Job at Pro-Femmes/ Twese Hamwe (PFTH) :Project Coordinator (Deadline: 07 June 2018)

Job at Pro-Femmes/ Twese Hamwe (PFTH) :Project Coordinator (Deadline: 07 June 2018)

Job at Pro-Femmes/ Twese Hamwe (PFTH) :Project Coordinator (Deadline: 07 June 2018)

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT  (Re-advertised )

Pro-Femmes/ Twese Hamwe (PFTH) is an Umbrella of Rwandan Civil Society Organizations aiming at the advancement of women status, peace, and development. It was established in October 1992, and currently represents 53 member organizations within the country.  The mission of Pro-Femmes/Twese Hamwe is to eradicate all forms of discrimination towards women, to promote their socio-economic political and legal status, and to enhance the institutional and organizational capacities of its   member organizations through the promotion of sustainable human development approach based on gender equality and a culture of peace, justice and human rights.

To achieve her mission, PFTH in partnership with CARE International Rwanda is implementing a Project entitled Every Voice Counts (EVC).  EVC aims at ensuring that local and national government authorities promote a citizen engagement and social accountability model for enhancing women participation and influence in governance processes to address gender based violence. The project’s three-prong approach to working with grassroots women, CSOs and government authorities allow the attainment of the project goal. PRO-FEMMES TWESE HAMWE together with the network of national CSOs have specific roles and responsibilities to play for the success of this project.

It is in this regard that PRO-FEMMES/TWESE HAMWE is looking for a suitable candidate to fill a position for a Project Coordinator. Under the supervision of Program Manager, the Project Coordinator will undertake the following specific tasks;

  1. Coordinating and Facilitating the Project Planning Process

To develop plans and strategies that will contribute to sustainable improvements in the wellbeing of  EVC Project beneficiaries: Including but not limited to:

Sub Tasks:

  • Ensuring that detailed weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual work plans and budgets are developed in order to deliver against all aspects of the project
  • Overseeing the sub-grants contracting process, ensuring that the relevant documents are prepared and roles and responsibilities of PFTH are clarified
  • Ensuring the overall coordination of the project staff & project activities
  • Planning and forecasting grant expenditure, project activities, procurement and staffing to ensure compliance with the project contract and budget and to prevent overspending or under spending
  • Conduct regular monitoring, evaluation and reporting on project progress to PFTH, CARE International and to other project stakeholders.
  • Produce monthly, quarterly and annual reports in relation to the project activities and other reports as reasonably requested by her/ his supervisor

2.    Coordinate Project implementation 

Sub Tasks:

  • Ensuring that all project components are implemented according to the project plans, in order to meet all goals and objectives; taking assertive corrective action in the case of missed deliverables
  • Ensuring  monitoring is conducted in order to measure progress against the baseline survey and analyze the success of interventions to date and all surveys planned in the project are conducted
  • Coordinating the project team to carry out the activities planned  and if delays a catch plan is established and any constraint is timely communicated to her/his supervisor
  • Ensure budget is utilized against the plan, any change is timely communicated to CARE international for seeking approval after internal consultation and all requests are made on time

3.    Advocacy and policy influencing 

  • Understand the context of policy influencing in Rwanda and what EVC wants to achieve in particular and  Pro-Femmes’ advocacy agenda in general
  • Coordinate with colleagues at Pro-Femmes and the team to determine advocacy needs  and set forth the plan to be implemented under EVC and Pro-Femmes
  • Plan and deliver advocacy capacity building to Pro-Femmes team and other CSOs staff including but not limited to policy analysis, writing policy briefs, measuring advocacy impact, etc.
  • Lead the process of information gathering, analysis of those information and develop advocacy messages to be presented to key decision makers
  • Lead the development and implementation of the advocacy strategies, and advocacy campaigns related to EVC advocacy agenda and produce related reports
  • Participate in mentoring and coaching of Pro-Femmes staff and other CSOs on advocacy and policy influencing
  • Lead the design, implementation and management of advocacy campaigns/interventions related to both EVC and Pro-Femmes

  • Identify existing local, national and regional networks and alliances with regional advocacy/coalition organizations and guide them on how to actively engage in national advocacy and policy influencing agenda
  • Develop and validate policy briefs, policy proposals and campaign materials for local, national advocacy
  • Identify key moments for advocacy and policy influencing and drive the work related to the development of advocacy messages and policy briefs
  • Develop the EVC advocacy and policy influencing monthly, quarterly and annual plan in consultation with CARE team and other CSOs
  • Collaborate with key national CSOs and key stakeholders and engage them in the all efforts related to evidence gathered, advocacy implementation, results measurement and the monitoring of the implementation of national, regional and international policy commitments related to Gender and GBV
  • Facilitate local, national spaces for dialogue for women and girls to exchange on the implementation of the above-mentioned commitments and issues that need to be advocated for

4.    Quality, Learning & Knowledge Management

To lead reflection on, documentation of and communication of project experiences and achievements and promote effective monitoring of program activities and a learning environment.

Sub tasks:

  • Contributing towards the development of effective impact measurement, knowledge management and internal accountability systems for the project
  • Coordinating regular data and information collection and analysis for all project activities, according to the agreed systems with CARE International
  • Organizing regular information gathering and sharing opportunities
  • Conduct field visits by others
  • Ensuring that any ‘success stories’ suitable for publicity purposes are properly recorded
  • Ensuring that lessons learned are documented and disseminated Represent PFTH in CARE meetings and other relevant meetings related to the project;
  • Collaborate with a project team at CARE International In Rwanda and provide update to PFTH’s management team;
  • Collaborate with key partners including CSOs on the field and at national level that are relevant to the project implementation
  • Design project proposals for submission to potential donors;
  • Perform other tasks as shall be advised by the supervisors at PRO-FEMMES/TWESE HAMWE.


  • At least hold a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, rural development, political science, management, public policy, policy and advocacy, public administration, Education, law or any other related fields.
  • Holders of Master’s degree in gender or any other above-mentioned fields are preferable for the prospective candidate.
  • At least four years (4)  progressive experience in project management, advocacy and policy analysis specifically related to gender ;
  • Broad knowledge of gender equality
  • Strong experience and knowledge of civil society in Rwanda;
  • Experience in Networking and advocacy especially for GBV related issues;
  • Understanding of Human rights based approach;
  • Understanding of score card approach can be an advantage
  • Fluency in English and Kinyarwanda. Knowledge of French is an added advantage;
  • Excellent communicator orally and in writing;
  • Innovative, self –driven and team player;
  • Interpersonal skills with experience of working in multicultural contexts;
  • Computer literate (high proficiency in Word, Excel and PowerPoint).


Interested candidates should send their application enclosed with a cover letter, Curriculum vitae, academic documents and other certificates to the Chairperson of PRO-FEMMES/TWESE HAMWE and delivered in hard copy to PRO-FEMMES/TWESE HAMWE’s office by 12:00 pm 7th June 2018

PRO-FEMMES/TWESE HAMWE head office is located next to Gahanga Sector Offices, Kicukiro district, City of Kigali.

N.B: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for written and interview exams.

KIGALI, 24th May 2018.

Emma Marie Bugingo

Executive Secretary



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