Job at Partners In Health (PIH) : Safety & Security Manager.

Job at  Partners In Health (PIH) :  Safety & Security Manager.

Job at Partners In Health (PIH) : Safety & Security Manager.



Job Title: Safety & Security Manager

Reports to: Director of Campus Operations

Location: Butaro, Rwanda

Position Overview

The Safety and Security Manager works under the direction of the Director of Campus Operations, to develop, implement and operationalize a comprehensive safety and security program for UGHE. This program will have three areas of responsibility: Security, Safety, and Incident/Emergency Response. Initially, this position will focus primarily on the development and creation of the program including the implementation of systems, policies and procedures. Once the program is established, this position will be the primary individual responsible for maintaining the program and acting as a liaison for students, staff, and guests. Additionally, this position will take a lead role during emergency disaster responses for the organization including the development of policies and procedures, and assuming a lead position during an actual event.

The Safety and Security Manager will be responsible for ensuring program priorities are clearly documented, organized, coordinated, and communicated.


Program Development and Implementation (40%)

Act as the main liaison between UGHE, local law enforcement and safety officials, and the outsourced security firm
Implement a personnel tracking and communication system in order to provide knowledge of UGHE personnel on campus along with establishing a mechanism to communicate safety alerts.
Create a mechanism to collect and disseminate safety and security alert information from multiple sources in order to communicate to the UGHE community, including phone trees and email.
Develop a safety and security policy, safety/security guidelines and other documentation/planning.
Establish and document processes and procedures for emergency and disaster.
Program Operations and Monitoring (50%)
Monitor local risk context for developments or potential threats.
Conduct safety briefings and site security orientations for visitors to UGHE.
Facilitate program growth as the University matures and needs shift.
Ensure UGHE has appropriate info on all travelers—emergency contact, zika waivers, etc.
Take active coordination role during emergencies and drills
Act as Incident Response Manager during events
Evaluate the performance of outsourced security services and manage shortcomings as necessary
Maintain regular and effective communications with local law enforcement and safety officials.
Other Duties as Assigned (10%)


At least 5 or more years of NGO/nonprofit/education or relevant experience
Demonstrated program management skills, with the flexibility to adapt to diverse situations, while staying focused on and faithful to the overall strategy.
Ability to adapt to various cultures; tactful, mature, and flexible.
Excellent interpersonal, communication, facilitation and presentation skills.
English and Kinyarwanda proficiency required; French knowledge optional.
Past experience serving in the Rwandan army or police force considered an added advantage.
Being from or residing in Burera District also considered an added advantage.
Demonstrated competency in strategic and organizational agility: ability to create solutions and plans that link to organization’s values and vision; able to marshal resources (people, funding, material, support) to get things done through both formal and informal channels and operate across boundaries.
After hours on-call availability to respond to emergency situations as they arise.
Commitment to social justice and health care equity

Organizational Profile

The University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) is a new kind of university focused on training the next generation of global leaders in health care delivery. The university launched in Rwanda in September 2015 with its flagship degree program: the Master of Science in Global Health Delivery. Through an academic experience uniquely rooted in the values of equity, students are empowered to both ease suffering at the bedside and drive transformational, systemic changes to the health system.

UGHE is an initiative of Partners In Health (PIH), an internationally recognized non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a preferential option for the poor in health care. In over nearly three decades of operating alongside public sectors in countries around the world, PIH has developed a model to deliver high quality health care to some of the world’s most marginalized communities. Nowhere has this impact been more profound than in Rwanda, where Inshuti Mu Buzima—PIH’s sister organization—and our government partners have driven innovation for a decade.

Members of the UGHE community are tenacious and resolute in our drive to attain social justice, make common cause with those in need, listen to and learn from others, and operate with honesty and humility as we uphold academic integrity and intellectual curiosity. The University of Global Health Equity seeks individuals committed to these values to join the team.

Partners In Health is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.






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