Job at Private Sector Federatio (PSF) : Program Manager Digitalization Center (Deadline : 18 April 2018 )

Job at Private Sector Federatio (PSF) : Program Manager Digitalization Center (Deadline : 18 April 2018 )

Job at Private Sector Federatio (PSF) : Program Manager Digitalization Center (Deadline : 18 April 2018 )

Vacancy – Program Manager Digitalization Cluster

 April 2018

General Context

The Rwanda ICT Chamber is an arm of the Private Sector Federation (PSF) Rwanda. Established in 2011, Rwanda ICT Chamber is the leading partner for organizations to share experience, network and meet key players in the Rwandan ICT sector. At ICT Chamber, we help our members to work with the right associations, companies and individuals and ensuring that they get the needed skills, opportunities and tools to grow. The mission is to make Rwanda the leading ICT-Driven society. The vision is to be the leader in influencing transformation of the economy and the culture through ICT.

Digitalisation Cluster

The private sector plays a key role in achieving Rwanda’s transformation towards a knowledge-based economy. Therefore, the Rwanda ICT Chamber has developed a private sector development strategy for the ICT sector to support the SRMP’s objectives by creating 100 technology companies each valued over 50 Million USD by 2025. The ICT Chamber’s strategy is accordingly aiming to create new technology companies and strengthen existing ones by capacity development and export promotion.

In addition, in order to achieve the strategy’s goal, it is of paramount importance to strengthen also the demand side for ICT solutions in Rwanda’s private sector. Only a strong private sector is able to absorb innovative ICT solutions and, consequently, contribute to the ICT private sector strategy. Therefore, the ICT Chamber has developed a private sector digital transformation strategy to support the private sector in the process of digital transformation.

As part of the ICT Chamber, a Digitalisation Cluster shall be established. The Cluster will bridge the ICT ecosystem with other private sector ecosystems by providing services to the cluster members. As a first pilot approach, the Digitalisation Cluster will focus on the tourism sector. Therein, cluster services shall be implemented which will accelerate the digital transformation of tourism companies.

For the Digitalisation Cluster, we are searching for a Program Manager, based within the ICT Chamber Rwanda in Kigali.

About the Position

The ICT Chamber is looking for a Program Manager to lead the pilot phase of the Digitalisation Cluster. This is an opportunity to lead and develop an important part of the overall strategy of the ICT Chamber with great impact on Rwanda’s private sector development.

As a Program Manager, you will drive the implementation of the Digitalisation Cluster moving from a design phase towards implementation of the cluster structure and services. You will be responsible for planning and monitoring of all cluster activities including budgeting for smooth and sustainable operations. At the end of the pilot phase, you will evaluate the impact of the cluster on the private sector and finally design blueprints for the roll-out of the digital transforming of other sectors.

As Program Manager, you will work closely with the ICT Chamber team and report directly to the CEO of the ICT Chamber. You will have overall responsibility for both launching the Digitalisation Cluster and leading its ongoing operations. This includes the setup of the cluster structures such as defining an appropriate organizational setup and cost model, branding and marketing activities, inviting relevant ICT and Tourism stakeholders to become cluster member and the organization of joint events to foster cross-sector cooperation based on a needs assessment of the Tourism sector.

In addition, the Digitalisation Cluster will provide services to its members. You will design and implement the following services: Digital Transformation Agents provide companies support along their digital transformation journey. This includes for example awareness creation, identification of digital transformation potentials, support on strategy level and/or support during the implementation phase. You define cost model, quality standards, and selection of agents, training programs, planning of discovery workshops and auditing reports and other steps necessary. At the same time, you design and implement with Rwandan authorities and the ICT Chamber a Certification and marketing program for successfully digital transformed companies to increase the demand for ICT solutions in the tourism sector.  Further, you will define training programs for Tourism companies to raise awareness of the importance of digital transformation on management level. In addition, trainings will be provided for employees to create capacity for the successful implementation of ICT solutions. Other activities and services can be defined during the planning phase of the Digitalisation Cluster.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Building a strong organizational culture defined by clear principles including—but not limited to—high expectations, transparency, growth mind-set, and customer orientation
  • Serving as the external voice for the organization and thought leader on the digital transformation of private sector companies in the developing world, engaging with partners, and leading thinkers
  • Cultivating and managing relationships with key strategic partners (e.g., ICT Chamber members, Tourism stakeholders, RDB, RURA and others)
  • Defining and implementing strong organizational structures for the Digitalisation Cluster including marketing and branding activities
  • Leading and managing the Digitalisation Cluster
  • Develop and manage a detailed work plan and budget for all activities of Digitalisation Cluster.
  • Monitoring and steering of all activities
  • Development of blueprints for other sectors
  • Provide expertise and technical support to the initiative
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues of the ICT Chamber to advance the strategy of private sector development
  • Build and manage relationships with thought leaders and global stakeholders in the field to increase the Digitalisation Cluster knowledge base and visibility.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in a related field
  • Minimum of ten (10) years’ experience in the IT consulting industry
  • A successful track record of leading and managing customer digitalization projects from blueprint phase to implementation
  • Clear Customer focus
  • Experience in the tourism industry is a plus
  • Excellent prioritization and time management skills with strong attention to detail.
  • Demonstrated strong organizational skills in a multi-cultural setting. Ability to handle multiple tasks, reprioritizing tasks where necessary.
  • Superior written and verbal communication and presentation skills in English.
  • Ability to set and achieve clear objectives and deadlines to meet deliverables.
  • Flexibility, intellectually curious and open. You are comfortable with ambiguity, receptive to new ideas and also willing to change when presented with best options.
  • Confident and comfortable challenging expert opinion.
  • Act as a change agent to drive innovation forward by fostering collaboration with cross functional groups and teams.
  • Demonstrates a high degree of interpersonal skills with the ability to manage relationships at all levels both internally and externally.
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial. This individual can formulate and develop new or creative approaches to problems and inspires others on the team to do so as well.
  • Professional maturity and sensitivity to working within different cultures.
  • Impeccable integrity as demonstrated through solid judgement.
  • You are very systematic in your management practices, including both people management and performance management
  • You have an exceptional ability to think strategically and yet you sweat the small stuff
  • You take pleasure in excellence and impact more than credit or status

This organization is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Compensation and Benefits:

Salary and benefits will be competitive and commensurate with experience.


In case of questions regarding the assignment, please contact Mr. Alex N’tale ([email protected]). Please note that for a fair tender process, we only point to publicly available information.

Application Deadline:

Kindly submit your application (CV, letter of motivation, copies of diplomas and three professional references) until April 18th, 201810 am at PSF Headquarters in Gikondo.


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