, systemic changes to the health system.

UGHE is an initiative of Partners In Health (PIH), an internationally recognized non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a preferential option for the poor in health care. In over nearly three decades of operating alongside public sectors in countries around the world, PIH has developed a model to deliver high quality health care to some of the world’s most marginalized communities. Nowhere has this impact been more profound than in Rwanda, where Inshuti Mu Buzima—PIH’s sister organization—and our government partners have driven innovation for a decade.

Members of the UGHE community are tenacious and resolute in our drive to attain social justice, make common cause with those in need, listen to and learn from others, and operate with honesty and humility as we uphold academic integrity and intellectual curiosity. The University of Global Health Equity seeks individuals committed to these values to join the team.

Partners In Health is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.





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