Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Program Manager WB-SPRP ( Deadline:10 September 2018 )

Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Program Manager WB-SPRP ( Deadline:10 September 2018  )

Job at RWANDA BIO-MEDICAL CENTER : Program Manager WB-SPRP ( Deadline:10 September 2018 )


 Job Description

The Program Manager for the Stunting Prevention and Reduction Project will report directly to the Operations Program Manager within SPIU under the overall guidance of the SPIU Coordinator. He/She will provide daily oversight and ensure close coordination with all relevant stakeholders, and lead on all reporting requirements of the project. The Program Manager, in close coordination with the Division Manager for MCCH will represent the project in regular and relevant technical groups on aspects relevant to combating nutrition.


The roles and responsibilities of the Coordinator will include the following:


• Annual work plan, budget, and medium
– term expenditure framework (MTEF). Using the 18
– month action plan developed as part of project launch work, the coordinator will lead an annual planning exercise that will involve consultations with participating districts, and other key beneficiaries of the project to develop a consolidated annual work plan, budget and cash flow forecast. The work plan and budget will be prepared annually and submitted to the Bank for approval. The annual work plan and budget would serve as a basis for updating the MTEF for the project. The Coordinator would take leadership in this process, that would include arranging consultations with technical stakeholders under the leadership of RBC and presenting the draft documents for consideration and/or adoption by the RBC management, Project Steering Committee (PSC), prior to submission to the World Bank.

• Implementation support and monitoring. The Coordinator will work in close collaboration with relevant technical units within RBC/MCCH, MOH, NECDP and participating districts to provide implementation support and guidance on project related activities. To this end, the Coordinator will review project submissions, consolidate inputs, and provide advice as needed. The Coordinator will prepare regular reports on the status of implementation of project activities, identifying problems and proposing remedial actions. The status reports would cover both reporting on technical and financial/administrative issues, as well as reporting on the project’s Results Framework. Regular technical meetings and field visits would be organized in conjunction with the relevant technical directorates to resolve implementation bottlenecks. Quarterly meetings will be organized with project implementers to review progress, budget utilization and results attained.

• Implementation progress and financial management reporting. Consistent with the financing agreement and district agreements, lead the task team (M&E Specialist, two accountants) in following up with participating districts to provide quarterly reports on implementation progress in time to feed into the project
– wide quarterly report. The reporting will include both activity implementation progress including on the monitoring indicators that are monitorable quarterly, and financial management reports. Lead preparation of quarterly progress reports, in line with requirements of the World Bank financing agreement, and the consolidated annual report to facilitate annual learning and knowledge sharing. Follow up on recommendations from internal and external audits to ensure timely implementation. In coordination with the project team and technical teams at the RBC/MCCH, the Coordinator is expected to also provide other ad hoc briefs on the project to the PSC, MoH/RBC leadership and the World Bank task team, as needed, to address emerging issues, and ensure effective communication on this high visibility project.

• Coordination of project team and collaboration with other stakeholders. The Coordinator will be responsible for managing the team to be recruited, including the M&E Specialist, two accountants and one internal auditor who are to be hired by the RBC and appointed not later than 3 months following the effectiveness of the project. The coordinator will assure daily coordination of the work of the team and working closely with other key stakeholders working on the Bank program and responsible for other nutrition projects operating in the same districts as the Bank
– funded project.

• Secretary to the project steering committee (PSC). Act as a secretary to the PSC and lead the project team to provide secretarial services to the PSC’s operations. In consultation with the chairperson of the PSC and the DG of RBC, the Coordinator will develop a calendar of PSC activities and circulate to the committee members. Support the Chair to develop an agenda for committee meetings and to disseminate minutes to all stakeholders with clearly articulated actions and with identification of responsible individuals or organizations. The Coordinator and the project team will provide any other secretarial services that will be required to ensure effective functioning of the PSC.

• Stakeholder coordination including donor coordination. The Coordinator will provide technical backstopping to the RCB/MCCH leadership to ensure effective stakeholder and donor coordination as it relates to the project. The Coordinator will be expected to take a lead in coordinating with his/her counterparts managing the social protection and agriculture projects to ensure seamless collaboration across the three operations under the Bank Program. This may involve representation in technical working groups like the one on nutrition and food security, and participation in the social cluster sector working groups to ensure the desired coordination and harmonization of interventions to achieve the convergence agenda. Stakeholder coordination will also involve regular collaboration with the National Early Child Development Program and districts.

• Knowledge management and learning. Organize and/or participate in different national and regional meetings with regard to knowledge sharing; and facilitate project beneficiaries to document and share good practices. In line with the learning agenda developed as part of project preparation, facilitate the systematic collection and compilation of good practices, help to identify corrective measures, support the sharing of experiences and lessons among participating and non
– participating districts, in order to improve the implementation of the project and the overall Bank Program.

• Regular communication with the World Bank teams. The Coordinator will liaise with the World Bank task team on a regular basis, ensuring follow up on outstanding issues, and keeping the RBC/MCCH leadership abreast of all developments needing their advice and action. The Coordinator will support and facilitate the work of World Bank implementation support missions, and follow up on actions and recommendations from such missions.

Job Profile

Academic Qualifications:

Post graduate degree in public health, economics, social sciences, or public policy.





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